If you found an envelope amongst your spouse’s things – perhaps in a dusty shoebox in the basement, hidden in a pile of old tax returns –and it was marked, “Open only in case of my death…,” would you open it? This is the dilemma faced by Cecilia Fitzpatrick in the first few pages of The Husband’s Secret, and it remains, taunting readers and dangling just out of reach, throughout the first half of the novel.
When she uncovers John-Paul’s sealed letter and confronts him about it over the phone, he dismisses it as an embarrassing moment of sentimentality written just after the birth of their first daughter. Janie’s mother Rachel has never really bounced back from the shocking murder of her 16-year old daughter Janie decades earlier. With the simple opening of an envelope, Cecilia will set in motion a series of events which will have a profound impact on the lives of all of these women. As with all of Moriarty’s novels, I found this one compulsively readable, heartrending and hilarious. About ConnectAs Fort McMurray's only community weekly publication, Connect newspaper brings a distinctive voice to the residents of the Wood Buffalo region. Over a decade, we have been dedicated to showcasing what makes Wood Buffalo a wonderful place to be – a community filled with spirit, creativity, friendship and support. As one of Alberta’s largest circulated weekly papers, we are able to bring these stories directly into homes each week and also available in more than 75 newsstand boxes and rack locations. The blurb of the book only discusses Cecilia's situation, and this was enough to get me to buy the book. I found all of the main characters (and many secondary characters!) of the book engaging and likeable, and Liane Moriarty has done a brilliant job of creating their intertwining lives - seemingly normal and uninteresting to other people but much more complex and engrossing for anyone who can see what's going on behind closed doors, which us lucky readers can!
As the story progressed, I figured out what the contents of the letter would be, but this didn't detract from my enjoyment as I was still eager to find out what Cecilia's response would be, her reactions to the discovery and how the lives around her would be affected. Hi there!I'm Ashton (a female Ashton, may I add!) and I'm a twenty-something year old mathematics student from a town in the UK called Hull.A self confessed book sniffer, lipstick lover, Potterhead, TWD fan who loves zombies, stationery and sex on the beach.
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He asks Cecilia not to read it, claiming to be sheepish about the sappy missive, but Cecelia can detect the falseness behind his seemingly innocuous request. After the first numbing months of grief turned into years, Rachel has learned to cope, but she’s never stopped wondering who could have murdered her only daughter. Cecilia is faced with an agonizing decision of what to do as she accidentally discovers an envelope reading "to be opened only in the event of my death" in her husband's handwriting. I honestly think the concept is just fabulous, and reading the blurb alone awakens your curiosity about the said letter.
There are a few chapters which go back to the date of Rachel's daughter's death, and the date changes from 17th April 1984 to the 6th April 1984.
I've owned this book for a while, but like many others, it has sadly been left on the shelf whilst another book takes its place - oops!! These can be anything from my travels to daily rants to TV and film chat, plus anything else I fancy.
That's because the secret, which threatens to upend Tupperware consultant Cecilia Fitzpatrick's life, is a doozy. The idea of a bizarre crime being investigated by a goofy former cop isn't exactly new, but Hiaasen manages to make the premise feel fresh and entertaining.
What secrets might your spouse reveal in a deathbed confession, when there are no consequences, no possible fallout to damage your relationship and threaten your future? Her cousin Felicity, daughter of her mom’s twin sister, is the same age as Tess, and the two have been best friends, closer than sisters, since birth. She’s always suspected Connor Whitby, the last person known to have seen her daughter alive, but there has never been evidence to support his guilt. A suspenseful read, The Husband’s Secret is also rife with a sharp wit and a deep empathy for her characters, which will have you laughing out loud one minute and fighting back tears the next.
Next there's Tess, who finds herself moving to her mother's with her son after finding out her husband has fallen in love with someone else.

Maybe silly and petty of me to pick up on it but I found myself flicking back as I thought I'd missed something.
The rest of the time I was totally wrapped up in the nuanced characters and their everyday, one-of-a-kind happiness and heartbreak. Tess has always been the pretty one, a slim bookend to morbidly-obese Felicity, so when Tess married her true love Will, she never imagined Felicity might become competition.
Her grandson Jacob has helped Rachel somewhat, in spite of the rather frosty relationship she has with her daughter-in-law, but when Jacob’s parents announce they’re moving across the world to New York, Rachel’s world crumbles once again. I actually read this around the pool in Sunny Beach and found myself blubbing away on a sun lounger. She hides from the world by working overnight at a bakery and keeps most people in her small New England town at a distance – until she meets Josef Weber, an elderly man whose friendship forces her to fully confront her heritage. After losing nearly 100 pounds, however, Felicity has discovered a beauty she never knew existed…and she’s not the only one.
If it revealed some dark secret as above, that letter would be waved in my husband's face whilst I nattered for an explanation.
Rachel is an elderly woman who is still struggling to move on from her daughter's murder nearly 30 years earlier, and whose son is moving across seas with his wife and son - the centre of her life. The Holocaust is a weighty topic, for sure, but this book reminds us once again why it's something we should never forget. Little do these women know that their lives are connected in ways deeper than meets the eye.
When Felicity and Will announce that they’ve fallen in love, Tess flees back to her hometown of Sydney, Australia with her son Liam, to the comforting arms of her mother.
Unbeknownst to Cecilia, the contents of that letter will have devastating consequences for several other women in their tight-knit community.
Connor Whitby is the PE teacher at Liam’s new school, and he and Tess had a brief fling years earlier.
As Tess buries her own heartache in the excitement of a new romance, she doesn’t think about the fact that, decades earlier, Connor Whitby was the only person of interest in the murder of teenager Janie Crowley.

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