What: For its season finale, Gypsum Gallery is hosting its first ever group exhibition by featuring 11 different artists curated by Nile Sunset Annex.
What: If a double dose of Haifa’a Wahbe isn’t exactly your cup of tea, then the ROOM might just have the right TV program for you.
What: This might be a little bit different than what you’d expect to be doing in Ramadan, but different might be good for your soul. What: Al Azhar Park is playing host to a massive dish party for a communal iftar and then a Dina El Wedidy concert.
What: Pepsi and Darb have come together for this year’s Mawaweel Festival to create the ultimate Ramadan experience.
What: If anything can get us to get out of bed and drive to the other size of town, it’s the promise of good music and proper food. What: There’s no denying that everyone and their mother has been interested in Sufi spiritual healing lately. What: El Genaina Theater is hosting its Hayy Festival at the GrEEK Campus starting the 26th of June and features both local and international talent. What: Expand Business Development has enlisted the help of Egypt’s favorite marionette show to serve as the opening act for Layaly Ramadan. What: The newest issue of the experimental magazine features an excerpt of book project by Sahar Soliman and Noha Mokhtar aimed at exploring the parallels between the structure of the Egyptian family and the state. What: The only thing that’s better than watching your favorite band preform live is having dinner with them. What: If you didn’t grow up listening to Aida El Ayoubi, mostly because your mother was playing her on repeat, there might be something seriously wrong with you. What: Al Hezb El Comedy is presenting the Ramadan Comedy Festival for the first time ever to promote a great cause.
Searching techniques for effective meditation practice - Despite all its popularity, today very few of us truly know what meditation is. Three-minute quiz reveals why the “old ways” of meditating : They’ve heard that meditation is great for calming the mind, reducing stress and improving health. A a€?Dhikr is the means by which Stations yield their fruit, until the seeker reaches the Divine Presence. When the Ziker involves the repetition of particular phrases a specific number of times, the beads are used to keep track so that the person performing Ziker can turn all of their focus on what is actually being said - as it can become difficult to concentrate simultaneously on the number and phrasing when one is doing so a substantial number of times. Essential to the progress of the follower of a shaykh towards the rending of veils and victory over this illusionary world is consistent and daily Sufi Meditation . It is advised the an individual does not consider taking part in repetitive Ziker without becoming an Allegiance (Bait) with a Murshid, Peer Sahib, Shaykh (Spiritual Guide) as otherwise you may find you attract Negativeness.
Ziker is not Child play, You need a Spiritual Guide to prescribe the correct Words of Wisdom for you to do Ziker this can be different for each individual. The purpose of this website is to help foster understanding and respect between the Children of Ishmael (Arabs) and the Children of Israel (Hebrews) by educating Muslims about Judaism and educating Jews about Islam. Amongst the Arabs, in Pre-Islamic Arabia, from the descendents of Prophet Ishmael, were a group of monotheists called Hanifs. The Sufi message is really that of all the Prophets of God; to purify ourselves physically and spiritually to get closer to the Oneness of God.
Skip to 13th Century Egypt and Rabbi Abraham Maimonides (1186-1237), son of the famous Moses Maimonides (The Rambam), was the Nagid (leader) of the Jewish Community of Egypt, inheriting the position from his father.

And also, "Observe then these wonderful traditions and sigh with regret over how they have been transferred from us and appeared amongst a nation other than ours whereas they have disappeared in our midst.
While some Muslim groups got carried away with politics or absent-minded ritual obsessed with ONLY performing the 5 pillars of Islam, without any spirituality, the Sufis kept their focus on spirituality and closeness to God, while adhering to the Shariah of the Qur’an and the Sunnah (Way of the Prophet).
So in summation, if one were to practice the path of Abraham and the Prophets and those Sages whom preserved this Holy Path, they would be called Hebrew Sufis.
I just picked up some totally awesome SUFI MEDITATIVE music from the Awesome Tapes From Africa blog.
Classical Sufis were characterised by their attachment to dhikr (a practice of repeating the names of God) and asceticism. Since the 9th century there have been several different Islamic waves that have washed across the Malian Sahara, pushing south into the Sahel. This exhibition focuses on physical objects and their volatility despite our best attempts to define them. It includes the works of 11 various artists who have utilized different media to bring the posters to life. Check their Facebook page for their full schedule of screenings, featuring Egyptian film classics with English subtitles. Beit Hosn has decided making one of the best sohours in town was not enough and has put together an exciting program for all its patrons. With art exhibitions, huge musical performances, food and a bazaar, there’s a little something for everyone. Eat & Barrel has allegedly transformed its space into a “Ramadan Wonderland” complete with mini-tents. Join El Sheikh Zein Mahmoud for sohour and a night of folkloric storytelling and Sufi singing. Yes, you’ll have to drive all the way to Tagamoa and yes, you’ll spend half an hour trying to park at the mall, but it’ll be worth it. Not only will you enjoy a great lineup of comedians, but your money will go towards supporting Alwan Wa Awtar, an initiative that aims to help marginalized communities through art.
In contrast to the virtues of remembrance, Razi uses the perils of forgetfulness to show the importance of Ziker. Additionally, as Qur'anic recital is viewed as the best form of dhikr, many Muslims engage in is the collective recital of the Qur'an. This is done either aloud or in silent thought, and the Sufi's only duty in this regard is to simply hold the quality itself up so that his or her consciousness can perceive it.
Genesis 25:12-16) in unity to worship the God of Abraham, Ishmael and Isaac, called Allah or Elohim (each in their own respective language, Arabic and Hebrew. Different masters formed devotional orders (tariqat) in the early Middle Ages to carry on the message. And by Jews following Sufi Practice, they were getting back to their roots such as the practices of Meditation and Dhikr (the remembrance of God and His names). Sufism gained adherents among a number of Muslims as a reaction against the worldliness of the early Umayyad Caliphate (661-750 CE). Berber and Tuareg merchants from Northern Africa, whose commercial success often depended on the strength of their religious networks, first brought Islam to Mali in the 9th century. Read about the significance of fasting, the symbolism of the rose and the importance of prayer and meditation.Ramadan, the month when God revealed the Holy Qur’an, is a time of deep reflection and contemplation for Muslims.

Sufi healing is designed to help us relax, stress less and connect with our minds, bodies, hearts and spirits. Among the orders of Muslims that practice Ziker, there are some who advocate silent, individual prayer, while others join together in an outward, group expression of their love for God.
Cherags, initiators and dance leaders must learn how to use wazifas as a psychological prescription to meet the needs of the individual Sufis or groups of Sufis who are their mureeds. Sufis have spanned several continents and cultures over a millennium, at first expressed through Arabic, then through Persian, Turkish and a dozen other languages. This first wave of conversions was followed by a second that came in the wake of the twenty-five year reign (1312-1337) of Mansa Musa, one of the most powerful and devout king’s of the Mali Empire. Each mureed must learn to recognize divine attributes, both their place in nature and their function in the self and in others. Mainstream scholars of Islam define sufism as simply the name for the inner or esoteric dimension of Islam. His wealth and fame reached beyond the shores of the Sahara and drew Muslim scholars, artisans, architects and traders to his capital of Niani. Ramadan is a good time for us to make changes for the better, an excellent opportunity to turn over a new leaf, shedding any old bad habits.Sufi meditationWalking in the footsteps of the prophets"O you who have attained to faith!
The third, and perhaps most dramatic wave (it wasn’t until the twentieth century that Islam became the religion of the majority of Malians) came from the Senegal River valley. Fasting is ordained for you as it was ordained for those before you, so that you might remain concious of God" Holy Qur’an (2:183) Asad"Moses was there with the LORD forty days and forty nights without eating bread or drinking water. El Hadj Umar Tall was born, around 1797, in the heart of the Futa-Tooro, the region that straddles the Senegal-Mauritania border, and that remains home to the Fulani people, who formed the backbone of his religious and military empire.
A devout adherent of the Tijjaniya brotherhood, El Hadj Umar kicked off, in 1848, a jihad that lasted until his death in 1864.
And it was after his defeat of the Kingdom of Segou, on March 10, 1861, that many Bambara –the culturally dominant ethnic group in Mali- converted to Islam. We spend much of our lives concerned with mundane activities, work, meals, television, fashion. Typically all of these concerned themselves with the understanding of subtle knowledge (gnosis), education of the heart to purify it of baser instincts, the love of God, and approaching God through a well-described hierarchy of enduring spiritual stations (maqamat) and more transient spiritual states (ahwal).
Fasting helps us to regain self-discipline and self-restraint.Tayyaba MosqueRealising the difficulties of othersAn important role of fasting, is to help us realise the difficulties and suffering of others. Once we realise this, hopefully we will show more compassion for those in need, for those who have no food to break their fasts, or cannot afford to buy it.The rose blooms amid thornsSufis are people striving for an inner, personal experience of the Divine. To allow one’s soul to grow and ascend, one needs to strive against the bad characteristics of one’s ego. As like the development of our own souls in this world, the rose blooms amid thorns.The rose - symbolic in SufismSeeking to lose themselves in the DivineWhile all Muslims are on a quest for inner peace, Sufis seek to lose themselves in the Divine. Sufi saints perform the greatest form of fast, while others go without food, they exercise the fasting of their mind. Put another way, they do not think of anything except God.Prayers and meditationSufis consider their existence in this world as only the seed, for their existence in the next world.

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