This is the first of my series, Im going to post a 'Sonic The Hedgehog Wii Collection' series (inspired by Sonic The Hedgehog's Sonic story book collection) for my next couple of boxes.
Great box, move sonic's reflection up a bit so that the point of his shoe is touching the point of the shoes reflection. And to everyone who commented on the presentation, I'm working on different presentations that I could keep for a while, guess this won't be one of them lol.
Nice, bright, bold, I like the hot, firey colour scheme there, nice composition on the front, my only complaint there is that the title is a bit messy around the edges and especially bad in between the letters. I was going to add them all at once, but as tleeart said, I should give each one their chance to shine.

But the back could use some work, the text feels very plain and the screenshot placement feels strange. The back text, as IceFox mentioned, needs some editing, try making it larger and a little more fitting of the wide area you have to work in.
I believe all credit needed is taken into account in the post of the design, If I've missed you I apologise but I designed 3 boxes one after another onto the same background so there was a lot to remember. You should put a reflection of Sonic on the floor he's standing on, that floor looks super reflective. I hate it when people go overboard with presentation, (I don't directly mean this to you) It's less distracting when the presentation is simpler to me.

Anyway this is what I've been working on the past couple of weeks as well as the other boxes in the series, hope you like them!

Secrets of the lost queen
Secret world quete vision


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