The Golden Dawn Temple Tarot Meditation Set is 23-card set, designed using the traditional symbolism of 'Book T' to aid in archetypal meditations. My name is Kate Hill (also known as Solandia) and I'm a Tarot reader, deck collector, and lifelong student of the beauty and diversity of Tarot cards. I created Aeclectic in 1996 to share my passion for Tarot with the world, and I've added 1600 decks over the years.
Bruno Battisti D'Amario, famous as both a performer and guitar teacher at the Conservatory of Santa Cecilia in Rome, sets out to express in this study the symbolic value of the Tarot, expressed by the figures of the 22 Major Arcana. The Tarot is an Egyptian Book--Its Transformations--Mantegna's Pack--Venetian Tarot--Florentine Tarot--Bolognese--Hindu Tarot--Chinese Tarot--Modern Tarots--Etteila--Marseilles--Besançon--Watillaux--Oswald Wirth--Italian and German Tarots--Constitution of the Symbolism of the Tarot--The 16 primitive Hieroglyphic Signs--The 22 Hebrew Letters. As we have already stated, each card of the Tarot represents a symbol, a number, and an idea. We have endeavoured to avoid empiricism as far as possible in the course of these explanations; and therefore we first studied the numbers, for they are the most settled element, and give the most unvarying results in their combinations.
Relying firmly upon the basis which we have thus constructed, we can now study the symbols with absolute assurance. You need, then, only deal the cards upon the table, to see at once that the personages depicted upon them all wear dresses of the Renaissance period. Look at your figures more attentively and you will soon perceive Egyptian symbols [the triple cross (No.
They at once prove that the Tarot of Marseilles is really the exact representation of the primitive Egyptian Tarot, slightly altered to the epoch denoted by the costumes. The studies of those learned men who have investigated the Tarot have confirmed this fact by the strongest evidence.
Merlin conducted his researches very scientifically, and succeeded in discovering the original of our Tarot of Marseilles in an Italian Tarot at Venice, the father of all the later packs.
He believes also that he has discovered the origin of this Venetian Tarot in the philosophical pack of Mantegna. We have given for reference the pack of Mantegna, known in the trade as the cards of Baldini, as well as the packs of the Italian Tarots, from which most of ours are derived. The tableau 1 which indicates the connection between the Tarot packs and that of Mantegna, ought to be reversed, and on the contrary show the cards of Mantegna derived from the Tarot, as we have stated. If, however, the existence of purely Egyptian symbols in these so-called Italian Tarots do not convince the reader, a few words on the transformation of the Tarot in the East, and in other countries of Europe besides Italy, will completely enlighten him on the subject. In spite of Merlin's assertions, the Tarot represents the summary of the scientific knowledge of the ancients.
The Mussulmen of India also possess a pack of cards that is derived from the old symbols of the Tarot: the Gungeifu or Ghendgifeh. An inexperienced eye might find some difficulty in recognizing the Tarot in these games, but the Chinese have given us an irrefutable argument in favour of our assertion, in the arrangement of their Tarot, which is represented by the figure on page 88. We have placed the correspondences of the minor and major arcana, and of the four letters of the tetragrammaton, above this figure. A description of this Chinese pack will be found in Court de Gébelin (Le Monde Primitif), and in the work of J. The Tarot of Watillaux, or pack of the princess Tarot, reproduces the minor arcana very correctly.

Besides the Italian we must quote the German Tarot, in which the symbols of the minor arcana are different.
It became necessary to have a Tarot pack in which the symbolism was definitely established. This clever occultist, aided by the advice of Stanislas de Guaita, has designed the series of the twenty-two major arcana.
It is therefore wise, as we have already said, for those who wish to study the Tarot very thoroughly, to procure the Tarot de Marseilles, and that of Oswald Wirth. But before passing to the study of these symbols, card by card, we must see if there are no means of positively defining the symbolism of the Tarot.
We have already and sufficiently explained that the Tarot represents the ancient or occult science in every possible development. If we then wish to find a solid basis for the study of the symbols represented in the 22 major arcana, we may put the Tarot on one side for an instant, and devote ourselves to this ancient science. We shall thus commence work of quite a new character, whilst avoiding, so far as possible, falling into those errors which arise from the effort to explain the symbols of the Tarot by themselves, instead of seeking for their solution at their original source. The first step in the search for these particular symbols leads us to discuss the grave problem of the origin of symbolism itself. We cannot enter upon, much less solve, this question by ourselves; we shall therefore quote the opinions of several writers upon this subject. Claude de Saint-Martin, the unknown philosopher, states in his book, the Livre des Rapports, that the primitive alphabet is composed of sixteen signs.
Lacour, in his book on the Elohim or Gods of Moses, has inductively determined the existence of a primitive alphabet, also composed of sixteen signs.
But the labours of Court de Gébelin, and above all of Fabre d'Olivet, are the most remarkable in this respect. All these writers, starting from very different points, agree in their conclusions, and this gives us a strong argument in favour of the truth of their inquiries.
But it matters very little to us whether these 16 primitive signs are the direct origin, either of the Hebrew, Sanscrit, Chinese, or Greek letters.
The Hebrew alphabet, composed of 22 letters, seems preferable to us, on account of the concordance between the number of its letters and that of the Arcana in our Tarot.
We shall therefore adopt, as the starting-point of our study, the Hebrew alphabet of 22 letters, derived from the 16 primitive hieroglyphic signs.
One single and identical conclusion arises from all these different points of view: the value of the Hebrew letter as a symbol. In it we possess a real symbol, of which we can ascertain not only the meanings, but also the origin. We could then make a Tarot exclusively composed of Hebrew letters and of numbers, but this is not our object; we are seeking to discover in the symbolism of the Hebrew characters the symbolism of the Tarot, and we shall thus realize our intention of ascertaining deductively the value of the figures of the Tarot and the reason they have been chosen. Once acquainted with these data, it will be easy for us to deduce from them the application of the letters to the symbols of the Tarot.
But before we enter upon this study, it is necessary to say a few words upon the Hebrew alphabet in general and its constitution. The alphabet of the Hebrews is composed of 22 letters; these letters, however, are not placed by chance, one after the other.

To render this clearer, we will give the Hebrew alphabet here, indicating the quality of each letter and its rank. We have now given a fixed principle for symbolism in the Hebrew letter, and need not fear being deceived by the false interpretation of a costume, or of an incorrect figure. The Major Arcana cards of the Yeager Tarot of Meditation show scenes with life-like human figures and are interesting, using a lot of black and yellow, but the minor arcana artwork is of lesser quality. The author has produced special compositions to reproduce the subtle connections between the various figures and one of this connection is certainly the music. The Ars Magna of Raymond Lulle was produced in the same way; it is drawn entirely from the Tarot. This work, suggested by Eliphas Levi, who defined the principles on which it was to be based, has been accomplished by Mr.
These drawings reproduce the Tarot of Marseilles, with the symbolical modifications suggested by the researches of Eliphas Levi upon this important question.
Poirel, who assisted the work by printing these designs, we now possess a marvellous symbolic document in the Tarot of Oswald Wirth. Truth, having Unity for its criterion, the agreement of various conclusions in one point will he a valuable guide for us. He received these data, so far as we can judge, from intuitive revelation, joined to the teaching of the Illuminism, of which he was one of the members. Another author, Barrois, pursuing inquiries of quite a different nature, also reaches the conclusion of the existence of sixteen primitive signs in his system of Dactylology. The identity of source tends strongly to identity of results, and any one of these derivative alphabets will answer our purpose. Each of them corresponds with a number according to its rank, with a hieroglyphic according to its form, with a symbol according to its affinities with the other letters. For the purposes of bonding with your deck and general meditation on the Tarot, I suggest starting with the Fool, and moving forward from there.
If you are struggling with an aspect of your life then you can seek this meditation as a guidance. You can either select the tarot card that feels most appropriate, or one that seems to be a recurring theme throughout your recent tarot readings.The base method of Tarot meditation is quite simple. Optional accoutrements are a piece of cloth for reading on, whose color can vary based on the aspect of the Tarot you’re meditating on, and a candle of matching color. In either space a white or black cloth will stand in for a specific chosen color.It is generally suggested that for most upright cards, if you have not selected a specific color, you use white candles and a white cloth. This is just to ensure a measure of protection against the often negative energies of the card.
From that point, let your meditation guide you, or use one of the guided meditations elsewhere on this site.When you complete your meditation, it is advisable to keep a record of the contents of said meditation.
Taking careful note of the atmosphere, anything people said, bits of the meditation of the Major Arcana that seemed to jump out at you.It can also be relevant to mark the time and day of the week, as well as the numerical day and the month.

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