Nintendo Life reports that Xenoblade Chronicles 3D will not feature an option for Japanese voices. Sonic's new adventure unfolds from a storybook of the classic tale, Arabian Nights, the last several pages from the book have gone missing, and it's up to Sonic to re-create the story.
Sonic Colors coming to WiiAging blue hero Sonic the Hedgehog is all set to come back in a brand new adventure on Nintendo Wii and DS.
Sonic wanted for kidnapThe once cult-hero, Sonic the Hedgehog is wanted by police for questioning. New Sonic video footageIf like me you were underwhelmed with Sonic's minigames, here's some footage you might enjoy from the main game. Sonic multiplayer actionSonic and the Secret Rings hits the US on the 20th of this month, with other regions following shortly after. Sorry Sonic next-gen looks better and this is kinda sketchy though people enjoyed playing it.
To be honest, I think I'd prefer if there was a Wii version of Sonic the Hedgehog 2006 that's coming out on PS3 and Xbox 360. Some rumors say that Sonic the hedgehog 2006 for the Xbox 360 and PS3 is the sequel to Sonic Rush since all the characters from SR including Blaze will appear.
Maybe Eggman won't be the enemy this time, it could be Black Doom or those weird alien robots that Cosmo is against in Sonic X the cartoon. The graphics are way better on Wild Fire, but the stages are cooler on my 15th Anniversiry game.
Just another thing, does Eggman look like a regular human ('cept for the 'stache) in this game like in StH'06? I don't care if you're the real Sonic or not, but getting views from Sonic's POV is still cool though. I'm not the only one here that doesn't like people that pretend to be video game characters, Lord Random. SA Battle was good, haven't played DX, Riders is too hard to control and is only half a game, SHADOW SUCKED! Yo "Someone Cooler Than You" you said earlier that a lot of video game characters are breaking the fourth wall. It's gonna begin, of who's gonna win, knowing the danger that lies within, (forgot this part) I am the EGGMAN! I agree that game stunk and pretty much every other 3d Sonic game except for Sonic Adventure 2 Battle. Well excuse me "Cooler than you", but you're the one who acts like a Saturday morning cartoon villain, making an impression that having fun should be against the law. I wonder if they will eventually make a game all about Tails and then one all about Knuckles and another about Shadow.
This is supposedly (someone at Sonic Team said so) a stand-alone SONIC game, though other characters will appear but not be playable. Sonic I don't mind you asking for stuff like that, as long as you keep taking me on adventures. Hey Sonic, I think Sonic Adventure 2 Battle should be a movie, it has a good dialogue and plot.
Who the hell would make a movie about a blue hedgehog that lives in another dimension and has a friend that's a twin-tailed fox? Uwe Boll would, the guy that butchered Bloodrayne, Doom and has unfortunately bought the movie rights to Far Cry. DarkVic, the same people who made the Sonic cartoon series (that was pretty funny actually). I don't care what anyone says, this game looks great and I'm going to get it right when it comes out. Well this game looks good but I think its playing technique looks horrible, but I'm still going to look forward to trying it.

The vibrant environments provide for a refreshingly new look to the franchise filled with brightly colored mosaic tiles, glistening oases, swaying palm trees, and crumbling stone columns. I also said that about Shadow the hedgehog, but when I played it I loved it until I found out you have to beat it 10 times. If what SSBB Master said is true, then I hope you can control Jet and co in multiplayer mode. I can't believe you guys think I'm not Sonic, only one cool kid on this website knows I'm the real deal. He could be in a another dimension, every video game character could be, you got to think about it.
SCTY just happened to present a bit of inspiration, and when you talk about the game you don't have to say something like "Oh look at me, I'm talking about the game and therefore I'm superior to everyone else!" SHADDUP!
Technically Sonic would be the one copying Shadow due to the fact that Shadow is 50 years older.
That one was awesome, despite the fact you could only be Sonic in 5 levels and Shadow in only 4. You're not the real Sonic so go run into rings as they mysteriously disappear at your touch, never to be seen again until you hit one enemy, on which your ring count goes down to zero but only ten appear on screen.
And to those that are being mean to each other you guys should be banned from posting a comment. I can take so much of it, it's funny at first but then you guys continue and push it too far. The RP'ing is actually going too far on this particular topic, but Cooler Than you was taking it too seriously. I have an emerald to guard you know and taking me on a scavenger hunt for chaos emeralds is getting way to repetetive. At least he didn't get Halo, Splinter Cell or Metal Gear Solid which are all being made into movies and could hopefully become some of the first decent video game movies. I'm sure everyone misses the good ol' days but this is the new generation, and hey, with the wii's virtual console you can relive that generation! I am going to try and buy a Wii the day it comes out and my first game would probably be this one!
The happy people of his planet are very powerful and they regularly move objects with their minds using telekinetic powers. Sonic activates specific areas in the prismatic environment to pull off new tricks and stunts, in addition to interacting head-on with various obstacles by jumping, dodging, and dashing."Sonic Wild Fire and the innovative Wii controller changes the way gamers play interactive entertainment," said Scott A.
Sonic and the Secret Rings is the blue blur's newest adventure, and it's pretty quick on its feet.
I remember buying SA2 and although it was fun, I was annoyed because Sonic had only two or three stages. That feeling of full badassness as you plowed, unstoppable through those powerless enemies.
We should be getting the better Sonic games because Sonic's been on Nintendo longer than PS and Xbox.
I'm glad you feel comfortable playing my 15th Anniversiry game LordRandom and I hope you like it. I'm looking forward bigtime to Wildfire, as EGM said that the camera wasn't the reason why they were dying - it was their own stupidity. Speaking of breaking the fourth wall, the only Sonic character that has done that on a regular basis is Dr. Oh and Vortex, Sega don't have the copyrights to the comic characters, so they can't just put 'em in just because someone wants them there. This new Sonic for the Wii does have a greater "on rails" factor to it, considering the fact that you can't really control Sonic making full 90 degree turns.
I say keep all the characters from Sonic Adventure 2 and get rid of the others like the Babylon rouges for example and Cream, Big and Omega.

And Tails was there, so if you had an extra controller, one of your friends could play with you, and even though he sucked it wouldn't mess you up. I've beaten every Sonic game there was on the GameCube (I'm not counting Sonic Mega Collection or Sonic Gems Collection) and I've gotten full completion on Shadow the Hedgehog and Sonic Riders!
One day, Silver witnesses the start of a cataclysmic event that will surely wipe out his entire planet. The only reason you all think it's a cool game is because of the graphics, that slow time travelling hedgehog named Silver and the stages. Sonic wouldn't break the fourth wall and post about his new game and complain about an old one. I had to put up with that fact in Sonic Riders, which could've been just that 1% better if Sega had gotten permission to have Manic in it.
While the game itself might feel like the bonus stages from Sonic 2 or Sonic Rush, those were quite fun but not what I would call "main game material".
Lord random let him do it all he wants and then you can pay him out all you want, but think about it these posts would be so much more bloody interesting if people would actually talk bout the game. Sega wanted to impress the public because SA2B and Sonic Riders according to the reviews were a failure. Anyways, this was created by Sega and I'm sure everyone knows that they're going to deliver Nintendo a great game, even though it's not next gen!
Hold the controller horizontally with two hands and tilt left and right to steer Sonic on different paths and maneuver deftly from obstacles and enemies. For one it's gonna involve real humans, that's what Sonic Adventure tried to do and it didn't turn out so good. The next gen Sonic does have prettier graphics and a more inclusive control scheme which may deepen the actual feeling of immersion in the game.
I came here to read peoples opinions on the game, not read about people who think they are the person and probably bought a costume too of the character and wears it every time he comes on this site. Continue to tilt and fling forward to dash-attack ground and air enemies and to break down barriers. Also if you compare trailers, the next gen Sonic does seem to be moving maybe twice as fast as Wii Soni, and there is more of a sense of speed.
In addition to the main game is an array of unique controller-focused mini-games which make Sonic Wild Fire fun to play alone or as a multiplayer game with friends.
This Eggman seems a lot more serious, but I think that he will still have a mild silly streak. It has Silver in it, he's a slow Sonic wannabe yeah, he has Telekenitic powers, woopde doo. It's not a problem anywhere else though, so I hope he stops complaining except on this topic. I don't know if anyone else has given this any thought, but the second "fireball" collectable feels like it was just put in there for the sake of difference. The Sonic franchise was based off the fact that it's a high speed game and that's what I want.
In short, Sonic and the Secret Rings (formerly Sonic Wildfire) may still be fun, but not as fun as next gen Sonic.
The thing that they can really improve on in Wildfire is having all the characters playable in Multiplayer mode, and when I say all I mean ALL. The characters should be able to do things like Knuckles in racing levels, instead of just Shadow and Amy and whatnot.

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