Funnily Do Hoon seemed to blush after saying those words and even acted very awkward like a junior high boy confessing love to his first love.
The next morning Han Do Hoon treated Ha Na alot nicer (too cheesy i think), while Ha Na acted just the same as usual. Jin Hyeok’s plan of having a lunch together with Ha Na was ruined by the insisting Han Do Hoon.
When the two men ran into each other in front of the rest room, the tension was very strong. Let’s take a break from Jin Hyeok-Ha Na-Do Hoon love triangle for a while and take a look at the old folks. Do you still remember the mysterious girl Do Hoon had a “chat” with in the Art Fair? The team who witnessed the thrilling staircase incident was so sure that the mysterious girl was threathening Ha Na’s safety in purpose. Believe it or not everyone, it’s a fried (or stir, i dunno) rice with fruit and veggie.
One of the things I like about this drama is the storyline that is not dragging into an angsty melodramatic like most of Korean dramas. Jin Hyeok asked Ha Na to sit down together and talk about all the matters and misunderstandings.
When Ha Na helped Do Hoon went back home, Choi Eun Seo (who was patroling with Jin Hyeok) ordered Ha Na to inspect around Do Hoon’s bedroom. Jin Hyeok character disappointed me once, but so far he paid back more than I’ve expected.

Kdramachoa is a blog owned by childhood best friends Rizz and Blossom, about liking Korean drama, music, and movie. At first he got very hyperbole about it, but quickly drew back when the doctor mentioned injection.
To Chief Shin he said that actually he really wanted to be both a good agent and a good man, but at that kind of situation, he just wanted to be a good man.
She was trapped in the middle of a difficult situation: her own position as the team leader and her one sided love for her ex-boyfriend-co-worker.
She was a lot smarter, a lot hotter, and a lot more qualified then Ha Na, but yet everyone seemed to turn their backs on her and prefered Ha Na.
The mysterious girl was pretty annoying and I had a hunch that her evil action wouldn’t stop in a single episode. We would like to share information, opinions and many things about Kdrama with people out there. Han Do Hoon thought it’d be a surprise for Ha Na and it was a surprise for her, but in a very different way of surprise.
Just right in front of the staircase, while Ha Na was talking to Do Hoon, the girl intentionly bumped into Ha Na and aimed to drop her down the stairs.
Chief Shin advised him to think about everything thoroughly and very carefully so that he wouldn’t fail to be both instead.
Yeahh, he even looked cute with the apron.  But looking at his ingredients and the way he chopped them all made me taken aback and then burst out a laugh. Instead of keeping their burdens or jealousy or angst all by themselves that sometimes made the viewers got very tired of it, the characters speak everything out.

But Eun Seo said this order would let them know whether or not Ha Na has a feeling to Do Hoon. He kept saying sharp words and even when Han Do Hoon funnily asked Ha Na to feed him like she did with Jin Hyeok, this strict man took the chopsticks and did it in Ha Na’s place. Ha Na’s mom kept nagging Chief Shin about the credit card phising and demanded her money back. However instead, Han Do Hoon who was spontaniously trying to avoid Ha Na from falling, became the one who fell. She made a huge mistake in the past and all she need to do is to move on and be a much tougher woman.
I bet Do Hoon actually had known Ha Na’s being a mole agent long ago, but he just let his feeling covered it all. All he knew was Ha Na was the first who confessed her feeling and then he just gave her the response for that. If she could bear the hell-like three years on her own, she’d get through it well optimistically.

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