Booktopia - Secret Seven on the Trail, Classic Secret Seven Series : Book 4 by Enid Blyton, 9785555015150. Enid Blyton died in 1968 but remains one of the best-known and best-loved writers of children's stories.
As a young woman Enid was faced with many choices; her father had planned a career in music for her, while she felt drawn to writing. Throughout the 40 and 50s, Enid wrote books at a colossal pace: adventure stories, mysteries, magical stories, farming stories, stories for younger children, best-selling series like The Famous Five and Noddya€¦her writing knew no bounds!
Apart from breaks to play golf and spend time with her children, Enid's working week was consumed with writing new stories, correcting proofs and answering the hundreds of letters she was, by now, receiving weekly.
Booktopia - The Secret Seven, Classic Secret Seven Series : Book 1 by Enid Blyton, 9785555014801. Following the Famous Five 70th anniversary celebrations, another classic Blyton series gets a brand-new look for today's readers from the ever-popular Tony Ross. In their first adventure, the gang are dressed in disguise, following a lead to a spooky old house in the snow .
Each book features rarely seen bonus Blyton: extra stories, a quiz, additional artwork and insights into Blyton's life and writing process.

Enid Blyton, 1897-1968, wrote over 600 books for children, and is still regarded as one of the most popular of all children's writers. I have to admit, on balance, that I found The Famous Five to be a much more exciting series at the time, with The Secret Seven being an adequate substitute for when I'd exhausted my supply of Famous Five books. Sarah Greene, who I also grew on thanks to Blue Peter and Saturday morning kids TV, comes across a bit school mam-ish. While personally this wasn't my cup of tea, I'm quite aware that it isn't aimed at people like me, but younger versions of myself. Jack finds the first clue when he overhears an interesting conversation, and it's all the Seven need to set them onthe trail of a new adventure.
Her father, Thomas Blyton stayed up with her night after night until her cough subsided and she recovered. Enid had two children with Hugh, and soon after wrote her first novel, The Adventures of the Wishing Chair. They meet every holiday in the shed at the bottom of Peter and Janet's garden - and solve mysteries, and eat lots of delicious food. In the 2008 Costa Book Awards, Enid Blyton was voted the best-loved author, ahead of JK Rowling and Shakespeare.

First he discovers an unwanted visitor - then he protects the Seven as they spy on a thief late at night in the woods. I'm hoping that today's younger generation are still being raised on stuff like this (the BBC are obviously hoping so too) because there's something great about forming secret gangs (and I don't been in a gang culture stylee either) and going on adventures. She has over 600 children's books to her credit, including the Famous Five series, the Secret Seven series, the Naughtiest Girl series - all Hodder - and the Malory Towers and St Clare's series, both available from Hodder on audio.
In 1922, a collection of poems by Enid was published - it was her first step toward her dream of becoming an author.
Her books are translated into more than 90 languages, and have been adapted for film and TV. While I'm sure this will still appeal to young children, I'm afraid it's not a series that adults who grew up on it can revisit and come away with anything other than disbelief at how corny everything is.
In 2012, Hodder Children's Books celebrated the 70th anniversary of the first publication of the Famous Five by reissuing the first five titles, in aid of the charity House of Illustration, with new covers by Quentin Blake, Chris Riddell, Emma Chichester Clark, Oliver Jeffers and Helen Oxenbury.

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