The book explores India’s economic growth and social change through popular Hindi cinema. The book also reveals how with passing times, Bollywood films through entertainment have portrayed modern India and its views on religion, caste and their aspirations and would continue to do so.
Led with a passionate belief in every girl’s right to education, Malala, through her book hopes to inspire children across the world.
The book also gives a peek into her life after she was shot and adapted to life in a strange country. At a time where lives have become virtual with battles fought in cyberspace and love being declared through instant messages comes this collection of short fiction from India and Australia on Technology and Us. Edited by Meenakshi Bharat and Sharon Rundle, the book weighs the deep impact of technology on our lives, relationships, and the ways in which we perceive each other and ourselves. These stories by 20 known and budding authors highlight the role played by cyberspace in one’s life today. This vibrant collection traverses the entire span of writer Raja Rao reflecting his understanding of the village life and passion for India’s struggle for freedom. This project seeks to create the Building Community Leaders Program, which is designed to take our current Institute for Civic Engagement (ICE) academic initiatives to the next level. 1) to transform the educational experiences of our students over a three-year period through curriculum design and development that will infuse course curricula with leadership development training for students. 2) to target a group of exceptionally motivated students for participation in a newly created Building Community Leaders Program. 3) to develop a comprehensive student leadership program that unites faculty and staff in academic affairs and student affairs to participate in a number of activities designed to promote student leadership development throughout the College. Change, as the hub and ultimate goal of the model, gives meaning and purpose to the other C’s. Consciousness of self means being aware of the beliefs, values, attitudes, and emotions that motivate one to take action.
Congruence refers to thinking, feeling, and behaving with consistency, genuineness, authenticity, and honesty towards others.

Commitment is the psychic energy that motivates the individual to serve and that drives the collective effort.
Controversy with Civility recognizes two fundamental realities of any creative group effort: that differences in viewpoint are inevitable, and that such difference must be aired openly but with civility.
Citizenship is the process whereby the individual and the collaborative group become responsibly connected to the community and the society through the leadership development activity. In the book, Dwyer, a film scholar, looks at Bollywood films since 1991 and offers an explanation on how films have corresponded to and in some cases depicted India’s changing dreams and hopes.
Malala, who at a very young age faced Taliban opponents, narrates how on the day she was shot, she was to appear for an examination and had overslept. Change means improving the status quo, creating a better world, and demonstrating a comfort with transition and ambiguity in the change process.
Congruent persons are those whose actions are consistent with their most deeply-held beliefs and convictions. It constitutes the cornerstone value of the group leadership effort because it empowers self and others through trust.
It facilitates the group’s ability to engage in collective analysis of the issues at hand and the task to be undertaken.
Civility implies respect for others, a willingness to hear each other’s views, and the exercise of restraint in criticizing the views and actions of others. In short, people will begin to live an integral life, with congruence between actions and values, when they have learned about themselves, are aware of their own values and attitues, and have committed to living a life of purpose that aligns with those values.
People can only learn to truly cooperate and problem solve when they have an appreciation for difference and are able to empathize with those with whom they interact. Additionally, the social change model places a big emphasis on the notion of Common Purpose, which means to work with shared aims and values. At the hub of the entire model, to be a good citizen is to work for positive Change on behalf of others and the community.
Collaboration multiplies group effectiveness by capitalizing on the multiple talents and perspectives of each group member and on the power of that diversity to generate creative solutions and actions.

Common purpose is best achieved when all of the members in the group share in the vision and participate actively in articulating the purpose and goals of the leadership development activity.
This is best achieved in a collaborative framework and when a common purpose has been identified. Citizenship thus acknowledges the interdependence of all who are involved in or affected by these efforts.
Controversy with Civility applies to this tenet because, in order to engage in controvery with civility, a person must have the ability to understand and appreciate the beliefs, life experiences, and values of others. Additionally, Collaboaration constitutes the cornerstone value of the group leadership effort because it empowers self and others through trust.
Recognizing the common purpose and mission of the group helps to generate the high level of trust that any successful collaboration requires.
Controversy (conflict, confrontation) can often lead to new, creative solutions to problems, especially when it occurs in an atmosphere of civility, collaboration, and common purpose. It recognizes that the common purpose of the group must incorporate a sense of concern for the rights and welfare of all those who might be affected by the group’s efforts.
Good citizenship thus recognizes that effective democracy involves individual responsibility as well as individual rights. Congruence, in turn, is most readily achieved when the person acts with commitment and knowledge of self.
This focus on citizenship and change means improving the status quo, creating a better world, and demonstrating a comfort with transition and ambiguity in the change process.

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