Young women of all faiths are welcome at Catherine McAuley High School, where all are encouraged to participate in opportunities for spiritual and personal growth. Catherine McAuley High School is committed to fostering in its students a sense of compassion and justice. Service opportunities promote an understanding of the plight of those in need, offer services to help alleviate their pain and suffering, develop a deeper understanding of what the call to service entails, and encourage a life-long commitment to service and growth as a compassionate, caring individual.
Catherine McAuley High School is Maine’s only college-preparatory private high school for young women.
You’re worried because you have fallen behind in a bill payment, and a collection agency is hounding you. Many people use the terms religion and spirituality interchangeably, but they are two separate concepts that often overlap. Spirituality and religion usually influence how a person lives, how he or she reacts to stressful situations and how well and how quickly a person recovers from emotional strain. People with a spiritual or religious orientation may view a variety of life’s areas as sacred and thus seek help when they feel their physical and emotional well-being is threatened. This collection of essays examines ageing in the context of the many faiths and cultures that make up Western society, and provides carers with the knowledge they need to deliver sensitive and appropriate care to people of all faiths. Understanding who you are can be a lonely and difficult process following the diagnosis of Asperger's Syndrome (AS). This book invites teens to examine their lives and relationships within a religious context.
This book will explain how the core elements of both psychological well-being and religious or spiritual life-virtue, mindfulness, and wisdom-are based in the core functions of the brain: regulating, learning, and valuing.
This book provides ways in which schoolteachers and parents can nurture and foster these particular characteristics of children's spirituality. An invaluable teaching text and clinical resource, this is a book about how to do psychotherapy--how to apply the science of change to the complexities of helping people develop new meanings in their lives. With more than 100 activities, this unique text offers a gold mine of techniques and processes for relaxation. Discovering Your Spiritual Path Workbook will help you, as a professional, to guide your participants to the possibilities of spirituality and its benefits.
There are step-by-step guidelines for planning, presenting and integrating inner-life skills programs in-group work as well as family and group communication games. Faith and Fertility is a comprehensive collection of essays by academics and faith leaders from around the world.
This handy guide will assist you in starting your own spiritual therapeutic program for dementia patients.
This comprehensive volume synthesizes the breadth of current knowledge on the psychological processes underlying spirituality, religious behavior, and religious experience. Healing Mantras is the practical, how-to guide that makes the strengths and benefits of mantras available to everyone. Presenting an effective approach rooted in the philosophy of functional medicine, this book proposes using calming breathing techniques as the foundation to controlling the anxiety that causes panic. This shows how to facilitate maximum leisure well-being by providing a basic understanding of leisure theory, concepts, and philosophy.
The definitive guide to the philosophy and practice of Yoga--the ancient healing discipline for body and mind--by its greatest living teacher.
Living Deeply transcends any one approach by focusing on common elements of transformation across a variety of traditions, while affirming and supporting the diversity of approaches across religious, spiritual, scientific, academic, and cultural backgrounds.
Useful as a tool for your own personal transformation, as well as an educational tool to introduce you and others to spiritual practices different from your own, this DVD provides a powerful opportunity to bring these practices down from the mountaintop, out of the temple, and into your hands.
In this inspiring book, Sharon Salzberg, one of America's leading spiritual teachers, shows us how the Buddhist path of lovingkindness can help us discover the radiant, joyful heart within each of us. This volume examines the role of mindfulness principles and practices in a range of well-established cognitive and behavioral treatment approaches.
Responding to growing interest among psychotherapists of all theoretical orientations, this practical book provides a comprehensive introduction to mindfulness and its contemporary clinical applications. Within these covers, some of America's best-known educators, psychologists, and clergy members examine spiritual life among youth from many different cultural backgrounds. Survivors of trauma—whether abuse, accidents, or war—can end up profoundly wounded, betrayed by their bodies that failed to get them to safety and that are a source of pain. Reaching troubled or at-risk youth on a spiritual level is gaining ground as an effective approach in youth care.
Psychology Moment by Moment guides clinicians through the process of creating and applying mindfulness-based interventions for a variety of client populations and problems, session by session, to focus treatment even more and help clients make substantial progress. The Psychology of Spirituality is an accessible book that introduces the relationship between spirituality and psychology. This unique book-and-audio program brings together some of the country's most beloved meditation teachers. This workbook is designed to teach you the most popular stress management and relaxation techniques and exercises used today. A series of relaxation exercises in a photocopy-free format is contained in this bound volume. This book brings together in one volume 18 of the most commonly used methods of relaxation. Bridging the gap between clinical and religious professionals, this book examines how both can understand the spiritual needs of the individual, and the importance of this spirituality in bringing about health and wholeness. Written by significant researchers and practitioners within the field, this unique collection of key texts introduces the reader to practical theology. From his perspective as both spiritual healer and curative educator, the author introduces the key concepts of both subject areas to the reader and explains how the two disciplines can be combined and applied, providing case examples of healing sessions with children with a range of special needs, including autism, epilepsy and emotional and behavioural difficulties.
This book describes how parents lose, find, or relocate spiritual anchors after the death of their child. Filling a crucial void, this volume explores the influences of faith beliefs and practices on suffering, healing, and health.

Exploring the role of spirituality in couple and family relationships, this successful text and practitioner guide illustrates ways to tap spiritual resources for coping, healing, and resilience.
This comprehensive and much-needed resource is for professionals and students in social care, who are required to engage with the spiritual dimension of their therapeutic work with clients.
Spirituality, Values and Mental Health gathers together personal and professional contributions from mental health professionals, carers and mental health service users and survivors.
With this audio program, learn to compose a stress hierarchy and develop special coping thoughts to manage to manage problem stressors. Gillian White sets out a framework within which health care professionals can discuss spirituality and equip themselves to respond appropriately to the spiritual concerns of their patient in daily practice. For more than three decades, master teacher Rod Stryker has taught yoga in the context of its deepest philosophy.
It is also sad that most Tamil TV channels telecast programs exclusively for astrological forecasts.
Most of these astrologers also have nick named themselves with titles like “Chakravarthy” , “ King of Astrologers”, “Real Astrologer”.
Sukumar Sakthivel approached a Tanjore-based astrologer who calls himself “the King of Mandreekam” (mandreekam is a tamil word that means a kind of sorcery). Ramarathnam adds, “The world today is characterized by an extreme sense of avarice even among the religious community. A Sion-based priest who performs poojas at film star’s homes was famous for demanding gold chains and gold rings in the Matunga belt along with his fees for conducting religious ceremonies. In South Indian Brahmin families, there is a tradition of visiting the “kula deivam” (or family deity) after a marriage in the family. Tamil Brahmins across the globe are treating important functions like the thread changing ceremony as mere rituals.
Nikhil Kelkar a retired professional says, “I follow the principle of Sadguru Wamanrao Pai (who passed away recently) – Man can shape his destiny if he has the will”.
Get the most out of your experience with a personalized all-access pass to everything local on events, music, restaurants, news and more. Come celebrate Easter Sunday with First Pres with a special sunrise service be-ginning at 8 a.m. Catherine McAuley High School offers liturgies, prayer services, class retreats and the assistance of a Campus Minister. McAuley girls come from all over the world and from many different religious and cultural backgrounds, but they are all carrying on the rich tradition of Mercian education - and of girls with dreams becoming women of vision.
Unexpectedly, you receive a call from a friend, who says he has just mailed you a check for the loan you advanced him more than a year ago. Simply put, religion is a belief system that adheres to a doctrine or doctrines, while spirituality is a personal belief, which may or may not include a belief in God. It can help increase self-esteem, find meaning in life, improve family and special relationships, decrease drug and alcohol abuse and lead to less sexual promiscuity.
To help find clarification, consider talking to a Chaplain, Religious Petty Officer, a lay-leader on your ship or in your unit, or a clerical authority or spiritual leader in the civilian community. Asperger's Syndrome and Mindfulness illuminates this experience as an empowering path of discovery through the teachings of Buddhism.
The Body Awareness and Imagination complete audio program includes exercises in body sensing, positive visualization, and guided fantasies that will enhance body awareness and make deep relaxation easily achievable. It begins by helping you define what physical, emotional, spiritual, and sexual boundaries are. It also considers two factors, material pursuit and trivialising, which may inhibit children's expression of their spirituality. It will help you address a sensitive topic, so complex and immense, without appearing overly simplistic, condescending, incomplete, or confusing.
The reader is introduced to the cultural and religious understanding of fertility as it is practised among diverse international faith traditions. The sophistricated approach to therapy will help you cater to the needs of these clients to trigger emotional responses and enhance overall quality of life. Mantras, or simple chants, are short phrases packed with energy and intention--specifically designed to generate powerful sound waves that promote healing, insight, creativity, and spiritual growth. It illustrates how it can be applied to one's own life to enhance social development and reduce stress. Light on Yoga provides complete descriptions and illustrations of all the positions and breathing exercises. They share inspiring stories of young people rescued from lives of violence, neglect, and despair.
In order to fully heal from trauma, a connection must be made with oneself, including one’s body. The author sets out what spirituality is, the values it represents and how it can contribute to mental health and wellbeing. It will increase your awareness of your personal reaction to stress and build your sense of control and mastery over stressors in your life. It is a superb resourcee for anyone who wishes to teach relaxation techniques in groups, or to hand out.
It critically explores the way in which the spiritual dimension of pastoral care has entered into constructive dialogue with other disciplines and ways of thinking, including: psychiatry, psychology, counselling, intercultural studies, educational methodology, narrative theory and political studies.
It describes how ordinary people reconstruct their lives after their foundations have shifted, how they reconnect after one of their primary attachments has been lost, and how they make sense of their world after one of their centers of meaning has been removed.
It addresses the stigma that can surround both mental health and spirituality and explores the place of the spiritual in mental health care, teasing out its implications for research, education, training and good practice. His course, called The Yoga of Fulfillment™, has helped thousands recognize their soul’s call to greatness and to achieve their dreams. Gallwey explains how negative self-talk undermines us, making us believe that pressure is inevitable and that other people’s expectations are paramount–which leaves us feeling helpless and unhappy.
The cover story would be something enticing like – “How to ensure your ward’s success in exams” – this is an annual feature during the months of March and April.

Reams and reams of forecasts are written that range from “you will fight with your brother”, “mother’s health needs attention,” “please be careful with your boss”, “you will suffer from stomach ache and diarrohea” and “you will enter into a land dispute”.
Topping this list is “Jaya TV” and we know it is the media channel promoted by J Jayalalitha, Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu. Then another magazine was regularly sending “tantras” to be kept in the pooja room with assurance that placing this “tantra” in the pooja room will result in a flood of gold coins in one’s home. A new breed of people (who have taken VRS from PSU banks) have joined this bandwagon to become astrologers. M R Ramarathnam, a retired professional, based in Chennai, says, “The real astrologers will never take money for predictions.
Within a week, the astrologer replied to him with a detailed letter saying that his life was in danger and someone had performed black magic on him.
The temples of the family deities located in hamlets are seldom maintained well as none of the younger generation of Brahmins is willing to take up the job of a village priest. Many Brahmin boys who get into inter-caste marriages soon lose interest in the Tamil culture or things like “sandhya vandanam”. A spiritual bent of mind will work wonders for you but you really do not have to depend on what is published in all these magazines or what the astrologers forecast (mostly wrongly). This state of affairs in Tamil Nadu is not surprising as years ago, one of my co-passengers in the Dadar-Chennai express remarked wryly – ‘what sort of people are those who vote for film stars after seeing movies‘. With suggestions for every day of the week, our recommendations will keep you busy on any budget.
Students and staff assist the Campus Minister with planning all liturgies, prayer services and retreats. This fortunate timing could be written off as a coincidence but you don’t believe in coincidences, so you say a quiet prayer of thanks. They believe there is an ultimate purpose for them, and they glean hope from that belief even in the most tragic and distressing of circumstances.
The trauma-sensitive yoga described in this book moves beyond traditional talk therapies that focus on the mind, by bringing the body actively into the healing process. Now, in this wise and richly practical book, he has distilled those broad teachings into a roadmap for becoming the person you were meant to be. The common theme in all these magazines is dollops and dollops of free spiritual advice (new mantras being published every month) besides of course the ubiquitous astrological advices. Then there are a few articles that talk about if Ram did the right thing in ousting Seeta from Ayodhya – never mind if these have been published a zillion times before. Exhorting people to be spiritual is one thing and fooling them by way of astrological advices is another thing. Astrological advices, if one were to go by what is being published in these magazines is relatively simple. He approached an astrologer who did what is called as a “prasannam” – it is a kind of forecast that is made using sea-conches and shells. Dwindling population of Tamil Brahmins in villages in Tamil Nadu (& even in cities) is posing a major challenge.
Ramarathnam adds, “Even those Brahmin boys who marry within the community do not perform the gayatri japa regularly. Mumbai based professional C Vaidyanathan, a logistics expert, believes that self-confidence is the key. Do not be surprised if actress Khushboo becomes chief minister of Tamil Nadu in the future (after all, people of Tamil Nadu had built a temple for her!). Its beauty is awesome and you remember teachings from your childhood that all living things have a purpose; there is a balance in nature. This allows trauma survivors to cultivate a more positive relationship to their body through gentle breath, mindfulness, and movement practices. It is filled with revealing true stories, provocative exercises, and practices for unlocking your inner guidance. Almost 25% of population in Tamil Nadu seems to be looking at astrology as a full time career option. The magazines are then filled with pages after pages about new temples and at the end of the article, it is mandatory to mention that visiting this shrine will help the poor earn wealth, parents to get their daughters married, unemployed to get a job, sick to get healed fast.
You can become an astrologer if you only collect the previous year’s issues of the same magazine. Gone are the days when astrological advices were given cautiously keeping the reading public in mind. While there is nothing wrong in publishing information about new and unknown temples, the added “masala” about the benefits which is completely unsubstantiated rankles the reader the most. There is also an explanation that they offer that they also need to survive and so they need the money”. It is like Vividh Bharati playing the same “Man Chahe” geet program every Wednesday without anyone noticing it. The priest is summoned and he orders that a golden statue of cat is made and donated to him to seek salvation from the sin of the cat-hatya.
Neither can you say if “ Rekha, Madan, Rinku, Chinky and Pintoo” from Udhampur have really requested a particular Hindi song. His wife rubbished the astrologer’s predictions and gave him the confidence to continue with his work. But if money is solely their criterion and performing religious rites is secondary to that, then is this fair? Even as deliberations and negotiations are on with the priest, there is a shriek from the kitchen.
27 years after the incident, the gentleman is still alive and though his wife passed away two years ago, he can’t thank her enough.

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