Agile software development is a group of software development methodologies based on iterative and incremental development, where requirements and solutions evolve through collaboration between self-organizing, cross-functional teams. Our expertise lays in project management, design, software development and testing services. At Manageyourmedia  we work very closely with our clients to provide custom software solutions. Our broad scope of knowledge covers desktop, web and mobile application development by always using the latest proven technologies.
To be on the edge of innovation, our employees are continuously improving their technical skills and abilities.working closely with the technical university.
We do manual testing, functional testing, end to end testing, software usability and quality reviews. Mosaic Software Development, part of the Mosaic Space group of companies, specialises in the development of innovative software applications for the education facilities management sector. RUIS is designed to help space managers to get a clearer picture of room utilisation at their institution. The CABS CEI Windows service facilitates the automatic transfer of events between the CABS Chamberlain event management system and the Scientia Enterprise timetabling system, where rooms are shared between the two systems.
Mosaic Software Development has built a number of software tools and applets to enhance Scientia Enterprise and Syllabus Plus using the COM interface.
We are very experienced in creating applications that meet unique and special requirements of education facilities management teams.

Software development iis the development of a software product in a planned and structured process.
The term software development is often used to refer to the activity of computer programming, which is the process of writing and maintaining the source code, whereas the broader sense of the term includes all that is involved between the conception of the desired software through to the final manifestation of the software.
A software development methodology is a framework that is used to structure, plan, and control the process of developing information systems. There are several different approaches to software development, much like the various views of political parties toward governing a country.
It promotes adaptive planning, evolutionary development and delivery, a time-boxed iterative approach, and encourages rapid and flexible response to change.
We strive to support our customers in creating products against the best price and performance by using young, experienced programmers and using the latest technologies. As your IT partner Manageyourmedia is experienced in building cross-platform compatible software, allowing you to run your software on different operating systems. Our software assists property managers in the planning, scheduling and utilisation analysis of university and college space.
Our consulting team are also positioned to assist institutions with the migration from Syllabus Plus Classic to Scientia Enterprise.
We focus on bespoke data analysis tools, systems integration interfaces, room booking systems, and timetabling software enhancements. Therefore, software development may include research, new development, modification, reuse, re-engineering, maintenance, or any other activities that result in software products.

A wide variety of such frameworks have evolved over the years, each with its own recognized strengths and weaknesses.
Some take a more structured, engineering-based approach to developing business solutions, whereas others may take a more incremental approach, where software evolves as it is developed piece-by-piece.
This approach finds its justification in the use of semantic technologies with substitution of www data with verified production data.
It is a conceptual framework that promotes foreseen interactions throughout the development cycle.
For larger software systems, usually developed by a team of people, some form of process is typically followed to guide the stages of production of the software.
One business case for this development method is available at the finance ontology website. In terms of software development,Manageyourmedia has a wide scope of testing, starting from simple web pages, complex multi-tier desktop and client-server applications and finally biometric security applications.
Each of the available methodologies is best suited to specific kinds of projects, based on various technical, organizational, project and team considerations. Agile management methods can also be applied in development projects other than software development.

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