What is it that blocks you, stops you, and collapses you? Ita€™s your negative, subconscious conditioning - the conditioned patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving. Subliminal audio messages can program your subconscious mind to make empowering, healthy and life enriching decisions in your day to day life. How would you like to automatically make choices and decisions that lead to your greatest health, abundance and success?
Subliminal audio messages are a steady stream of positive affirmations, hundreds of empowering positive affirmations embedded into another audio track, ideally soothing, relaxing, background sounds designed to put your mind into a deep theta wave and mildly hypnotic receptive state. Exposing your subconscious to affirmations is very powerful as the subconscious brain is easily impressionable.
The subconscious is a big part of all of actions we take and the choices and decisions that we make each day.
In order to live your highest potential and bring into your life the things you really want, you must be deeply convinced that you really want these things. There is a frequency that the subconscious hears and picks up that is just below the level that your conscious brain picks up. With subliminal audios you can bypass the conscious mind barrier and instate positive thoughts directly onto your subconscious.
Now, making positive changes in your life and taking action towards the life of your dreams will be effortless and fun. 12 albums of subliminal audio messages to empower you to live your richest, happiest and healthiest life! I personally have used subliminal audios several times to help me achieve goals in my life: losing weight, getting fit and even to learn Spanish.
With affirmation tracks on Self-healing, Healthy Body, Vibrant Vitality, Total Well-being and more. With affirmation tracks on Fast Metabolism and Slim Body, Rejuvenation, Healthy Weight Loss, Nutritious Eating and more. With affirmation tracks on Genius mind – High IQ, Quick Thinking, Great Memory, Focus and Concentration and more. With affirmation tracks on Financial Wealth, Fame and Charisma, Communication and Persuasion, Love my Work and more.
With affirmation tracks on Love to Exercise, Body Image Self Confidence, Build Muscle and Sculpt Body and more. With affirmation tracks on Motivated to Succeed, Productive and Energized, Enthusiasm, Success and more.
Each of the affirmation tracks is being embedded into 4 different relaxing background sounds. There will also be a silent track for each set of affirmations that can be played unnoticed in the background anywhere! Get Free Recipes and Love Notes!Sent every 2nd Sunday + Get my 20 Quick & Easy Raw Recipes ebook FREE! It is deeply mysterious as if it has a will of its own and cannot be known to the conscious. Since survival is the main issue here, whatever is the original programme of the subconscious mind, it will always help in maintaining status quo, be it physical(since it controls autonomous nervous system) or  in mental realm. The subconscious mind with its vast capacity and huge data base is 6000 times more powerful than the conscious mind. If we are able to work on all our fears, all our negative emotions, all our self limiting core beliefs, all our traumas and wounds, life will be a real miracle! We are able to access subconscious mind either in trance whether it is induced by meditation or deep relaxation or by direct intervention through hypnosis or other such modalities.
So in general, when we work with any of the healing modalities, be it hypnotherapy, theta healing, or any other meditation based technique, we are working with alpha and theta brainwaves for accessing the subconscious mind. This website is about the role of our subconscious mind in constructing our world in ways that best suits our internal functioning and how YOU can change your internal functioning, at the biological level, in order to bring more serenity and success to your life. As you explore these pages you will learn how at the core of most every human success or problem lies the neural networks of our subconscious mind. One look at our external world demonstrates how the subconscious mind has reflected itself in our surroundings and the systems in which we operate. We are connected to various networks of people we call friends, classmates, coworkers, colleagues, organizations, etc. We communicate through networks of telephones and the Internet - a network of web sites each consisting of networks of web pages, email lists, newsletters - and lets not forget the network we call the "grapevine".
Companies cannot operate without networks called departments which cannot operate without a network of employees. And none of these external networks can be changed without internal adjustments being made in someones neural networks - often called thinking "outside the box". Thaw - Freedom from Frozen FeelingsTHAW - Freedom from Frozen Feelings , is a book about the emotional wounds of abandonment, shame, and contempt created by growing up in a less-than-nurturing family. Thawing Adult Child SyndromeThawing Adult Child Syndrome, is a "here-and-now" focused, systematic approach for identifying and healing the subconscious programming or "Life Script" of one who grew up in a less-than-nurturing family. Thawing Childhood Abandonment IssuesThawing Childhood Abandonment Issues is an "Inner Child" focused, step-by-step approach for grieving abandonment issues and healing the unfinished business of childhood. Thawing Toxic RelationshipsThawing Your Relationships, revised and renamed , is a book about healing and co-creating healthy, functional relationships for those who grew up in a dysfunctional family. Meditation Music, Guided Imagery, Brainwave Entrainment programs, Self-Hypnosis, E-Books, freebies, special discounts, and many other tips & tools for working with the subconscious mind are listed on the Serenity Cafe' Homepage. Share your ideas, questions, experiences, support, & courage with people from all over the world!

Deja vu is not an illusion, it is something that you have already experienced in your unconscious fantasies. The phenomenon called deja vu is the feeling of something “already experienced” and, according to Freud, is a remembrance of an unconscious fantasy. There is an opinion that the phenomenon of deja vu may be caused by changes in the way the brain is coding time. Citing various reasons, Freud concludes that the patient secretly wished her brother’s death, which is not uncommon, and is considered among the experts (contrary to the more rigid public opinion, of course) a completely normal and even natural human desire.
Already familiar to us, unconscious mechanism of displacement “transferred” memories of the situation related to her brother’s illness (and secret death wish) to some insignificant details such as the dress, the garden and the girlfriends’ house.
I'm a law student who is fond of reading and writing about interesting topics on science (especially cognitive science and psychology), technology, and different extraterrestrial and paranormal stuff. They can manifest themselves as anger, anxiety, depression, inability to accomplish things, feeling a€?not-good-enougha€?, addictive behavior, self sabotagea€¦ The list goes on and on. Listening to subliminal audios is an effective way to change your deepest internal thoughts that govern all of your actions. The affirmations are recorded subliminally, just below the audible threshold, at a level that is perfect to bypass the critical conscious thinking mind and be picked up by the receptive and sensitive subconscious mind. It is responsible for our likes and dislikes, our beliefs and also influences our emotions and moods. To create subliminal audios, affirmations and positive messages are embedded into other audio tracks at an ideal level that the subconscious can hear. When information bypasses the conscious brain, it is processed by the subconscious brain as true. These have worked every time for me and I deeply believe in their power to help you achieve the things you would like in your life.
2 of the backgrounds include binaural beats, a certain frequency (that is different in each ear) shown to more greatly impact our subconscious when listening to subliminal audios.
We are all capable of so much, and what is holding almost every one of us back from our dreams and goals is our minds programming. They sparkle and shine when the sun is out, but when the darkness sets in, their true beauty is revealed only if there is light from within. It is responsible for logic, reasoning, controls all the actions which you do on intention. It is the storage house of all our experiences, pertaining to this life or all other lifetimes. It does not think or reason independently; it merely obeys the commands it receives from the conscious mind. If we look at the tremendous progress made by the mankind, and keep this in mind that all this progress has been done with 10-12% of conscious capabilities. It is in the safe environs of a therapist’s office that one can change and heal whatever is not working in life. Change does not take place without re-configuring existing neural connections or creating entirely new connections.
Armed with this information you can make lasting changes in any and every area of your life.
Since the wounds of unmet childhood needs are emotional in nature, recovery from these wounds needs a healing process emotional in nature.
If you relate to this website and would like to have a genuinely happy and functional relationship then this book is for you! Offset in action can be experienced in dreams, for example, in the ones about the death of our loved ones, when we do not experience any pain about this loss, or find out to our surprise that a ten-headed dragon does not evoke any fears, but we can wake up in a cold sweat after a dream about a walk in the park. The answer lies in the fact that there is no logic in our unconscious state (and dreams are basically the product of this particular psychic state). More than 97 % of healthy people, according to the studies, experience this condition at least once in their lifetime, and those affected by epilepsy experience it even more often. The possibility of a previous visit to this place was completely ruled out and refuted by her parents, even in her early childhood. Death of a brother or a sister is normal if, of course, it is not caused by actions or behavior which would provoke death of this unloved person. How wonderful would it be to naturally, subconsciously, choose the situations and things in life that would lead to our highest potential?
The subconscious just accepts and acts on what it is given, which with positive affirming subliminal audio messages is: powerful, abundant and healthful life-affirming information.
The subconscious mind is responsible for both our conscious and subconscious habits and actions. This is usually the tricky part, to bypass the often conflicted and dual thinking conscious mind. These messages are then picked up and imprinted into the deeper governing and impressionable subconscious mind. Old negative thoughts will be replaced by new positive thoughts that will change the way you look at yourself and the world around you. The blocks you held against your highest wellbeing will disappear and the abundance of the world will naturally and easily flow to you. If we can’t do something, it is almost always because we have blocks against it, and faulty programming that is telling us we can’t do those things we want to do, or have the things we want, in our life. If mind is an abstract energy field around us, and if we are able to understand it properly, how easy our lives will become.
The information stored by the subconscious mind may not be utilized and processed immediately by the conscious mind but to be recalled later.

It is our subconscious that wants to protect us from the pain and discomfort of the new learnings and situations. The non-judgemental and compassionate attitude of the therapist helps one in unwounding and unlearning all that is not beneficial. There are five types of electrical impulses or brain waves which help us in every situation. Perhaps the information here will also demystify and explain why the so-called "Law of Attraction" works so well.
It's a place you can come to find specific information, help, and self-help materials focused on your topic of interest.If the situation that brought you here is urgent we hope you find what you need quickly. If you can relate to the Iceberg Model, or help people who can relate, THAW - Freedom from Frozen Feelings is a "must have". If you have not set up your account, then just click the button below login form and sign-up today. If you have an emergency, call 911, other local emergency contact, your local emergency room, or law enforcement agency. Offset is affecting our dreaming process in an insidious way, it displaces emotion (affect), which logically should be related to the dream about the dragon, with the emotion about a quiet walk. To bring the necessary proof of its validity, it would take too long, so we will just briefly mention what Freud had suggested. We cannot learn about them directly, it is impossible by definition, since they are products of unconscious mind. The lady who was telling me about this, was not looking for a psychological explanation; this feeling she experienced served as a prophetic indication of the importance of having these friends in her emotional life in the future. After all, any one of these people may represent a rival who takes away some precious parental love and attention. She has found a similar situation happening to the girls she was visiting and whose only brother was in danger and was soon to pass away. I believe in them so strongly that I am creating the ultimate 12 album set of powerful subliminal audios.
If we are able to understand how it functions, then we might be able to utilize it to our highest potential. An ideal state of mind for new learnings, affirmations, some type of biofeedback training etc. After registration, you get instant access to start downloading and viewing the member content immediately!
This hypothesis has only one drawback: it is unclear why so many deja vu experiences become so important for some people and, most importantly, what causes the change of time coding in the brain.
However, careful consideration of circumstances in which this phenomenon has occurred shows us another explanation.
She should have consciously remembered that a few months earlier she herself experienced the same thing, but rather than recalling it, which was prevented by displacement, she had transposed these recollections onto the countryside, the garden and the house, as she was exposed to «fausse reconnaissance» (French for “mistaken identity”), and she felt as she had seen it all in the past.
They will program you to think abundantly, healthfully and successfully both with your conscious and subconscious mind. Just as software programs on a computer can be upgraded, so too can these internal networks of the subconscious mind.
But if we experience deja vu, we have no desires, we just seem to know a place or a situation. And almost always it is an unconscious state (after all, a death wish directed at a loved one is absolutely unacceptable in traditional society).
Based on this fact of displacement, we can conclude that waiting for her brother’s death was not entirely far from what she secretly desired. That is why your EEG will show all the five waves simultaneously, but one will be dominant depending on the kind of consciousness you have at that moment.
Here, one of the most fundamental mechanisms of the unconscious called offset comes to play.
You will keep on replaying the patterns of trouble over and over again, recreating the same troublesome reality day in and day out. Furthermore, her own brother a few months earlier was terminally affected by diphtheria, and during his illness, she was removed from the parents house and lived for a few weeks at her relative’s house. It seemed to her that her brother was a part of that trip to the village, which she referred earlier, and even thought that it was his trip to the countryside after the illness, but she had surprisingly vague memories, while all other recollections, especially the dress she was wearing that day, appeared to her with an unnatural vividness”. Her frienda€™s dog is the most harmless creature in the world, and yet, she could never dare to pet it. Unless she goes through the process of a€?unconditioninga€?, she will suffer from her fear for the rest of her life. The example presented above shows how easily you can become subconsciously conditioned.
In most cases, however, the process of mind conditioning takes a long time. It takes a long time for a parent to subconsciously condition his daughter into believing that shea€™s a€?math-stupida€?.
The father of my seventeen-year old client has accomplished just that by calling his daughter a€?stupida€? while tutoring her in math.
It took twelve sessions of hypnotic perception modification to enable her to perceive herself as smart and capable.

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