Only when we take time to rejuvenate, look within, and rest ourselves do we reach our full potential .
Gaia Sagrada is the perfect name for our spiritual community because we strive to be one with Mother Nature and live harmoniously on the Earth, which is a sacred being. Cuenca, Ecuador was picked because of its low expenses, safety, ease of entry for visitors (no shots or visas required, only your passport), and also for its gorgeous, magical, and natural settings. Gaia Sagrada is nestled in a small community called Llazhatan (Ya-zat-yan) in the Andes Mountains, very close to Jadan (Ha-dan). If you are coming for spiritual community living, you will find a beautiful model in action. Whatever you find nurturing and adventurous for your consciousness and spirit, you will find it here! When you give the creative self a chance to shine, this is how all the other parts of you shine as well! For the new year, I’m planning on taking some time away from the computer to contemplate the next few months, practice some yoga and do some quiet meditation.
Staying at one of these meditation or yoga retreats is not only a good way to cleanse your body and soul, but you can also get some great tiny house and small space ideas.
The Sivananda Ashram Yoga Farm in Grass Valley, California teaches classical yoga, ayurveda, vegetarian cooking, jyotish and vedic sciences, and permaculture.
The El Capitan Canyon luxury nature lodging (a little out of my range) is not a spiritual retreat, but does offer some beautiful cabins and yurts to stay in on the California Coast. The San Francisco Zen Center at Tassajara offers an introduction to Zen meditation and has several places you can stay like wooden yurts and Japanese tatami cabins.
Affordable retreat cabins which happen to be next to bubbling waterfalls are available at Spirit Falls in Pine, Arizona. For the person asking about individual retreat facilities near Chicago, Liberation Park in Wisconsin is one such place (, about 4 hours north of Chicago near La Crosse. We would like to thank our amazing sponsors for contributing towards the Spiritual Retreat.
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Established in 2005 by President Bill Clinton, the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) convenes global leaders to forge solutions to the world's most pressing challenges. JUST BREATHE - a magazine by Healing Hotels of the World, that was created to change minds, habits and hearts on the most important and current topics: health and wellbeing. Your booking request is nonbinding and your data will be save with us.Please note our privacy policy. Gaia Retreat & Spa is a unique boutique experience far from the maddening crowds and hustle and bustle of modern day life. Gaia Retreat & Spa has 19 stylishly appointed cabins on 35 acres of pristine hinterland property, guaranteeing peace and tranquility at all times. Morning yoga as well as a second, varying daily activity are part of the all inclusive packages, along with organic tailor made meals and some spa treatments at the Amala Day Spa. Gaia Retreat & Spa embraces an environmental conscious living attitude and makes every effort to be as eco-friendly as possible. Healing Hotels of the World promises you an unforgettable stay at Gaia Retreat & Spa, this wonderful healing hotel is situated in Australia. In Greek mythology she birthed many of the major Gods who ruled over different sections of the Earth. It is also the perfect name because this is a sanctuary of support and nurturing amidst natural beauty.
If you have ever wanted to live at an ashram or retreat center, without a lot of dogma or wearing specific outfits, this is your place! Eco-practices are widely used and you can learn something for your own building endeavors in the future. While searching around for a retreat location, I kept running into meditation retreats and centers that had some sweet tiny houses, yurts and cabins for rent. You and your family can stay in several different accommodations including a tent, a dorm and shared or individual cabins located in a beautiful valley.
The small cabins (Cave of the Heart, Hopi Creek and Bodhi’s Place) are located in the pine trees with views of local wildlife like elk, deer and hawks.
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Gaia specializes in providing a nurturing environment for individuals to enjoy as much or as little activity as they like. This is a Spa that attracts some of the country’s most sensitive healers and therapists, offering an extensive range of treatments form the standard to the deep and intense. Gaia has its own sustainable organic vegetable and herb garden and orchard and is totally committed to giving back what they take out. Gaia is known as the nurturer, sustainer and giver of love to all who come to the goddess for support. While spiritual methods and focus are the core of our community here, you are not required to adhere to any specific religious or spiritual beliefs. Eat all natural vegetarian meals made from fresh fruits and vegetables, hike in beautiful scenery, swim, take a sauna, sing by the campfire, or sit in the hot tub under the stars. Spiritual focus is at the core of the community, so you will have an opportunity to dive deep into your own consciousness with others of like mind. The redwood yurts like the one shown above have views of trees and mountains and can accommodate up to three guests. Further, the resort has its own rainforest regeneration program where each guest is invited to plant a tree in honor of themselves and mother nature.
She is known as the spirit of the Earth, plants, rocks and water and when you are blessed with darshan from nature, it is Gaia blessing you. Relax in beautiful nature meditation spots everywhere on the land, or take a trip into the city of Cuenca to see the historic sites. People here are living in a stress free environment, separated from the world, in a way that is rare and hard to find.
Surrender to the tranquility, indulge in the Day Spa, or simply embrace as much or a little as you like.

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