The image of an ancient Egyptian sculpture appeared on my Facebook page and caused a bit of controversy. Of course this led to many retaliatory comments accusing the person of racism and ignorance. In reality, there are many ways to meditate and many suitable positions depending on the individual meditator.
Once a person gains some facility with the process and has direct experience of the meditative state, it becomes possible to meditate in almost any situation or position – sitting, standing, walking, and even swinging from a trapeze. How a person begins the training process depends very much on the person’s background and previous experiences. If you look at images of a region such as India, the place where yogic meditation flowered, from thousands of years ago, you rarely find a picture of anyone sitting on a bench or chair – even when the person is on an elevated platform they still sit on the floor. Whereas images from Europe from the same time period rarely show anyone sitting on the ground. In Egypt, where the controversial image originated, chairs were used more for formal, ritual events. In the 21st century, of course, chairs are found everywhere; yet, most people in the hotter, dryer regions of the world will still prefer to sit close to the ground. Now suppose someone like me, who spent my whole life sitting in a chair, decided to learn to meditate. Now, of course, certain biomechanical processes influence the choice of meditation positions – especially during the initial learning phase. A sincere desire and willingness to make contact with your deeper self and with the greater cosmic reality is key – it is this particular internal position or point of view that is truly the proper way to meditate.
Adho Mukha Svanasana pose helps in building strength in the upper arms and providing space and opening in the neck, back, hips and shoulders.
The person tried to defend himself and revealed that he was a student of a school that taught “the best way” to meditate. True meditation is not simply relaxation or deep thinking, it is almost a restructuring of the nervous system to allow for direct contact with absolute reality or the Divine Spirit – whatever you perceive divinity to be.

And this has much to do with culture and even climate – certainly more to do with these than with race or ethnicity. Important people used chairs while less important people (such as scribes and writers) sat on the ground. The growing popularity of yoga globally confirms that yogic exercises keep one fit at the level of both, body and mind. Through its simple and easy methods, yoga empowers the mind to stabilize and develop the various skills. This exercise can be performed in between the other yoga exercises; however it is an exercise in itself.
The picture is split to show what the sculpture looks like today and what it might have looked like thousands of years ago when it was first carved. In parts of the world with hotter, dryer climates it is quite acceptable and comfortable to sit directly on the ground or on a mat or pillow.
Once I got to the 1st grade, I was issued a chair and a desk and sat in a chair ever after.
The same position that, for example, a person who grew up in a country such as India has spent his whole life practicing? Air flow is particularly essential, thus a position that allows the lungs and diaphragm maximum opportunity to function is ideal. Yoga also promises to give a flexible, strong and subtle body to keep the various disorders away from a healthy body.
The correct procedure of doing this exercise is as follows: Stand like a dog, putting the body weight on toes and hands. It illustrates the flaw in the common practice of adhering too strictly to one school, method or teacher of meditation – forgetting that we live in a big world with lots of valid and effective traditions and systems for spiritual growth.  The people who sought to “correct” this person’s “error” actually stood on a weaker platform.
And once the first direct experience takes place, it may require much more practice and effort to maintain the contact for more than a few moments at a time.
The normal state of things in countries like Canada is that older people sit in chairs and young kids sit on the ground.

In this case sitting with the spine erect and the chest area free of hindrance is important. By inculcating yoga and meditation in our daily regime, we can increase our resistance, improve health, and develop our mental abilities. Some of the important standing poses of yoga are downward facing dog, revolved side angle, hands to feet, mountain pose, triangle pose, warrior pose, chair pose, tree pose and sun salutation. While he was asserting that “white people” should sit in chairs to meditate while “brown people” should assume the lotus position – the others were arguing that the cross legged poses were the only valid way to meditate for everyone. However, even the slightest contact generates positive results in a person’s life and some of us believe that this is a state worth attaining. Let us understand the essence of yoga and meditation by browsing through the informative articles in this center. You may feel that the arms fall into the shoulder blades.Lift your knees and draw your back backwards from the pelvis. Make sure that your arms and back form one line.Stretch your legs as if someone behind you is pulling your legs and hips backwards from the top of your upper legs. But really, you can learn meditation in any position if you apply enough desire to attain results: this include lying in a hospital bed, sitting in a wheelchair, or being in any kind of restrictive circumstance. This would result in stretching from two sides of the back: a stretching from the pelvis and stretching from the arms. Make an upward motion out of the lower back in such a way that you no longer lean on your leg.Stretch your back, move your shoulder blades backwards and turn to the left with your upper body. Try to stretch your neck, breathe towards the breast bone and twist from the lower shoulder blade which steers on the twist.

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