I was originally going to post this theory on this thread, which pretty much covers all the same points, but I believe that the possibility of Stan not actually being Stan due to the carpet should be seriously considered by the fandom, especially now that this thing has been introduced as an element of the show. After all the shenanigans in the latest episode that introduced a carpet that can switch minds, I think the possibility of Stan not being the real Stanford Pines should at least be considered.
Now first of all, it's suspicious that Stan claims not to know anything about this room when the glasses he was wearing in the tTTP flashback are right here but, who knows. Yes, he does turn the sound up when he hears the kids, but this is because he doesn't want to hear them.
For the sake of keeping it simple, we're going to call the uncle of the twins and their father's brother Stanford, and we're going to call the fez wearing scam artist we all know and love Stan. Stan is a con artist and a criminal on the run from the law who comes to the Stanford's home seeking shelter of some sort.
I saw this because I believe that Stan and Stanford are separate characters, judging by the fact that the glasses AND the fez symbol appear on the circle around Mr. I'm also aware that this theory, and the evidence I use, is actually almost exact to a theory recently proposed by TheMike, except where it ends up. I think that room will appear in the next episodes.Well it has to at least play in- maybe Soos holding conferences in it or something.
I say that the REAL stan was down there but died a long time ago, perhaps on that 4th of april 18 thingy maboby.
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The man standing outside the Porta Santa Anna Gate of the Vatican wearing a blue Gap shirt and none-too-expertly pressed Muji trousers could easily pass as an academic, or the cultural correspondent of an obscure television channel. Passing through various security cordons, each one staffed by guards more suspicious than the last, he will mount a narrow winding staircase. So we see the fruit of knowledge is a sphere that becomes a new sphere, even if apparently unchanged, over time. If we examine the fruits of fore-knowledge of future events, we see the depiction of seven generations of immortal Nefilim and the five of the mortal Sethites.
This is what existence was like in the un-differentiated mono-elemental quantum foam a Planck-time following the "big bang;" "before the fall," so to speak, when the 4 elements separated and our 3-dimensions expanded. Just as around the seeds the fruit forms a container, before the fruit desicates to release the seeds to find fertile soil, so, too, after the seeds take root, follows the sapling from the seeded soil. As we saw that the tetrahedron cast the shadow of the square, now let us look at two tetrahedrons (one over time) that cast in 3-space the shadow of a cube. Likewise, examining the "hyper," or "sphere-within," version of a sphere, we begin by looking at the outlines of its shadow in 2-space.
Thus, the synthesis is at the core of the present material reality of both its past and its future.
The alignment of the torus as a synthesis of future and past within the present itself is simply an ellipse around a central axis again, but instead of it being a shadow in 2-space it is a doughnut shape in 3-space. Now, let us return to the depiction of creation from the perspective of an angel standing outside of it and observing, looking in.
Now, the shifting of the middle pillar of the "tree of life" represents the alignment of one shape with another as object and shadow, and so we see, again, if we map the outline of the "tree of life" from a different angle, its shape will be that of a Gordian-type knot with seven twists. If we look at the middle of the torus, again we see the ellipse around an axis shape nested at the central core. If we look at the basic shape of the orbit of earth around the sun, for example, we find it has been divided into twleve surrounding seven - twelve constellations in the zodiac behind seven visible planets. But first, we should return to our basic cosmology of the universe and take note of what, from outside the speed of light, the 4-worlds model appears "before the fall," and the middle pillar has not descended, that from beneath the speed of light, our local universe of twleve and seven appears "after the fall," the so-called "shattering of the shells" or the quantum information units comprising all our universe's karma. Therefore, just like the alignment between two tetrahedrons casting a cube shaped shadow, that between the cube and its hexagonal shadow, or the square shadow of the single tetrahedron, or even between the corner of the tesseract and the Pythagorean, "phi" spiral in 3-d, so is the alignment we see here between two tori (doughnuts). Essentially, however, we are still only looking at a twelve over or around seven based system. Next I will describe the minimum-packing space shape represented by this "symbollic" array, and describe in greater detail the cosmology it describes, but before we delve into that let us back at how all of this "twelve around seven" pattern fits into where our species is in the history of our evolution in this present material reality. We have a unique oppurtunity to observe the seven planets and twleve constellations at this moment in time. The secret (and fictional) XY section of the stacks in the Main Reading Room holds an even-more secret compartment purported to contain the a€?Book of Secrets.a€? But the compartment is empty! HighMyopic 25 Feb 2016, 16:30Has Colin found the old glasses of his that he will mail me if he finds them? James 26 Jan 2016, 04:53Does anyone remember Antonio Prestieri, the mega myope son of an Italian crime boss? HighMyopic 17 Jan 2016, 15:23Colin, you will provide a tracking number when you mail the old glasses to me? HighMyopic 17 Jan 2016, 15:01You will post pics of you wearing the black glasses pair?
HighMyopic 16 Jan 2016, 17:31I cannot wait to see the pics of your old glasses that you will mail me very soon tomorrow!
Danny 24 Nov 2015, 03:38Thanks for those Prince William pics ksnl - any estimates at his RX?
Focus30 26 Sep 2015, 11:10Haven't posted here yet but thought I would post this great myopic guy I found on photobucket!
Alistair 04 May 2015, 06:51briangw are you Brian Webber who posted last August about joining a yahoo group? James 29 Mar 2015, 10:47At the link below is an episode of the show Who Do You Think You Are?
This is the Muhtar Holland English translation of this precious work Sirr al-Asrar wa Mazhar al-Anwar.
The code in the screenshot before every episode which translates into "Stan is not what he seems." Of course, this is not theory specific, of course, but at the very least indicates that Stan is hiding something. In the Time Traveler's Pig, Mabel and Dipper flashed through various locations in the timeline of area in front of the Mystery Shack, including a snowy day in some unspecified year in the past. Various times when it was hinted that Stan was aware of the supernatural goings on; he just played dumb for the kids. Maybe (according my theory) they belonged to his brother, or (according your theory) to real Stan, but now he just don't remeber.
In addition, if body-thieves were around, the line "TRUST NOONE" suddenly becomes a lot more sinister.
This is "the fruit without its skin," a skeleton-key to unlocking the mysteries of 7 and of 12 to follow.
We see the one above and the one below connect to form the hexagonal shadow of the cube, but that, if left apart, they remain two tetrahedra casting the shadow of a square above and one below. This can be depicted using unique overlaps and alignments that constitute the "magic" art of optical illusions. We see from the point of view of Raziel, fallen so Enoch could become Metatron, the ten above and the seven beklow. That sapling planeted by the desicating fruit into fertile soil has grown from a sapling cube into a "hypercube," or cube over cube, tree.
Here we see the middle pillar assumes the central, "gold" or "heart" chakra of the basic seven spinal pressure points. The circle around the central point we see when we look at the ellipse of our orbit from above the axial central point has become a new shape, and this is its shadow: twelve around seven, the double twisted ellipse of twelve around the axial central point of seven. The result of this is that the QBLHistic worlds of Yetzirah, realm of the Sefirot, and Beriah, realm of Eden, appear to switch places.
The combined "tree of life" (antipode hypercube) and "tree of death" (antipode hypertetrahedron) is the tesseract at antipode. The center of a torus' interior, however, is not the central axis point for the elliptical orbit around it. Symbollically, if we wanted to depict this great, mysterious shape that casts off all these alignments, that is the highest source of light, and that is the pattern causing all patterns and cycles in our whole universe, we could simply enough depict it in flat-space like a seven-pointed star inside a circle of twelve parts. Since i started here, i've been visiting various optical shops to get my new glasses, in varying powers from -15 to -40.
It was really quite good, fun to watch, especially the lead character, a myopic gay guy named Mitch, played by Adam Goldman, who appears to be in the minus 5-7 range and is quite adorable both in looks and personality. He is always wearing glasses in these ads but they do not appear to be of a high Rx so not sure if they are his real glasses or not. It's interesting, I find farsighted guys also interesting, but so agree with what you said. Tinyeyes and James, I think that is something that a few of us have a hope for but little expectation that it might actually happen. The closest I've come is the unexpected discovery that a work colleague or distant acquaintance has, in all the time I've known them, been living a secret life as a high myope. Louis last night and saw a guy with the strongest minus I have ever seen (and I'm pretty old), I'd guess in the -30 range!
It features a character who was farsighted in real life, but the actor appears do be wearing plus lenses as well. The current thinking of the medical profession seems to be that aphakia should be corrected surgically in all cases, but you seem to have proved that it is not entirely necessary. It's a sixth sense, but also partly based on the eyes being large and probably having high axial length.

Thanks ksnl for Prince William, who's increased his Rx a lot since we first saw him wearing specs about 2006. He kept adjusting them, too, so I imagined he usually wears contacts and switched to glasses for a long flight from Istanbul to New York.
I immediately noticed, even from behind in line, that one of the guys was wearing very strong glasses. Wow, he looks so handsome in that clip, and those horn-rim aviators (so seldom seem today) look great and make his eyes look quite tiny.
Yes, JT's glasses are quite attractive and throw off some very nice reflection, so a nice look.
From the library scene, I would guess his Rx around -6, give or take a couple of diops either way.
Although there has been previously published an English interpretation by respected Shaikh Tosun Bayrak, this is the first actual translation into the English Language and includes transliteration of all Arabic key words. Bismi'llahi 'r-Rahmani 'r-Rahim.Praise be to Allah, the All-Powerful, the All-Knowing, the All-Wise, the All-Generous, the Noble, the Compassionate Lord, the One who revealed the Wise Remembrance and the Glorious Qur'an to the Envoy, whom He sent to convey the Right Religion and the Straight Path. Her work has been syndicated across a number of media outlets, including The New York Times, and MSNBC.Kristen Nicole published her first book, The Twitter Survival Guide, and is currently completing her second book on predictive analytics. In my opinion Gravity Falls creators put it on purpose and it may means something improtant.
This is fore-knowledge because we see three things here: 1) the tetrahedron in 3-space, 2) the square in 2-space, and 3) the light above the tetrahedron that passes through it to cast the shadow of the square below it. The shadow of a hypersphere on paper appears somewhat like a Gordian knot or a Moebius strip. Here we see the 2-space Gordian knot or Moebius strip-like shape unravel to reveal its true components in 3-space above, casting down the linear shadow of the sphere-within-a-sphere onto 2-space below. The local universe of 3-space and 4 elements exists within the original, un-"banged," singularity. All this occurs because the stelloctahedron, that is comprised of two tetrahedra sharing a common central point, the thus representing the "hyper-tetrahedron" (one over time), has eight corner points, just like the cube has eight corner points.
These occur when the angle or position of the object and the light source align such that it casts a regular shaped pattern. These seven are the same as the seven overlapping circles of the torus from the side's shadow. This represents that we are seeing the elliptical circle around the axial central point from exactly above its side. This symbol of the Alchemist Henry Agrippa is nothing but the 2-space shadow of the 3-space shape of a double twisted ellipse around an axis.
Let us also remember the rebellion of Lucifer and the fall of man correspond to the Kherubim with the "flaming sword" and the explusion from paradise, and that these in turn refer to the "tree of life" and to the realm of Eden. A tesseract is another form of depiction of the hypercube, just as is the torus of the hypersphere. This type of pattern can be found dating very late back into antiquity and is used in "magick" today. On December twnety-first, 2012 AD, the sun, earth and galactic core will all align in Saggitarius. Its probably more of a scenic tour, but was hoping along the 3way, i could meet up with the OOs here.
The prescription is not the same as Colin's (!!!) of course, but it's definitely above +2 for distance. His Rx looks such that I doubt he would be working bare-eyed, but even if he were, or with his contacts, he should probably be wearing some kind of eye protection for his handyman work.
When I was in the locker room, I saw this hunky handsome young Asian guy I've never seen before.
So, first I am going to translate your discussion form him, then I am going to compile his answer. I could see the thick, unpolished edges of his lenses bulging out behind his plastic frames. A number of years ago I had glasses that were around -8 that had very flat fronts, and I know my cylinder is nowhere near that high.
One of the prime rules for Inducing Myopia or for doing GOC is that Cylinder and Axis are copied exactly from an actual prescription without any changes.
Blessing and peace be on the seal of the Mission, the guide out of error, and on the Messenger ennobled with the noblest of the Scriptures and the Book, Muhammad, the unlettered Prophet, the Arabian, the trustworthy, and on his family, the rightly guided guides, and his Companions, the excellent A?©lite, and may Allah grant them peace in great abundance. Thus, by the light of fore-knowledge are we naturally gifted, to see through the moment to other times. The first three seeds - the object in 3-space, the shadow in 2-space, and the light source above - form three circles over time, two within one. Another example is the tetrahedron above and tetrahedron below casting the 3-space shadow of the cube, the cube's hexagonal shadow, and the square shadow of the single tetrahedron. However, because thedoughnut-torus is a shape in 3-space, it also has width, and can therefore also be viwed from the side.
So did the ancients and as do the QBLHists of today reckon all these alignments as interior to the prsent material reality. It is only the familiar "tree of life" diagram, showing the hypercube at "antipode." The reason the central pillar is "fallen" is that this is not two cubes, one above one below, but only one cube over time. Instead of seeing only a flat plane, however, we are seeing an ellipse with two twists in it.
Likewise all these refer to various vibrational frequencies in and around our universe, and us as well, right now. When the tesseract is seen from above one of its faces, it forms the shape of the cube within-within-a-cube, or hypercube, of a cube over time. Here we see the seven attributes of Greek vowels arrayed within the twelve Greek consonants. They would often suggest that i go through a computerised refraction which i'd refuse with some lame excuse that my eye is either sensitive to the light (if i'm wearing lower powers) or that my prescription cannot be determined by the computer (if i'm wearing higher ones).
Well, I must have signed up to get notification for season 2, as I got notice today that Season 2 will be available March 30.
When he faced my direction, I saw a decent-looking guy, probably around 30 years old, with "tiny eyes" in yes, very high-minus glasses, with deep cut-in. This book contains the words of the Supreme Helper, the Lordly Cardinal Pole, the everlasting edifice, the radiantly shining lamp, the Sultan of the saints and the masters of direct knowledge, the proof of the chosen and those who have reached their spiritual destination, Allah's Gray Falcon, our patron, our master and our exemplary guide to Allah (Exalted is He), the noble highborn patrician, the chieftain, Shaikh Muhyi 'd-Din 'Abd al-Qadir al-Jilani al-Hasani al-Husaini (may Allah sanctify his splendid innermost being, and may He illuminate his noble mausoleum), son of Imam Sayyid Abu Salih Musa Jangi Dost, son of Imam Sayyid 'Abdu'llah, son of Imam Sayyid Yahya az-Zahid, son of Imam Sayyid Muhammad, son of Imam Sayyid Dawud, son of Imam Sayyid Musa, son of Imam Sayyid 'Abdu'llah, son of Imam Sayyid Musa al-Jawn, son of Imam Sayyid 'Abdu'llah al-Mahd, son of Imam Sayyid al-Hasan al-Muthanna, son of Imam al-Humam Sayyid al-Hasan as-Sibt, son of our chief and our patron, the Commander of the Believers, Abu 'l-Husain 'Ali ibn Abi Talib (may Allah be well pleased with them all).
Just as in the beginning must have been the seed, so will the fruit inevitably enhouse around the seed. The knotted outline of this shape contains at its core therefore a unique overlap or alignment between past hypothesis and future antithesis, central within the synthesis of these as the present. The example here is the doughnut-shaped torus, or "hypersphere," whose distorted topology depicts the closed geometry of a temporal cycle. Representing the movement of a sphere in a circular pattern over time, we depict these alignments thus as minimum-packing space arrangements of circles. When the tesseract is seen from above one of its edges, it appears at "antipode" as the combined trees of life and death, whose fruits are longevity and fore-knowledge.
But today, i mustered enough courage to go through the computerised refraction (which is actually what always wanted to do). Thanks again te for the introduction to the series and its characters, most especially Myopic Mitch (Adam Goldman). It is hard to tell very much about his lenses in the video, but in some ways they remind me of the small security viewers for doors. On his mother's side of the family, the line of descent of our revered master and patron, Shaikh Muhyi'd-Din 'Abd al-Qadir al-Jilani (may Allah the Exalted be well pleased with him), is as follows: He is Sayyid Shaikh Muhyi 'd-Din 'Abd al-Qadir al-Jilani (may Allah sanctify his luminous innermost being), son of Sayyida Umm al-Khair Amat al-Jabbar Fatima, daughter of Sayyid 'Abdu'llah as-Sawma'i az-Zahid, son of Sayyid Abu 'Abdi'llah Jamal ad-Din Muhammad, son of Sayyid Mahmud, son of Sayyid Abu 'l-'Ata' 'Abdu'llah, son of Sayyid Kamal ad-Din 'Isa, son of Sayyid Imam Abu 'Abdi'llah 'Ala' ad-Din Muhammad al-Jawad, son of Sayyid Imam 'Ali ar-Rida, son of Sayyid Imam Musa al-Kazim, son of Imam Ja'far as-Sadiq, son of Imam Muhammad al-Baqir, son of Imam Zain al-'Abidin 'Ali, son of Imam al-Humam al-Husain, the Martyr of Karbala', son of Imam al-Humam, the Commander of the Believers, our master 'Ali ibn Abi Talib (may Allah be well pleased with him, and with them all). The friction between time flowing from future to past against space moving past to future causes change over time. From above we see ten circles form a torus when they overlap, and that from the side seven do so. When the tesseract is seen from above one of its corners, it appears as a 3-dimensional form of a Moebius strip or Gordian knot, where, by the Pythagorean theorem, a flat, 2-d pattern can be twisted into a 3-dimensional shape. I wish it was different, and it probably is changing a bit, but I think for the most part, the high myopes still restrict the use of their cock bottle glasses to before bed, or when home alone. I ended up sitting to eat so that I could see him eating with his buddies, but his diopters were working quite well, because he seemed to notice every time I looked his way! It was so common in that period, and really made for some thick lenses with strong prescriptions because of the large frame sizes. Myopia and Hyperopia are caused a mis-match between the total power of the eye's lens system and the length of the eyeball. Despite the strength of his glasses, he seems to have a very wide-eyed, awestruck look in many of his commercials, and he portrays this "wide-eyed, surprised" look so very well.
I don't know who he is, or if he acts anywhere else, or just appears in insurance commercials. Knowledge is the most noble talent, the most magnificent degree, the most splendid object of pride, and the most valuable form of merchandise, since it is the means by which to arrive at the realization and affirmation of the Oneness of the Lord of All the Worlds [tawhid Rabb al-'alamin], and belief in His Prophets and Messengers (may Allah's blessings be upon them all). For some reason, I wondered if it might contain contacts, although there was no reason to think so. On either side of this meridian line are various astrological and astronomical symbols, once used to try to calculate the effect of the wind upon the stars.

I was changing clothes, and then he came back out, and got a toothbrush out of the bag and some toothpaste and started brushing his teeth. And i went through the entire process with a printed computerised script of my refraction at the end.. One morning I couldn't help to notice he was standing if front of the mirror removing contacts. He kept looking down and not in the mirror, which was good, because he didn't see me looking at him, but it made it difficult to see the "cut-in". He rested them on his lap while he looked at his phone from about eight inches away, further than I'd expect, though gradually he moved it closer.
I wondered if he would put on glasses right away but he didn't seem to have him there with him. As a photographer, he seems to specialize in "interesting" optical effects and no doubt he is very familiar about how lenses work. He wears small rectangular frames, with quite a bit of reflection in his lenses, so I am guessing he has the strongest Rx of the 3.
They are the heirs and deputies of the Prophets, and the chieftains and confidants of the Messengers. So he walks over to his gym bag and kind of feels around for his glasses, which turned out to be mid range myopic, I am guessing -6 to -8 range, attractive frames which further enhanced his already good looks. As Allah (Exalted is He) has said: Then We gave the Book as inheritance to thosethumma awrathna 'l-Kitaba 'lladhina 'stafaina whom We elected of Our servants.
He took the glasses off, hooked them on his shirt collar, and started putting in his contacts! The inhabitants of heaven will love them, and the fish in the ocean will seek forgiveness on their behalf, until the Day of Resurrection. The only thing better would have been if he were taking out the contacts and putting on the glasses instead! Allah (Exalted is He) has also said: Only those of His servants fear Allah who have knowledge. Away you go, to the Garden of Paradise, for I have forgiven you!" Praise be to Allah, the Lord of All the Worlds, in every situation.
At one stage he rummaged through his bag (on the floor) for something and it took a long time. Praise be to the One who has established the ascending levels as a protection for the worshipful servants, and the stations of nearness for those who know by experience. One of the seekers requested us to compile a manuscript for him, sufficient for all essential purposes. We have therefore compiled this summary for his benefit, in accordance with his wish, so that it may be enough to satisfy him and others. There are a couple of other myopic guys who I see there regularly in glasses, but since I saw the three of these mentioned above all within one visit, I thought it was worth writing about.
As for the Introduction, it is devoted to an account of the beginning of creation.As for the Sections.
In Him I put all my trust, and to Him I turn in repentance.Introduction The beginning of creation [ibtida' al-khalq] You should know-may Allah enable you to achieve what is dear and pleasing to Him!-that Allah (Exalted is He) first created the spirit of Muhammad (Allah bless him and give him peace) from the light of His Beauty. This means that they are all one thing, that being the Muhammadan Reality [al-Haqiqat al-Muhammadiyya], but it is called a "light [nur]" because it is pure and unclouded by the darknesses of Majesty.
As Allah (Blessed and Exalted is He) has said: There has now come to you from Allah qad ja'a-kum mina 'llahi a Light, and a clear Book. It is also called a "pen [qalam]," because it is an instrument for the transmission of knowledge, just as the pen is an instrument in the realm of letters [of the alphabet]. The Muhammadan spirit is thus the quintessence of all entities, the first of all beings and the origin of them all. Then, when four thousand years had passed, Allah created the Heavenly Throne ['Arsh] from the light of the eye of Muhammad (Allah bless him and give him peace), and from the Heavenly Throne He created the rest of existing entities. As Allah (Exalted is He) has said: Then We reduced him [the human being] thumma radadna-hu to the lowest of the low. Between the two Sanctuaries, Allah (Exalted is He) clothed them with the light of Omnipotence, which is the royal spirit [ruh sultani]. She begs the Pope to take care of her son, James, and concludes with a postscript in which she warns him that there may be traitors among his cardinals. Then he sent them down, in this attire, to the realm of Sovereignty [Malakut], and He clothed them with the light of Sovereignty, which is the immaterial spirit [ruh ruhani].
Then He sent them down to the realm of Dominion [Mulk], and He clothed them with the light of Dominion, which is the physical spirit. As He has said (Exalted is He): Out of it [the earth] We created you, min-ha khalaqna-kum and into it We shall send you back again, wa fi-ha nu'idu-kum and We shall bring you forth from it a second time. Allah sent him to those heedless people, to open their eyes from the sleep of heedlessness, so he summoned them to Allah (Exalted is He), to contact with Him and the meeting with His sempiternal Beauty.
Whomever of them you follow, you will be guided aright.Insight comes from the eye of the spirit, which opens within the heart of the saints [awliya']. That is why it is not acquired by knowledge of the external world, but only by knowledge of the inner Presence. As Allah (Exalted is He) has said: And hasten to forgiveness from your Lord, wa sari'u ila maghfiratin min Rabbi-kum and a Garden as wide as the heavens and the earth, wa jannatin 'ardu-ha 's-samawatu wa 'l-ardu which has been made ready for those who are truly devout.
We have not come to settle in this vile, dilapidated world, nor for the sake of eating, drinking, and satisfying crude natural instincts. As he said (peace be upon him): My sorrow is for the members of my Community who will come in later times. The knowledge that is sent down to us is twofold: exoteric and esoteric, meaning the sacred law [shari'a] and direct understanding [ma'rifa]. Allah (Exalted is He) has commanded us to apply the sacred law to our outer being, and direct understanding to our inner being, so that the combination of the two will result in knowledge of Reality [Haqiqa], just as fruit is produced by the tree and the leaves.
Perfect worship is accomplished by means of both forms of knowledge, not one without the other.
As Allah (Exalted is He) has said: I did not create the jinn and humankind wa ma khalaqtu 'l-jinna wa 'l-insa except to worship Me. Direct knowledge is attainable only by removing of the veil of the lower self [nafs] from the mirror of the heart, and cleaning and polishing that mirror.
Direct knowledge is of two kinds: knowledge of the attributes [sifat] of Allah (Exalted is He), and knowledge of His Essence [Dhat]. Knowledge of the attributes is experienced by the physical body in both domains [this world and the Hereafter], while knowledge of the Essence is experienced by the holy spirit in the Hereafter.
These two experiences are attainable only by means of two forms of knowledge, the exoteric knowledge and the esoteric knowledge mentioned above. First of all, the human being needs knowledge of the sacred law, in order to provide the body with sufficient education in the realm of the attributes, that being the realm of the stages of development. He then needs esoteric knowledge, in order to provide the spirit with education in its own realm of understanding. That can only be achieved by abstaining from all practices that are incompatible with the sacred law and the spiritual path [tariqa]. Its achievement requires the endurance of personal and spiritual hardships, for the sake of pleasing Allah (Exalted is He), without hypocritical display [riya'] and the pursuit of fame [sum'a].
As Allah (Exalted is He) has said: So whoever hopes for the meeting with his Lord,fa-man kana yarju liqa'a Rabbi-hi let him do righteous work, fa-l'-ya'mal 'amalan salihan and let him give no one any share at all wa la yushrik in the worship due unto his Lord.
The Sufis have called the inner being "the child of the spiritual concepts [tifl al-ma'ani]," because it arises from the sacred conceptions.
It is born from the heart, as the child is born from the mother, then reared by the father as it steadily grows to maturity. Just as worldly knowledge is taught to ordinary children, spiritual knowledge is taught to this special child. The ordinary child is unsoiled by the filth of external sins, and this special child is likewise pure and unstained by the filth of polytheism [shirk], heedlessness and physicality.4. In the case of this special child, the purity of form is even greater, so it is seen in dreams in a shape like that of the angels.
Allah (Exalted is He) has described the attendants of the Garden of Paradise in terms of childhood [tifliyya], in His saying (Almighty and Glorious is He): There wait on them immortal boys. The name "child" is used metaphorically, to indicate its connection with the body and its likeness to the human form, but only for the sake of comparison, not for the purpose of belittlement. This "child" is the real human being, because he has a connection with Allah (Exalted is He), so the body and physicality are not unlawful to him.
The angel brought near [to the Lord] refers to his spirituality, which was created from the light of Omnipotence [Jabarut], as was the angel, so it has no entry into the light of Divinity [Lahut]. The Prophet (blessing and peace be upon him) also said: Allah has a Garden in which there are no houries, no palaces, no honey and no milk, but where one gazes only at Allah's countenance (Exalted is He). If the angel and the physical body entered into these realms, they would be burned to ashes. As Allah (Exalted is He) has said in the Sacred Tradition [Hadith Qudsi]:If I disclosed the splendors of My Majesty, I would burn up everything as far as My eye can see.

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