At The Content Factory, Kari DePhillips and Joan Barrett have created a successful partnership by DePhillips managing the writing department, Barrett handling social media and both working together on public relations. One of the most important parts of a successful partnership is not speaking badly about your business partner to others. Running a small business can be so stressful and time consuming that partners often forget to take time to celebrate the successes, both big and small.
While it can be a great way to grow a successful business, being in business with another person also takes effort and compromise. A large part of our success can be directly contributed to the encouragement, inspiration, competitiveness, and fighting-in-the-trench-like bond made possible only through a partnership,”  says Jacob Stewart, co-founder of The Traveling Photo Booth . Many partnerships fail because the partners will try to make decisions that contradict each other.  By clearly defining roles that uses each partners’ strongest gifts, both the business and partnership will grow. Next time you land a big contract or finish a big project, take a night to go out to a nice dinner and celebrate your accomplishments. If you don’t have a telecom closet, or if you want to get rid of one, then this is the solution for you.
We’ve persevered through some of our most challenging moments by taking a deep breath, laughing at the absurdity of it all, and moving on,” says Stewart.

If you have problems or concerns, bring them up directly to your partner and support your partner to others, even if you don’t agree.
Flanigan, co-founder of Expressionary has found that every feeling doesn’t need to be said to his business partner.
Now you can sound like a big business without having to spend like one on a closet full of telecom equipment.
The entrepreneurial spirit is a driving force to hang your shingle and as you know, it requires a specific mindset and continued effort to sustain and expand in your marketplace.
Phonebooth OnDemand has all the stuff you need: auto-attendants, voicemail to text transcriptions, call forwarding, and unlimited local & long distance calling. And the savings are huge – around 60% less than you’re paying today on your monthly phone bill…. Emotions are of high priority in a partnership and must be protected and respected,” says Flanigan. There is too much time and money lost searching for information or testing new tools and systems. Find one and use itProvide the service you expect from your own vendorsUnderstand that response time to inquiries is very important.

All of the back end, low payoff, admin activities do not represent your core genius or generate income.
It is important to allow delegation to become a strength, in order to grow and expand a businessSocial media and online marketing are here to stay – create a strong presence, understand the medium, know where your customers areAuthenticity wins.
If you aren’t true to yourself and your prospects, it is easily visible or soon to be discovered. Be cognizant of your posts and comments as your reputation may be determining your social impactGiving is better than receiving. Share the rich and relevant content of others in your network, industry, trusted circles, family, friends…..
Go the extra mileLearn effective time management skills while you can’t manage time per say, you can manage yourself in terms of your priorities and scheduling. Never be late and don’t miss deadlinesMaintain an organized office and life with productivity tools that work for you; whether it is a pen and paper, an online PM system or a spreadsheet, keep track of what you are doing, the milestones, results, action steps and To Do listHave some fun.

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