Chef Sean Brock is perhaps the best known spokesperson for both expanding and preserving the integrity of traditional Southern food ways.
Premise: A travel-cooking show about the link between food and art, history, nature and science. His cuisine shines the spotlight on the untold varieties of rice, beans and grains which once made America the envy of the world. I’m not familiar with Brock, but series narrator Anthony Bourdain makes him sound amazing.

He uses a crack team of unknown heroes to bring you the latest and greatest in Entertainment News.
In short, Sean Brock is on the front line of restoring the South to its former Culinary glory.
The guy’s really weird obsessive about seeds, but I like seeing that level of dedication. The series turns into foodie porn for the next four hours, so most of you might be into that.

Compared to the last couple of cooking shows I watched, this release is among the top of the heap.

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