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In collaboration with Studio Frank Havermans, our friends of Rietveld Landscape recently launched a new structure that gives new life to a former military airbase near the Dutch village of Soesterberg.
The designers built a mobile structure in the form of a huge black spider that functions as a traveling meeting space. Developed in complete silence, the mobile room, that goes under the name of The Secret Operation 610, uses caterpillar tracks to move forward. It connects a shelter (Shelter 610) with a three-kilometer long landing track. The black spider, that will remind some of a Cold War Stealth Bomber and others of Star Wars, will be rented out as a workshop space or meeting room for up to twelve people. In the coming years the structure will be used as working environment for researchers, which goes hand-in-hand with the plans to turn this abandoned area into a place for innovative research programs that would otherwise not be possible here. The old runway is the perfect test site for state-of-the art aviation experiments. This summer, downtown Vancouver was spiced up by Picnurbia, a big yellow wave that offered Vancouverites a great place for relaxation on the street. Created by design collective Loose Affiliates and endorsed by the City of Vancouver, the temporary landscaping project aims to address the shortage of decent public spots for urbanites to gather, relax and picnic.
With the Conflux Festival recently taking place in New York City, and the 7a*11d International Festival of Performance Art currently happening here in Toronto, I can’t help but note the incredible rise in popularity that location-based performance art and psychogeographic art interventions have enjoyed over the last decade.
In order to familiarize ourselves with the power and purpose that backs up panther tattoos, it behooves us to observe a bit about the panther in the wild.
Not only do these magnificent creatures symbolize intelligence and tact, they also represent deep aspects of magic.
The sense of magic and the idea of the black panther as a sacred "secret keeper" is enhanced by it's obsidian hues. Interestingly, the panther is a solitary creature, preferring its own company over anyone else's.
Just something to consider as you embark upon your exploration of getting a panther tattoo. The panther is also considered a symbol of protection, and many South American myths identify the panther as the guardian of spirit worlds. This, combined with its sleek black coat, piercing eyes and consummate hunting skills makes the panther a legendary guardian of other realms, and spiritual worlds.

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Then give us a call: Telephone support is available Monday Through Friday between the hours of 9 am and 6 pm Eastern Standard Time. The mobile room on caterpillar tracks forms a major attraction in a wider spatial strategy that aims to revitalize the abandoned airbase and enables people to experience the landscape in a new way. According to the makers, the mobile sculpture and shelter 610 are perfect spaces for research, experiment and innovation for groups coming from various disciplines. With this project Havermans and the Rietveld brothers exactly nail our ideas about temporary use and implementing flexibility in a useful and inspiring way. The unconventional combination of nature and Cold War history offers an exciting environment for the development of knowledge about nature, technology and aviation.

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