Since these are the dimensions of mental illness and are also related to spirituality and belief in God, there is a strong connection between both.  Thus by improving our spiritual belief and faith in god, we can come to a balance of your mental health as well. Important scholars like Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung considered our psyche as the carrier of truth and wisdom.  Religion and spirituality is important for the diagnosis, treatment, prognosis and etiology of psychiatric matters, issues and disturbances. Thus with the lack of spirituality and faith, one may find issues in personal relationships, professional matters and other areas of life. Place your faith in your God and believe that God is looking after you in happy times as well as troubled times.
Once you do this, life will begin to appear simpler and you will feel a new sense of self confidence, belief in destiny and will begin to feel more alive. I watched as people stood up, one by one at first, then in groups of twos and threes, and finally in a tidal wave. In Year Two of my vow, I realized how violent my judgmental thoughts could be, and I decided to try to go through a whole day without evaluating anything as good or bad.
It has been six years since I took my vow of nonviolence, and it continues to be a very active force in my life. State aloud, “I am committed to bringing about a world of peace, harmony, laughter, and love.
Here we’ll explore the connection between the spiritual Self and physical, mental and emotional health and well-being. From common ailments, like, arthritis, hypertension, fatigue, menstrual disorders, to a number of chronic ailments, you might want to consider Traditional medicines or Spagyric therapy. Magic lies in the root of all happenings of the world, magic and willforce has some interconnections. Some people use the presence or absence of the spirit to define if something is alive or dead. OMTimes TeamOMTimes Magazine is one of the leading on-line content providers of positivity, wellness and personal empowerment. In the fourth century of the Common Era, a number of pilgrims known as the Desert Dwellers followed this path into Lower Egypt, south of Alexandria in the eastern Sahara, a rocky, sun-baked desert separating North African from the more verdant reaches of the southern continent. A few dwelt in caves or holes in the rocky escarpments, but most built huts of reeds and silt, drawn from the Nile or oases. Antony, the great desert dweller prototype, is said to have tried repeatedly to find absolute solitude, but his genius inevitably inspired discipleship: men of all ages left civilization behind and sought him out in the wilds. Almost nothing is known about the personal identities of this remarkable group of men and women.
Upon first encounter, they must have seemed strange—unkempt and outspoken eccentrics forsaking Roman civilization in all its richness, renouncing the classical Pantheon in all its loveliness, rejecting the newly respectable Christian Church in all its glory. And yet, there was a sense that they were uncovering valuable wisdom.
This comment stands in stark contrast to our own cultural assumptions that material security is a necessity and an unqualified virtue. The Desert Mothers and Fathers were “theologically nonspecific.” They were nominally Christian, occasionally gathering for worship (presumably the Christian Eucharist, though we have no facts on this). Serapion’s words are also about caritas, self-giving love. For some modern-day Christians, this is closer to the heart of their religion than theories about salvation. Meditate on the 16 eternal moon-phase goddesses for a deeper understanding of how we are transformed by passionate connection. Nine master teachers, nine wisdom traditions, two 9-day residentials, one journey of the human spirit into the direct experience of living awake.
When I first embarked on a spiritual practice, I thought it was a journey best undertaken alone: work on your issues until you are perfect, and don’t let your lovers or friends interfere with your sacred inner work.
As these 16 goddesses (five of whom are described here) trace the phases of the moon from new to full, they tell a story of literal and metaphorical sexual union.
Kameshwari comes to us in complete darkness, in the expectant waiting of the moonless night. If this goddess had a theme song, it would be “Sexual Healing.” Bherunda is hot, like molten gold, and, uniquely, naked. Tvarita lives right at the halfway point in the moon cycle, where we are inexorably tipping toward the full (we’re “doin’ it” now, Stoneberg tells us). Vijaya appears, lazy and contented on the back of a sleeping lion, in the restful moment when the lovemaking is over.
Lalita, the “goddess of erotic spirituality,” according to Kempton, is also sometimes called Shodashi, “16,” pictured as a beautiful 16-year-old girl. When we place our trust in god and leave ourselves in his hands, we will begin to develop the confidence of everything going in the right direction, which in turn has a strong impact on our mental health.

This in turn can cause disturbance in the mental set up of the person, affecting psychological health.
All material provided on this website is provided for informational or educational purposes only.
He explained that just before stepping onstage he had taken a vow of nonviolence in his thoughts, his speech, and his actions, and he wanted all of us to join him in this pledge. I decided to first work on my speech by trying to go one whole day without stating a negative opinion. I no longer unleash my inner demon when I step on Legos in the middle of the night, and the selfie obsession that used to irritate me profoundly isn’t even on my radar these days. Although some articles will lean toward one certain religion or another, most will be geared toward spirituality in terms of living out your passion, expressing the divine energy inside you as a means of balancing your Self.
According to traditional medicines or spagyric homeopathy, chronic symptoms are signs of imbalance in your physical, emotional, social or spiritual environment, and traditional or spagyric medicine may offer you options to pursue along with or instead of drugs or surgery, the usual recommendations of conventional medicine. And while Paul Sutherland can't tell you how to create lasting happiness, he can tell you how to create lasting wealth.
Those who venture there discover it is also a region of mind and soul, a liminal place embodying the boundary between civilization and wilderness, spirit and flesh, good and evil.
At the time, the area they inhabited was known as Nitria, for the nitrate (saltpeter) mined there.
Indeed, their clear words and remarkable insights remain strangely compelling across the centuries.
The most famous (and probably most extreme) of these is Symeon Stylites, who spent decades living atop a pillar. And further, he warns against approaching a project you intend to finish with a lackadaisical attitude (“someday”). So much more palatable than the pious bromide, “Let go and let God,” this has the power to compel us to reach for what lies beyond the material world, in the world of absolute presence and radical spontaneity.
The Desert Dwellers aimed for what they called “purity of heart,” which does not mean pure of “dirty thoughts.” A “pure” heart is one that is undivided and unpolluted by everything external to it.
Their spiritual exploration was by no means “about” Christianity which, as a religion, was still at that time defining itself through passionate theological debate. Once the Emperor Constantine had had his dream vision of Christ’s initials in the sky and subsequently defeated his rival for the Imperium, the institutional Church was bound to lose in fervor and strength as much as it was certain to gain in numbers and respectability. In good ways as well as bad, modern Western culture has reinforced the notion that we are always free to go somewhere else.
Then New York yoga teacher Eric Stoneberg introduced me to the nityas, or eternal moon-phase goddesses, who are said to represent 16 manifestations of desire in the Rajanaka tantra tradition of Hinduism. Each figure represents one aspect of the complexities, vulnerabilities, ugliness, and transformative potential of human connection.
In her exposed state, she carries extra weaponry, including a shield that Stoneberg describes as “a song that she knows how to sing to protect herself.” Her molten gold dissolves fear, shame, and other poisons that may rise with desire. She is the wild one, clad in green leaves, surrounded by lions, bears, and monkeys, roaring and howling. She is saumya, sweet and calm, but only in the dark: in the light, she is aghori, gruesome. Due such lack offaith, one may start losing interest in day to day life and professional activities. The concept sounded great to me, but my mind was full of doubt: Bad things happen to good people and we just, well, respond. I will simply be the witness and not the judge.” I slowly awakened to the understanding that everyone is a work in progress, at different levels in their development. If a part of you is being neglected or overworked, it can manifest in your physical body as disease, and this is the basic premise behind Spirituality and your health.
But their presence gave the region a second name, Skete, which comes from the Greek askein, which means “to practice, to train.” Skete was the word the ancients used for athletes training for the Games, and which St.
It was technologically advanced, with superb roads and highways, running water, internal plumbing, and effective urban planning.
The Desert Dwellers rejected this affluent but risky world, and judged it spiritually empty.
The one commodity they did make sure to create or import was wine (as we can infer from the sayings, which mention it quite often). Pachomius, by contrast, decided that, in order to truly escape the flabbiness of civilization, a radically simple counterculture, a monastic “city” as an alternative to the secular cities of the Empire, was needed.

They speak to us in our anxious, overscheduled, materially-pampered, technologically-charged lives. Fasting is, in fact, at the opposite pole from under- or overeating: it is controlled deprivation, not neurotic self-punishment. In contemporary psychological terms, it means having an integrated personality, where head, heart, and body are in harmony rather than at war with one another.
When our computers, or other kinds of “mechanical slaves” malfunction, even for a few hours, we panic. One hand makes the gesture of giving and receiving, while the other gestures in fearlessness. Close loving relationships take work, and accepting the shadow sides of yourself and the other can take a heroic effort. She can see our deepest desires—emotionally, sexually, and spiritually—and wants to help us transform them into compassionate action rather than tame them into submission. With enough focus and dedication, I’m convinced I’ll soon have only the most loving thoughts for my bikini-wax specialist. Materially and physically, many people were more comfortable than anyone had ever been before; reasonably well-off Romans enjoyed a quality of life surpassing earlier supreme monarchs like Darius, Nebuchadnezzaar, or the Pharaohs of Egypt.
And so he began to structure communities based on love and tolerance rather than power and competition.
I have always found their words strengthening and soothing and enlivening in their simplicity, and I would like to share some of them with you.
Listening to the advice we give others, then following it ourselves, is actually an ingenious step in that very direction.
Take time to reflect on them as the moon cycles through its phases; you may discover your own shadows, suddenly, moonlit. She invites us to go deep into “the fertile darkness of raw possibility,” in Stoneberg’s words, and to ask, What do I truly desire? Nevertheless, I closed my eyes and vowed to do my part in bringing about a world of peace, compassion, and love.
It was remarkably tolerant, with religions ranging from Judaism, and Christianity to Mithrasism and the Greco-Roman pantheon, as well as a similarly rich menu of philosophies. Thus he laid the foundation for what became the Benedictine community in the West, and the Hesychastic community in the East. Mother Matrona, in her wise and witty way, recognizes the desert is no place for the person drawn to the ordinary and secular. Then I spent the flight home contemplating my new commitment and feeling uncomfortable, as if I had a piece of popcorn wedged in a back tooth.
On the other hand, the person who, for whatever reason, must remain in the crowd can carve out his or her own sacred solitude. Instead of saying, “The book was a disaster,” I would say, “I didn’t enjoy the book.” The more aware I became of negativity in my words, the more I noticed my complaints decreasing. Working on my actions seemed easier because, generally speaking, I am not a violent person.
I don’t hit people, I avoid elbowing at shoe sales, I don’t even gesticulate when cut off in traffic. I was still too lazy to take my own bags to Walmart, and I continued to buy makeup from companies that tested on animals. Then I decided to consciously give my business to companies that shared my values of nonviolence. Half an hour on Google showed me how mindful some companies have become, but I also stumbled upon a fact that changed my life. According to a 2010 United Nations report, meat and dairy agriculture account for 70 percent of global freshwater consumption and 19 percent of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions. In other words, there was no greater contributor to global warming and habitat destruction than eating meat. I realized that my Philly cheesesteak addiction was impacting the world in a harmful way, and this was a violation of my vow. I decided to take the advice of Rajendra Pachauri, PhD, chair of the UN’s panel on climate change, and observe one meat-free day a week.

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