Vous etes fan du jeu Sonic And The Secret Rings : Des personnages, paysages ou de l'atmosphere du jeu ? Telecharger gratuitement un nouveau fond d'ecran Sonic And The Secret Rings (wallpaper) a partir de photos et dessins de votre jeux-video prefere.
Cliquez avec le bouton droit de votre souris sur l'image de Sonic And The Secret Rings que vous souhaitez avoir en fond d'ecran. C'est fini : Vous avez un nouveau fond d'ecran aux couleurs de Sonic And The Secret Rings ! Retrouvez l'actualite de tous les jeux video PC et Console que vous preferez sur le magazine gratuit Jeux Video.fr. The blue hedgehog stars in his best 3D game yet, but the overall experience is still flawed. The interstellar adventure continues with the second Super Mario game set out way out amongst the stars of the cosmos.
Take charge of a band of mercenaries and journey with them into an epic and cinematic adventure in The Last Story for Wii.
A unique title in Nintendo's beloved adventure franchise, utilizing the powers of the Wii controller for all-new ways to explore Hyrule. The site is in no way affiliated with Sega the registered trademark holders of the Sega brand and it's copyrights. Sonic and the Secret Rings introduces several completely new game mechanics to the Sonic Universe.
Skills are the basis of Sonic and the Secret rings - without them, the only thing Sonic will be doing fast is going no where.

By playing through missions, you'll begin to unlock more and more skills that can be added to your "Skill Ring." These skills can provide numerous benefits, such as letting Sonic run fast, jump further, or brake quicker. But here's the kicker: you're restricted in how many skills can be equipped at any given time.
To help promote using different skill sets, the game provides four "Skill Rings" that you can equip skills too. Thankfully, you can increase the amount of skill points Sonic has available by gaining levels, as we'll show below. Flick it forward to home in on an enemy and destroy it, which will also give you a bounce into the air.
Rich Ring - These silver looking rings are worth 20 gold rings, so they're well worth seeking out.
Taking full advantage of the Wii controller, players perform a variety of physical movements that actively advance Sonic, combat enemies, and perform special moves! With the controller’s exclusive features, utilize new moves such as "boost" and "catapult". Tilt the controller left or right to move Sonic in that direction, and tilt the controller backwards (towards you) to move Sonic backwards. You see, each skill uses up a certain amount of "Skill Points," of which Sonic only has a set amount, so skills must be carefully selected to ensure you're gaining the benefits you need for any particular mission.
They all have the same amount of Skill Points and allow you you to mix and match skills as you see fit.
Once you collect enough experience points, Sonic will gain a level, which increases the amount of Skill Points Sonic has available.

For maximum distance, launch yourself when the ring shrinks to its smallest point -this is essential for some levels.
Grace aux forums et a nos equipes de testeurs, nous vous proposons aussi des astuces, des codes et des configs ainsi que des patchs, cheats, soluces et les dernieres mises a jour.
Suddenly, he is visited by the tale's central character, the Genie, who reveals that the last several pages of the book have mysteriously gone blank.
Tilt the controller left or right to avoid obstacles, swing the controller forward to destroy enemies, or perform many other motions to advance the game!
With more than 30 exciting party games, enjoy playing the mini-games with friends and family! For example, if a mission is a timed race on a flat course, but you equip skills related to jumping, that's not an effective use of skill points. For example, you can dedicate one ring to running while another can be assigned to jumping.
Armed with his signature speed, Sonic sets off on an adventure to retrieve the missing pages, and set the world of the Arabian Nights back in order.
Mimicking the energy and movements of Sonic, players actively perform specialized moves with the Wii controller, bringing their stamina and wide range of motion into the action!

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