In our previous lessons we played C major scale, in this particular scale the D is the a€?second,a€? the E is the a€?third,a€? and so on until you reach the a€?seventh,a€? which is the B, and then, of course, the a€?octave.a€?A  The notes we are presently concerned with, and the three notes that are always required to make a major chord, are the root, third, and fifth. Notes that are stacked up like this indicate a chord; that is, the notes are intended to be played simultaneously rather than in sequence as with a scale. The letters below the chart represent the actual note being played.A  So, with your a€?3a€? finger (that is, your ring finger) in the position indicated, you will be playing Middle C.
You will see in this chord, that there are certain strings (the ones with the circles above them) that are not being pressed down.A  These open strings play notes that happen to belong to the C major chord (C, E, and G) so ita€™s okay in this case to leave them open.
When a musician sees that a song is in the Key of C, he immediately knows, not only what scale the song is based on, but also what chords belong in that key.A  Of course, a song that is a€?in Ca€? can theoretically include dozens or hundreds of different chords, but there is a standard set of chords that are constructed using the C major scale, and that are used in the Key of C more than any other chords. Coloring Pages for children is a wonderful activity that encourages children to think in a creative way and arises their curiosity. Amsterdam based collective Rob Klerkx & The Secret are proud to announce the release of their latest album titled ‘Live at IJland Studio’. Deamer is one of the very few new rappers out there that knows how to tell compelling stories. D.FRANCISCO is one of the newest and most talented musical artists to explode onto the pop-dance scene with his brand new single and video of “I Want Ya”.
Antonio Altissimi alias Harrison Miller, born in Ronciglione, is an Italian composer and singer who combines classic guitar with electronic music. Radio Techno Zagreb – Promoters, Dj’s and Producers can host their own shows every week! Listening to the radio remains an intimate and enjoyable past-time, even in an era of excess in which every piece of music you could ever want is readily available at your fingertips.
In fact, there is a lot of rap-rock on this album, M16 & The Full Moon Wolves  have a kind of rock and roll edge going on all the time behind their funky grooves, and there is more than a handful of electric guitars, power chords and rock bass and drums firing up the engines on “OUTLAW”. Overall, M16 & The Full Moon Wolves are carving out their own niche and perfecting their brand of clean, positive unfiltered musical aggression!
We use cookies to personalize content and ads, to provide social media features and to analyse our traffic. Did you know that Jefferson Airplane is a slang term for a used match that is split to hold a roach, the last past of a joint that is too small to hold?
Another band from the East Coast, the Velvet Underground was best known for band members Lou Reed and John Cale, who would eventually move on to successful solo careers. Quicksilver Messenger Service, or QMS, recorded Happy Trails live at the Fillmore East and West. Psychotic Reaction was first thought to be a good name for the band but ended up being the name of Count Five's only hit song and sole album. Like the a€?roota€? and the a€?octave,a€? which we have already learned about, the other notes get their names from their position within the scale. The low E is optional, as indicated by the circle with an a€?Xa€? in it, and can be played or not.
It is an educational tool and is considered an important contribution to a child's development. It has remained a lifelong passion for him – a passion that only intensifies with each day. Recorded during one session at the renowned IJland Studio, located in the band’s hometown, the album features dynamic live performances of 10 songs taken from previous studio releases.
Any industry that pretends to link art to an assembly line should be stamped out of existence.
He is an unsigned rapper from South London of Kurdish, Turkish and British origin, but this is a real man that has something to say about the world and not just the same juvenile struggles that mainstream rappers try to do. P.DIGGA shows off his vocals with the help from some auto-tune and croons about what strippers have to offer. Ebony Michele is with an even attitude, I went into it not expecting much because that’s the best way to go when listening to an artist you don’t have a profound knowledge of. M16’s voice alone is probably the most distinctive in rap today and the way he projects it is amazing.
And the way M16 & The Full Moon Wolves is so deep and passionate about the music makes it even more contagious!
This album would go down well with fans of DMX and Ja Rule, as M16 has that same raspy vocals.
In-between making albums with the Byrds, Simon & Garfunkel and the Beach Boys producer Gary Usher had a side project that included an unknown singer at the time named Glen Campbell.

The year 1967 was already off to a flower power start as the Doors debut album came out in January followed by Jefferson Airplane's Surrealistic Pillow in February. It was certainly the most psychedelic and progressive blues album Spirit produced as each of their albums was somewhat different. I find it amazing that an album that only sold 10,000 copies on its initial release could end up being voted as #13 on Rolling Stone’s 500 Greatest Albums of All Time list. Beyond the educational virtues, coloring sessions allow us, the adults, a little peace and quiet while the boy or girl enjoy coloring. A true lover of the arts, he believes in the preservation of creativity and invites his listeners on a lyrical journey that travels profound depths and electrifying heights. Engineers Iwan Legro and Remko Schouten have captured each instrument with exceptional warmth and clarity, contributing to an experience which effectively places the listener front row and centre stage. Miller writes a variety of tracks, from singer-songwriter to dance songs gaining large audience approval.
Then after 4 or 5 listens it really hit me that this dude could not only flow but he had a substance about him too. The wolf transforms into this mystical yet powerful creature and takes over the environment it’s in, changing it forever. It has a ruff, raw and rugged style and just brings such lyrical mass every time that you can’t help but listen. The beats on this album are great too! This music is the type to listen to before a football game to get yourself fired up with songs like “Long Time Coming” or “RockStar ft. But it’s the underlying electrifying beats that are so much more powerful than what the afore-mentioned two have ever done.
The song was then remixed and first featured in the Beatles 1968 animated film Yellow Submarine and on the soundtrack album that was finally released in January 1969. This Los Angeles based band had a unique way of mixing their psychedelic flavor with a wild variety of rock, jazz, blues, folk-rock, country, classical, Latin sounds and Indian music.
Not to mention the result: coloring pages for preschoolers are proudly presented at the nursery, kindergarten or even grandma and grandpa's living room!
Please note the images are not hosted on our servers, hence some of the images might not download. Always staying faithful to his poetic roots, his debut album ranges from hard-hitting dancehall club pumpers to smooth reggae.
Granted, I have been listening to Eli Purks for a while, and at least since his “Good As I’ll Ever Be” single.
I mean, the lady can blow, and there is nothing neo about the soul she brings to the table. His background consists of years of diligent training; starting with private instrumental lessons, moving to touring internationally with the celebrated Phoenix Boys Choir, and culminating with an opera internship in Rome, Italy.
No word yet when the music video is coming but hopefully it’s an indication that DIGGA never left the rap scene.
His latest composition “Like The Wind” is distributed on all digital stores and is supported by a great video clip on YouTube.
Kal Royale”, yet it can also be inspirational with songs like “Hate It or Love It” or “Can’t Tell Me Anything”.
The production and grinding beats continues relentlessly, building from track to track, with perhaps, “Star Fly ft AM Star”, being the only laidback groove sitting slap-bang amidst the bunch.
If you’re tired of trashy, repetitive, god-awful hip-hop that has been ruining the American public, then this is the one for you. It's a very trippy song that has a bit of a bubble gum sound to it along with a groovy fuzz guitar that seems to sound better as the song progresses. These are a couple of old Bo Diddley numbers that lead guitarists John Cipollina and Gary Duncan simply make magical by turning them into their own psychedelic tribal ecstasy. One day the main songwriter for the group, John Byrne, was told by the band's manager to go home and not return until he had lyrics for the song. If you like to completely remove your website from our search engine index, please follow the instructions below, "Remove from Index". Born on the island of Jamaica, his unique life experiences have been a constant spring of inspiration in his musical career. FRANCISCO is about to prove to the world that with dedication, diligence and patience, anything is possible.
Harrison Miller builds tracks acoustically then adding his vocals to the dance rhythms…or vice versa.

For sheer technical brilliance, songs like “We I Here ft Panama Red” and “Work 1” should not be missed, but hey, if you just need to rock out real hard and loud, switch to “American Dream” and let M16 & The Full Moon Wolves blow your sub-woofers out of the window! And to make matters even better, M16 & The Full Moon Wolves’ lyrics and choruses relate to many people on some level or another, in an assertive and uplifting way.
The problem was the song was a tweener, a little bit heavy for AM radio and a bit light for FM so it never received the airplay it deserved. Although the group always had a hard time getting airplay on AM radio, they owned the FM rock stations.
She was having an affair with drummer, Spencer Dryden, who, at 30 years old, was the oldest member of the group.
On the original vinyl release, if you peeled the banana you would find that a pink banana was hidden underneath. No album was ever attempted because the recording company failed to find a song by the group that was worth releasing. Even when John returned there were still many additional months of modifications to the song.
She has taken classic R&B and funky melodies and fused them with fresh lyrics and creative vocal and musical arrangements that pay homage to excellent old school music. For those of you who are collecting these psychedelic songs for your own personal use, make sure you get the extended version that is 3 minutes and 45 seconds long.
The album was a virtual inside look at the drug and sex revolution of the late 60s in a bizarre masterpiece that is anything but mainstream psychedelic rock. The only way to get a copy of this song is off of several compilations such as Nuggets and Acid Dreams. This extra minute includes psychedelic effects and sounds such as those of a crying baby, an alarm clock, a bullfight and a carnival, which are all blended together to make one great psychedelic pop gem.
Due to the fact that Capitol had not signed a San Francisco hippie band, QMS was able to negotiate a better deal than most of their peers. The end result is a psychedelic mess, but then again, isn’t everything psychedelic a bit messy and abstract? Playing it as an electric instrument enables me to be heard when performing with other instruments. First Act is a lifestyle music brand enriching people's lives through all things musical. They create innovative, high-quality musical products with the end user in mind, designed to stimulate, entertain, and inspire.
For such heavy subject matter, the Dead bring a mournful yet beautiful feel to the song courtesy of Jerry Garcia’s singing and guitar playing. The song and novel refer heavily to the idea and practice of masochism, which is a derivative of Masoch’s last name. Another HUGE plus is that it's designed to accommodate a strap, which makes it easier to hold than standard ukuleles.
Velvet Underground was somewhat of an acquired taste type of band as they were very different from the love and peace anthems of the day.
The amiable host, Ralph Shaw, covers everything from buying a ukulele, to tuning it, to holding it properly. Absolute Beginners Ukulele Omnibus Edition takes a different approach to going over the same material as Ralph Shaw’s DVD.
Pay attention to the relationship between chords.  For example, moving from an A chord to an F chord requires moving one finger, not both fingers. Understanding the similarities between chords as you move from one to the next will allow you to save time and go with the flow in a more natural way. The "Get Started!" button is there to provide you with the information you need to begin your fitness program.
We update it regularly with the latest fitness information and techniques to make sure you get the most out of your aerobic and strength training sessions.

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