As I have written in previous blogs, one of the most difficult things in implementing the Law of Attraction is non-attachment. The moral of this story is to explain that one should never give up one's spiritual devotion.
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Thanks to share this with us i am really glad to be here and to read this interesting article. Many courses on self improvement and even those that use the title "Law of Attraction" fail to explain that the Law of Attraction is intertwined with the Laws of Karma and Reincarnation.

Yogananda once told the story of two good friends, one being a materialist (an Atheist) and the other being a devotional spiritual devotee. I am forever grateful to you.I am also grateful to Swami Kriyananda and all members at Ananda Sangha (too many to mention), especially my first contacts and teachers Lahari, Biraj, Prem-Shant and Larry, Jaya and Sahdana Devi, for welcoming me and guiding me onto the path of self-realization as handed down from the great avatar Paramhansa Yogananda.Jay guru jay! The materialst was extremely successful, while the spiritual friend was quite poor and had difficulty getting by.
The materialist said to his friend that each of them should continue to live by their beliefs and on a certain day in the near future, they would compare who was more successful.
On the agreed upon day the spiritual man was in the hospital, very ill, and had lost everything. The poor man was very depressed, but would not give up his faith in the Divine Infinite's love to rescue him.

Later that night, the spiritual man had a dream in which an angel appeared to him and told him that, after may incarnations, this had been the final day of his bad karma.
When one does not understand the true source of the law - the One Source, the Infinite Cosmic Consciousness, it is difficult to call on it's help. By sticking to your spiritual practices of prayer and meditation, you will realize every material goal.

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