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Location - The final diary entry and doll can be found by Heather Mason inside Room S7 in Brookhaven Hospital. Significance - Heather can find a little doll and an open book on the table in the Visiting Room of Brookhaven Hospital.
Miscellaneous - In the Hilltop Center, Heather discovers a legless mannequin in Store Front Poseables surrounded by other dismembered mannequins.
Speculation - When James Sunderland falls down a hole he sinks deeper into his own subconscious, but when Heather falls down a hole she dies. Significance - In Silent Hill, the Bloody VHS tape can be viewed in full in a room in the 1F Phaleg Hall of Nowhere.
Speculation - Why does Heather remember Lisa Garland when staring into the Seal of Metatron? Location - Heather Mason discovers this tattoo on the arm of an unnamed corpse while exploring Examination Room # 3 in Brookhaven Hospital. Significance - Inside of Examination Room #3, a body lies on the table, its feet and a single arm dangle out from under the sheet.
Memento Mori Story Synopsis - (Contains Spoilers) In the story, a man named Earl has anterograde amnesia.
Memento Movie Synopsis - (Contains Spoilers) Leonard Shelby is an insurance investigator who has anterograde amnesia.
Similar to the newspaper in the subway, reading the words written in the diary can influence Heather’s mind.
If the player inspects the mannequin, Heather will note that it’s the only one with a head. It’s possible that when Heather falls down a hole it signifies the birth of the God and her inevitable death, but there is another far darker possibility. Harry Mason discovers a Bloody VHS Tape while exploring the basement of Alchemilla Hospital in the Otherworld. If Harry attempts to play the VHS tape in Alchemilla Hospital, then he will only see a portion of the video before it breaks and gets stuck in the machine.

Michael Kaufmann, director of the Alchemilla Hospital in Central Silent Hill, assigned a young nurse named Lisa Garland to care for Alessa, and ordered her to tell no one of Alessa’s presence in the hospital. Why does this memory remove the wall blocking Heather’s path allowing her to proceed in her exploration of Brookhaven Hospital?
Because of his inability to remember things for more than a few minutes, he uses notes and tattoos to keep track of new information.
If she reads the first entry and then leaves the area, the same book and doll will disappear from the room and then reappear in different locations throughout the hospital, as if stalking her.
This suggests that Stanley has never seen Heather and has based his doll solely on a description of Alessa. It’s stated in the guide for Silent Hill 3 that Alessa was not born like a normal child. On the tape, Lisa Garland describes the severity of Alessa Gillespie’s burns and expresses her disbelief that the child continues to live. The tattoo on the foot of the body is inconsequential, but the one on the arm is a clue to solving a riddle.
Leonard killed the attacker who raped and strangled his wife, but a second clubbed him and escaped. In the religion of Silent Hill, Valtiel exists as one who is close to The God and Pyramid Head takes the shape of Valtiel’s reason for existence. Finding the diary is optional, and if Heather doesn’t read the first entry then no further entries will be found.
It could also imply that Stanley’s fanatical love of Heather alters her appearance in his mind and the doll mirrors how he wants her to appear. She was created by Dahlia, and to a lesser extent the cult, for the sole purpose of birthing the God. She did get a little weird, though.” If Lisa was one of the few people who was kind to Alessa, then why is she still trapped in Silent Hill and suffering? The tattoos on the body, and the Instant Camera that Heather later discovers inside the briefcase in room M4, are references to the short story Memento Mori and the film Memento. The police did not accept there was a second attacker, but Leonard believes the attacker’s name is John (or possibly James), with a last name starting with G. When Heather finds the final entry the doll accompanying it will be decapitated, presumably by Leonard Wolfe, and the leg broken off at the knee.

If Heather returns to the mannequin it will be decapitated in a manner similar to Stanley Coleman’s doll. At some later point, Lisa and Kaufmann had a blowout and the nurse threatened to tell someone about Alessa. Leonard conducts his own investigation using a system of notes, Polaroid photos, and tattoos.
Heather might be nothing more than a physical manifestation of the power of the town and her identity might rest solely on how she is perceived by others. When she stares into the symbol she sees a scene similar to the one Harry viewed on the Bloody VHS Tape. She was able to maintain her human appearance because she hadn’t realized what had happened to her yet. It’s possible that Heather dies when she falls down a hole because she has no subconsciousness of her own and is merely a being influenced by the thoughts and wishes of others. What Heather sees is tinged red and the image appears weathered and warped as if viewing an old VHS tape. What becomes of Lisa after she pulls Kaufman down into the fire is unknown but her appearance in Silent Hill 3 in the Brookhaven Hospital implies that some part of her still lingers in Silent Hill and is still suffering.
Using his wits and the help of the third-person narrative, Earl eventually succeeds in getting revenge on the man who murdered his wife, but is unable to remember his success.
Sammy’s diabetic wife, who was not sure if his condition was genuine, repeatedly requested insulin injections to try to get him to break his act. If it’s from James, how and why would Heather’s pain manifest in nearly the same exact fashion? If Heather births the God then she has served her purpose and there is no longer any reason for her to exist because she is no longer needed. Is it possible that this video was another one of Alessa’s memories that she showed to Harry in a manner similar to Cheryl Mason calling for help on the television set in the Silent Hill Town Center?

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