Come network and socialize with individuals who want to stay connected to the positive energy of likeminded people who have a strong sense of purpose and contribution to each other and the world. If you are committed to personal growth and development you will love connecting with our members as well as coming to our empowering meetings. We are inspired by the strong leadership of powerful people, and we are open to discover the inner workings of our minds so we can keep growing as individuals and human beings.
We will practice Power Breathing methods from Healing Love (level 1&2 ) and some other Pranayama to rediscover and cultivate our fundamental life force, sexual and physical energy (Jing).
We will learn some basic Meridians and flow of Qi in Iron Shirt Qigong practice (levels 1,2 &3), a simple but very deep qigong method that cultivates Qi. Pure Meditation (Sitting, Moving, Lying) is beyond technique but leads us to experience the taste of pure being, cultivating Shen.
In our week together, we will learn the details of the each practice so that we will be able to practice at home afterward.
Tao Life Practice is the art of cultivating Authentic Living and developing our Authentic Self, to better realize an ultimate loving and healthy way of living.
We will also have a day of Silence Practice to deepen our experiences, and will visit the Chiang Mai Night Market for dinner, fun and sharing.

Masahiro’s spiritual journey began with a childhood experience at a 600 year old Zen temple in the mountains of Japan. He has been practicing Zen, Taichi, and Yoga for more than forty years under various masters. He is an author of several popular books on Meditation, Chi Nei Tsang in Japanese, and regular contribute writer of Elle Japan and other magazines. He teaches workshops and retreats throughout the world.  His missions are integrating meditation with every aspect of life and sharing the joy and ancient wisdom with many people. Or maybe you're an experienced meditater and are looking for a group of like-minded seekers to meditate with? This retreat is one day longer than other retreats to deepen our practice and group energy. Since then his mind, body and spiritual wellness search has deepened and his journey continues throughout the world. He met Master Chia in the spring of 1980 in Chinatown in New York City and went on to become one of the original senior instructors. Join us every Monday as we dive into the deeper teachings, then sit together for 45 minutes utilizing a myriad of meditation techniques that you can then utilize at home.

Masahiro will focus on core practices from these traditional trainings to ensure that everyone leaves with a confident personal practice. He is the director of Universal Healing Tao Japan, Chi Nei Tsang Institute of Japan, and Healing Tao of New York and TaoZen Japan.
And when you look into that mirror, all you see is the dust and the dirt that is accumulated, and all that you think is a€?This is me!a€? But when you clean the mirror, little by little you start seeing the image of yourself. We offer a supportive community of new and experienced meditaters with the intention of diving deeper into the practice. By doing so, we find lasting peace and happiness and learn how to effectively solve our life-problems and realize our highest aspirations.

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