The guy of your dreams has arrived, to greet youwith a dozen red roses, and that gleaming lookin his eye!
He'll sing you to sleep ever night under the moonand stars, with his arms wrapped tightly aroundyou to keep you safe and warm.
You are known for possesing great amounts ofknowledge and power, and are a Reseved er,whatever the hell you are.
Loyal and powerful, Barinthus will protect and care for me as only a 6,000 year-old ex-demi-god can. Trowa Barton - sex to you is about making love, notsomething you throw around at random men.however, when you do have sex, you want it tobe interesting, maybe a LITTLE kinky, thoughnothing to the extreme. I hope that you don't mind that your boyfriend isprettier than you, because he is Legolas,Prince of Mirkwood, etc, and is kind ofeffeminate, but still really, really goodlooking. You rule over Rivendell, the land of the elves,both wise and fair, with no time for the needsof the weak human race. On the brighter side, you can also look forward to an eternity of running your hands through his long blond hair, as elves are immortal. Your Scene would be when Frodo is getting chased bythe Ring-Wraiths when Arwen is saving him. Tall, fair, immortal and 2,391 years old, Legolas is the eyes and ears of the Fellowship.I took this test at Sauron's Domain! Although in the movie you are"strong and silent" in the book youhad a more playfull personality!

You have swift cat-like movements and have excellent skills withthe bow and arrows, making you able to killorcs from a great distance. You are always readyand waiting for some evil to attack so you cankick its but out of Middle Earth!
You are subtley dominantand like it tranquil, and would do anything tohold onto the things you've got.
The Shadowspawn Sholto now rules two worlds, King of the Slaugh and King of the Unseelie Court. Remus is a werewolf, buthe makes up for that by being very kind andunderstanding, and wise beyond his years. Legolas Son of Thranduil You can now look forward to traipsing all over Mirkwood, helping your Elfin-Prince husband see that no evil things creep back in while no one's looking.
Great job, you finally made it, you are the biggest obsessed fan over Orlando Bloom, great job and keep up with more of his acting! Skilled as a warrior with both bow and knife, he eventually became unlikely friends with Gimli the Dwarf.
Although you are more of a recluse, you are extremely loyal to the few friends that you have.
You are very very calmand rational in your thinking and do not reactstrongly to happenings.
Count your blessings, cuz' you'll be theonly girl in his eyes, and he will cherish youin every way imaginable!

The Powers That Be decided to scrapyou in favor of some stupid girl -- or maybeyou just look hot in drag.
He'salso extremely clever, loyal and trustworthy.Maybe he doesn't have very much money, butthat's not his fault. He'll still loveyou with all his heart, but sadness will fillhis days as he watches you fade away?Your lovewill be evergreen, but you will pass on, likethe rest of us, leaving him heart broken andutterly alone in this world. Either way, thiscould be a blessing in disguise -- at leastyour coolness in bookverse remains untarnished.True Tolkien fans know you kick ass, so whocares what the general public thinks?
But ifthere was one or two questions you didn't getthan send me a message.You are congragulated bysome hobbits. He will spend therest of eternity living on the memories of you.Even the wind will echo with your laughter. Strangely enough, he takes hiswork at the flower shop more seriously than anyother of the Weiss members and can usually beseen yelling at one of them to work harderwatering flowers.

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