Let us take you on a Journey into your internal landscapes with our Shamanic Beats and then back out of your body to the celestial realms as we raise the frequencies of the Sound.
The Journey involves a passage through the elements of Fire, Earth, Wind and Water, Sacred Sites, Sacred Geometry, Ancestral Passageways, layers of light in the 7 Dimensions, Angels Realms, and the laws of Reality.
It is a poetic Journey of Wildness, Beauty, Inner Truth, Alchemy, and the Strength to Transform. A participatory, interactive group meditation consisting of the soft chanting of Vedic mantras (heart felt transcendental sound vibrations) to the accompaniment of gentle, contemporary musical compositions which take us on an inner journey of self-discovery to experience the peace & tranquillity that lies deep within our spirit self. The Light and Sound meditation method helps people to concentrate in order to listen to inner Words, inner Sounds as well as heavenly Lights. Presented by Swami Dayananda, with therapeutic sound practitioner Heather Frahn, and multi-instrumentalist Stuart Rose from Harmonic Project.

Full retreat includes all programs from Friday evening, through to Sunday afternoon, delicious vegetarian meals, and shared accommodation. Begin your weekend with a rejuvenating “sound bath” on Friday night as you release yourself to the vibrations of sound.
Please don't arrive early as you will not be able to get into the room and will be waiting outside (in the cold).
This is the best way to help us head inside to hear Holy Sounds and see miracle Lights from God.
The healing energy of sound is the perfect means to open yourself to the spirit of meditation, to find your balance and your joy. This retreat will be filled with the resonance of Himalayan singing bowls, gongs, bells and other harmonic vibrations, with guided meditations, ritual recitations and mantra.

The fine original stone buildings first built in 1871 have been lovingly renovated for retreats. The weekend will include formal presentations and opportunities to dissolve into the power of your inner ear. Presented by Swami Dayananda, with therapeutic sound practitioner and musician Heather Frahn, and Harmonic Project.

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