If you could grant just one wish to most people who recognize their faults or problems, they would wish for them to be gone.  They know that they have low self-esteem, some negative thought pattern, grief, inertia or fear, and they would like nothing more than to be done with it.
Most people don’t really want to live with pain and suffering, but they just haven’t figured out how else to relate to the world. People want to let go, but they don’t always have a method for doing it.  How do you let go of a loved one who passes away?  How do you let go of an important relationship after a break-up?  How do you let events come to a natural conclusion so you can start all over again? Regardless of the application, dissolving is a pragmatic method for releasing whatever prevents you from experiencing the joys and harmony inherent in life.  Learning these techniques will give you powerful tools for recognizing what is not flowing, releasing it, and eventually restoring balance in your life. Bruce is passionate about teaching the wisdom from Taoism including qigong, tai chi, healing, martial arts and mediation. The Taoist Meditation tradition is extremely relevant to life in the fast-paced computer age.
Dragon and Tiger Medical Qigong gives people a powerful way to take charge of their health and well-being. Help support a living spiritual tradition by providing clothing, shelter, food and education. Of course, there is a general emotional sense of relaxation, but more specifically, the tissues of the body are physically relaxing and becoming softer. Now, can one dissolve the chi of the physical body through ordinary Western relaxation practices? Anything is possible but dissolving is not the normal expectation because it happens so rarely with ordinary relaxation.
Regarding the ability to practice dissolving, one actually has to be able to feel the chi to some degree because the process of outer dissolving involves releasing energy into the etheric field, which is not physical but energetic. That said, it would be a false dichotomy to say that if you can’t feel it you shouldn’t do it at all. In terms of what I teach, the coherent system of Qigong called Dragon and Tiger Medical Qigong will help you initially feel your chi the fastest. The second practice I recommend is Standing and Dissolving within Energy Gates Qigong because although the process of standing is dramatically harder than Dragon and Tiger, Standing and Dissolving has historically proven to allow the largest number of people to feel their chi deep inside their body in the most concrete way in the shortest period of time.
If you can persevere with the standing then you will start to feel chi, your chi will get stronger and it will form a solid baseline for everything you do in the future. I have been practicing what I learned from you in 1975 when you were teaching out of a loft on Mercer St. I can find no one with whom I can share the experience, much less can I find a teacher who might be able to give me any form of feedback about my practice.
Truth is, my job entails a great deal of standing, as in 10 hours at a time, and I take advantage of every chance to practice dissolving to relieve the stresses of the day. Even if I never learn anything else, I believe this practice has improved the quality of my life, and helped me positively touch the lives of those I come in contact with, which is a lot of people, since I deal with the public. I thank you for the knowledge you so generously impart and salute you for the time and effort you have spent learning what you know and imparting it to this world that is so in need of such wisdom. Taoist meditation is from China in geography, from mythical sages in philosophy, from magical intercessions in iconography, from nature in its metaphor and from the indescribable in its entirety. What definitely characterises a Taoist meditation in distinction to another type of meditation can be described, but any such description is not exhaustive or exclusive: a practitioner who relies upon the works of Lao Tzu, Chuang Tzu and to some extent Confucius, who studies the I ching, or undertakes the practice of the golden flower method will almost certainly be described as Taoist. Natural Way Meditation, also known as TAO or Taoist meditation, emphasizes a return to simplicity, self-regulation and avoidance of extremes. Meditation has been shown to be very effective in reducing stress, lowering hypertension, high blood pressure and slowing down the aging process.

For thousands of years the meditation skills of the ancient Taoist (men and women who lived close to Nature and functioned as part mystic and part scientist) were used to explore the inner landscapes of the human mind. For all the above reasons, Taoist meditation techniques have focused on simplicity, naturalness, evenness, patience and emotional balance first and foremost. What You’ll Learn at this Meditation RetreatTake a journey into your inner world with an authentic Taoist Water Method Meditation tradition. When we’re going from ice to water in Taoist dissolving practices, we’re talking about the body physically softening as well as your mood softening. The blood in the body begins flowing better, which comes from blood vessels being less constricted. I don’t believe that you can dissolve the chi of the body through ordinary relaxation practices because the whole focus is to open the chi to your etheric body or in inner dissolving, to take the chi into the inner space. The major point here is that directly feeling chi is a fruit, a final stage, of your practice. You could visualize it but the process of dissolving in Taoism is not only a visualization practice. This one coherent system works with the etheric body and gives the overwhelming majority of people the fastest ability to feel chi to some degree. We are starting to post the events next year and will have all events through our summer retreats posted by the end of the week.
The only thing I rely on for verification of whether I am doing anything of true value is the fact that I am in excellent health and spirits at 57 – I was 21 when I met you. This method not only dissolves physical discomfort, but also emotions, since they are tied and one will affect the other. It is a highly adaptable meditation technique that has brought clear understanding and and excellent health to millions the world over. Taoist meditation has been described as being divided into two primary schools of fire and water.
A practitioner of Tai chi chuan, of some forms of chi gung and do-in or taoist yoga might also consider themselves to be a taoist. Taoist practices can be learnt without reference to the work of the famous Taoist sages of the past.
Longevity practices appear in many of the different schools, designed to lengthen or maximise the life span of the practitioner until they become ‘immortal’.
Its breathing techniques resemble that of young children, which naturally breathe from their bellies.
And, more and more, progressively minded primary care and mental health professionals are recommending meditation practice to their patients to prevent heart attacks and stroke, and to help recover from a broken heart and or other psychological trauma. These spiritual explorers managed to accumulate vast amounts of knowledge into how the mind-body-spirit relationship works, thus helping to make many important discoveries in medicine and science. If an individual does not gather and maintain healthy amounts of clean energy on a regular basis, he or she may greatly increase their chances for illness and misfortune. But, perhaps the biggest culprit for harming the body and causing it to lose precious amounts of life-force, is the abuse of one's emotions and too much thinking. I had been fighting an intense legal battle with devastating effects on my business and on my health.
Foundational skills include proper alignments, breathing, concentration and staying present to what is inside you.As your practice progresses, you begin to attain deeper layers of inner stillness and to become aware of Universal Consciousnessi.
Liang who wrote a book, Imagination Becomes Reality, in which he states that if you focus your intent (your imagination) eventually your intent (your imagination) will help move your chi.

If you can’t feel your chi and you can’t feel your etheric field, how would you know if you’re dissolving or not? You start to feel everything inside you and often that means your blocked channels, misalignment and anything that is physically right.
They include a Tai Chi Push Hands Program, a Dragon and Tiger Retreat and Instructor Training in Maui and a 3 Week Taoist Meditation Course. You taught me, among other things, how to project my chi into my wrist after a minor injury and this was my first experience of feeling chi.
Fire methods tend to be quicker, less stable, burning through obstacles while water methods tend to be more gradual, releasing and dissolving obstacles and providing a more stable foundation. For example at the physical level the aim is to unify the body, at the energetic level that the body energy responds to higher natural laws, at the emotional level that the emotions have been tamed but not repressed, at the mental level that the mind becomes a servant rather than remain wild, at the psychic level that the being can respond to its natural proclivities which are a reflection of both the original make up of all beings being. One of the primary goals of Natural Way meditation is to reduce complicated thinking and to regain the innocent qualities of a newborn infant; this in turn helps the body become lighter, less burdened and more vital. Through their patient observation of Nature and quiet contemplation and self-introspective practices, they were able to highly develop their intuition and mental capacities.
Being tired and fatigued often, or being hyper and anxious on a regular basis, will break down onea€™s immune system and weaken the body.
Too much or too little of anything, whether it be happiness and laughter or sadness, worry, anger, fear, jealousy, envy, greed, etc, will result in a major drop of power in the body.
Because, the quick and clever methods of the 'MIND" usually have a strong tendency for fantasy, self-delusion and separation, rather than clarity, humility and integration.
The core practice at this stage is Taoist inner dissolving which you can practice in five modalities: sitting, standing, moving, lying down or in partner exercises.
Yes, it will relax the tissues, but it won’t directly affect your chi like dissolving practices will. Most people usually start only being able to feel two or three of five percent of what’s going on and gradually, that ability to feel and recognize their chi starts to grow until it eventually reaches 100%. Essentially, all of my books and all of my materials teach the processes for learning how to feel chi. Each of the five elements relates to an organ or organ set and in association with yin and yang relate to all body functions and rhythms. All of the above benefits of meditation practice are truly excellent, but are only positive side affects in comparison to its more noble purpose: to deepen one's spiritual understanding of oneself and others, in order to live more harmoniously in this world.
And, in combination with their refined spiritual skills, they further discovered and mapped-out the energy channels within the human body and helped to create the advanced energy science known as Qigong, which further evolved into the extremely comprehensive healing arts of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine. And, if left uncorrected for too long, this state of imbalance will greatly cloud the mind and further compromise onea€™s spiritual resolve. Genuine spiritual training requires large amount of clean energy, so the first prerequisite for safe spiritual cultivation is that the body should first and foremost be healthy and balanced.
I couldn't do much about the drain on my time and money; however, I could do something about the drain on my health. Thus, making one even more susceptible to psychic disturbances, spiritual troubles and or negative physical addictions of all kinds. Additionally, people who prematurely play with or experiment with the subtle spiritual forces present in the natural world, just for entertainment, power, greed and or quick profit, unfortunately will suffer greatly and possibly irreversible damage to their bodies.

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