I read this series when I was young, and was positively dismal when my bookstore stopped selling them after I read book #14.
RL Stine got boring and even though this series is for younger readers I tried it and loved it. This series holds some of my fond memories of book reading days, along with Animorphs, and various other series of my (not too far away) youth. I've read all the books up to #23and loved the way the characters devloped throught the series. I started reading these aloud to my little brother, but soon became fascinated by them as well. We uses Search API to find the overview of books over the internet, but we don't host any files. Together, Adam, Sally, and Watch will take the Secret Path and pass through a dark doorway.On the other side they will find a terrifying Spooksville where there are huge spiders, living skeletons, evil black knights, and a witch who just loves to make dolls - out of kids. The first day there, he meets Sally, who tells him the city's real name is Spooksville, because of the all the spooky things that go on in it.
That being said, Christopher Pike is an excellent writer, and even a grown person can falll for the charms of these books.

I would recommend this book to kids who like witches and ghosts, skeletons and black knights. His creative genuis really flows in these books, I guess because pretty much anything can happen in Spooksville. All document files are the property of their respective owners, please respect the publisher and the author for their copyrighted creations. Adam doesn't believe her until they team up with Watch and go in search of the Secret Path - a magical path that leads to other Spooksvilles.
Watch is the smart guy, kinda sad, and kinda an odd ball but i spend time at the cemetary too so what can i say. Pike also exercises his utterly BRILLIANT sense of humor in the Spooksville series, through the witty and hilarious character Sally. We have an unbeatable selection of 7 million books, honest, accurate grading and features that help you find out-of-print, second-hand treasure. My little brother actually didn't get some of the jokes that I loved, which just shows that older people are probably even more likely to enjoy these books than little kids (not that kids won't enjoy them!!) The plots of these books are complex and fascinating, and always carefully done. Cindy is always there for her friends and isn't tough often but isn't just a goddy-two-shoes Bryce is learning but will always be too arrogent for his own good.

Permant characters like Ann Tempelton and Bum and new group members like Tara and accaintances like Mireen and Ek always keep the story running and fun.
Pike obviously knows what he's talking about when his plots concern the complexities of time travel or spacecraft. Because this is a series, the characters can develop over time into very complex people without spending too much time on character development in each book (I know my brother hates that--he wants to get to the action). And instead of explaining his characters as Adam, the leader, Sally, the witty sarcastic one, Cindy, the goody-goody, he actually shows us this, consistently, through their actions. These characters seem like real people, in particular the mysterious Watch and the witty Sally. Cindy and Adam, the newcomers to Spooksville, are a bit more bland and normal, but kids will be able to relate to them better.

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