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The Answer To Life The Universe And Everything, Many people wonder exactly what Adams of 42 years, the response of the supercomputer Deep Thought in the guidelines given the hitchhiker in the galaxy. The famous Python thought it was a fun show, and Adams, who borrowed for his book, and it is a whole number of all work.But this review was not the end of the mystery is repeated. The Allen Telescope Array radio telescope, built by Microsoft Paul Allen for the SETI program has, over 42 dishes in honor of Adams and Lost, 42 of the last sequence number that is entered in need.
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Swan computer, which also appointed the succession of Hurley for his winning lottery ticket, and the number of Kwon in the cave.
In an interview with Lostpedia, one of the show’s producers have confirmed that this is a tribute to the leaders of the hitchhiker in the galaxy.
Later, speaking to BBC Radio 4 Iain Johnstone, said the number of none other than John Cleese as the summit of one of his parodies selected.

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