The ground floor consists of three adjoining rooms; the one at the front being the living room.
In here is a canopy bed, a nightstand, and a closet with alarm clocks as seen in "Employee of the Month".
Elevator: In the older episodes, this is seen between the kitchen and dining room and goes up to the second floor, presumably the gallery as seen in one episode. I would like for someone to upload pictures of Spongebob, one from each season and compare his designs. On the SpongeBob wiki, I remember coming across something on SpongeBob's page that showed all of his designs from every season.

In Season 2, SpongeBob is a much paler shade of yellow for whatever reason, and he looks smoother thanks to the improved animation. Squidward took pride in his house after winning the title of House Fancy Prince from Nicholas Whithers in a competition against his lifelong rival, Squilliam Fancyson.
The living room consists of a bookcase with some of Squidward's jazz records, a couch, coffee table and TV. Squidward's house was also the location for the popular Bikini Bottom TV show Squidward's House Party.
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Squidward's house's mouth is a door, but originally, its mouth was closed, and a door rested underneath it.
The dining room is off to the side and consists of a round table with chairs and a clam shell chandelier. The house's exterior styling is reminiscent of an "Moai", giant status found on Easter Island also referred to as Easter Island Heads.

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