Russia is wildly acclaimed as the weirdest place on the planet and the way they try to find suitors online doesn’t help that reputation.
Beautiful People is a dating site where physical appearance holds the most value as users judge each other based on how they look. What’s worse is that 15 million private messages have been exposed too by the hackers. This means that users who joined later than July last year are at least safe from the hacker. People who had their data compromised would have to worry because there are many points of identification that may have been stolen. Hackers have also managed to take the users’ mobile phone numbers, location data, email addresses, drinking and smoking habits, interests, TV shows and more.
To date, there have been no reports of any prominent person or celebrity that joined the site. In addition, the 15 million messages obtained would most likely contain damning details and conversations with other users.
Another alarming fact is that the location data, which would include the longitude and latitude of the user, is also included in the compromised data. For instance, a criminal could ask a contact to search for a profile with a high-paying job. Since they would also have the address, it would be easy just to wait until the user posts that he or she is somewhere else and not at home.
The Ashley Madison hack is still larger as 39 million members had their data compromised by hackers.
The site has even boasted that it kicked 1.8 million people who were deemed ugly to use the site in 2009. Hackers have managed to extract the data from a MongoDB database which was left open by the site.

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While that may be true on all social media networks, people need to look good if they want to be in on the exclusive club inside Beautiful People.
One researcher even said that the data is now being traded in the hidden parts of the Internet, according to Forbes.
However, the site just brushed off the attack, saying that the affected data was only from a test server. The hacker that originally stumbled upon the vulnerability managed to take the information even before the company was able to lock down the servers. Hunt has already included the database of Beautiful People in his site so that users can check whether their data was part of those that are compromised.
With that amount of data at their hands, they could try to guess for other accounts that the Beautiful People user may have.
If their secret question had something to do with the data also involved in their Beautiful People account.

They can even find online banking accounts that they can also try to hack with the data that is in their hands. If they were, they could be in serious trouble as the site really digs down and tries to know everything about the user. Most dating sites like these often involved people trying to sext with each other or trading lewd photos and videos. They could also check if the names are on Facebook (NASDAQ: FB) and pretend to be their friend just to see their recent posts.
The criminals could then easily rob the empty house, but that’s a little bit more on the worst case scenario. The site has been criticized a few years back for forcibly removing thousands of its users as they were not attractive enough for the whole user base. It would seem that the site really cares about the image of their user base more than the traffic that they receive.
People can still log in and try to sign up for the dating site exclusively for good-looking people.
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Their motives seem to be purely for financial gain as the data is already being sold through the web.

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