Most parents I know use good old-fashioned praise with their children, and while praise is an important part of instilling self-confidence, I often wonder if it’s the most effective way. Our kids learn from example and if we're always down on ourselves, chances are they'll grow to mirror our negative behavior.
Scholastic says that kids often need gentle nudging on tasks they're afraid of doing wrong. Maturity yields perspective and often our kids view one mistake as a predictor of bad things to come. For more valuable tips and resources for boosting your child’s self-confidence, visit Scholastic, Dr. Use a Facebook account to add a comment, subject to Facebook's Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. The brain is not only the most complex mechanism in the world; it is the most influential organ in your body. The degree to which we attain the mind of Christ will determine the quality of life we enjoy as well as the eternity we will experience. Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that by testing you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect.
The point of this is simple – the pattern of conformity to the world is broken and a person’s life is transformed only if and when the mind is renewed. Unquestionably and repeatedly the thought life is identified in Scripture as the very source of godliness or worldliness; holiness or unholiness. In the Old Testament as well as the New, the government of the mind is the condition which brings about spiritual transformation at the deepest level of a person’s being and determines whether we are holy and pleasing to God.
If we are going to be thoroughly and completed renewed, our minds must be like Christ’s mind. When Paul writes to the Corinthian church He mentions the deep secrets of God and quotes the prophets to show that no one can really know the depths of God’s mind – yet there is one exception to this rule – those who have the Spirit of God can understand the mind of God. This “mind of Christ” that Paul talks about is able to discern the things that God Himself is thinking. This promise is not made to just anyone, but only to those that know Christ through the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. While the concept here is profound, my point is very simple – to possess the mind of Christ we begin by knowing Christ through the salvation experience.
If we just cut to the chase here, we need to recognize that some one or some thing is going to control our minds – and it is up to us to decide who or what it will be.
This mind of Christ that the Bible talks about is something that seems to move in and out of our possession in varying degrees.
Some in our modern culture have trouble accepting the fact that there really is a Satan, and that there really is a demonic army that exists in the unseen world.
I see in my members another law waging war against the law of my mind and making me captive to the law of sin that dwells in my members.
Paul describes his internal struggle as “waging war against” his “mind.” It is a war that we are all too familiar with – but what can we do? Let me give you a simple strategy – when a sexual image, or lust, or greed of some kind enters into your mind, do not give in for even five seconds before mounting  a counterattack with the mind. 1For example, have you ever in the first five seconds of temptation, demanded of your mind that it look steadfastly at the crucified form of Jesus Christ? When we are filled with the Holy Spirit, and we are in agreement with God’s Vision, and are in possession of the Mind of Christ, we will experience personal renewal at a level we have never even imagined before.

Through personal renewal, relying on God’s power, I can completely and utterly destroy the work of Satan in my life.
The bottom line is this – with the mind of Christ I am free to be the person God created me to be. It’s the foundation upon which they base their self-worth and decisions that will one day impact everything they do.
In researching practical methods to boost self-confidence in my introverted child, I learned some really valuable tips worth sharing – check them out after the jump!
Whether it's artwork on the fridge or a trophy on a bookcase, allow your child to see how much their hard work and dedication matters. Scholastic recommends involving your child in discussions about your household as well as current events.
Scholastic recommends allowing our kids to practice problem solving outside of the school environment to better enable them to solve problems at school in the future. Scholastic reminds us that kids need to try all kinds of different things to build personal preferences and gain valuable experience. Sears states, "Every child searches for an identity and, when found, clings to it like a trademark." So while your child may indeed be shy, asthmatic, or learning disabled, manage the condition and focus on creating esteem-building labels instead. According to Scholastic, kids who are complimented on their efforts are more likely to seek out challenging tasks. These simple actions serve as constant reminders to your child that you're in their corner. Each one of these cells is connected to 10,000 other brain cells, totaling 120 trillion brain connections. It accounts for your ability to think, remember, love, hate, feel, reason, imagine and analyze. If you are brain dead, you are dead because the brain supervises everything you do from the involuntary beat of your heart to the conscious decisions of daily life. When we train our minds to become like the mind of Christ Himself we will find ourselves well on the way to personal renewal, because we will begin to think, act and do things like Jesus Himself.
There are two basic areas that we need to really concentrate on so that we can truly become whom God has created us to be.
If we want to spend the rest of our lives developing the mind of Jesus Christ, there are three things we need to do continuously for that to happen.
This, to me, is one of the most astounding statements in the Scriptures – that I, a mere human being, have the ability to understand what God is thinking.
It all sounds foolish to them and they can’t understand it, for only those who are spiritual can understand what the Spirit means.
That is because I know that this is probably the biggest hindrance to most of us in experiencing personal renewal. Until I surrender control of my mind over to the Holy Spirit I will not be able to possess the mind of Christ in all of its fullness. Let’s put it this way: When I am fully surrendered to God I am able to discern His will and His way with clarity and precision. We allow our sinful nature to control us most of the week, and let God take over on Sundays or when we’re at some type of Christian function.
I even hear Christians sometimes making light of these things as if they are too sophisticated to take such a view of the supernatural world. The most volatile battle zone in which Satan wages war is the battlefield of the mind – the last thing that he wants is for us to possess the mind of Jesus Christ.

I’m going to use an example here with men in mind, but you women can apply your own areas of mind attack in its place. Davis spent two decades as a pastor, and now works full-time writing and ministering to others in Christian ministry as well as to anyone else who is interested in learning and living out the Word of God. Sears, "Children translate your unhappiness with yourself to mean unhappiness with them," and further suggests that older children feel responsible for their parents' happiness. Sears says,"One of the main ways children develop self- confidence and internalize values is through helping maintain the family living area, inside and out. Facilitate problem solving discussions with your child and allow them to arrive at a solution. This cycle helps establish and strengthen a child's self-esteem." Take opportunities to remind your child of just how important they are to your family. What we sanction or suppress mentally determines whether we take the high road less traveled or the low road which is far more popular. We allow many things to control us – sin, our schedules, our friends, our culture, but for some reason we have trouble allowing God to control us. When I am not fully surrendered to God, the things of God are no longer clear to me, and I am not able to understand His will for my life, and might even begin questioning God’s intentions for me and the world in which I live.
But I cannot hope to obtain and continuously possess the mind of Jesus Christ on a part-time basis – if that is the case I will always be torn between having my way and letting God have His way. Who will deliver me from this body of death? Thanks be to God through Jesus Christ our Lord! Giving children household duties helps them feel more valuable, besides channeling their energy into desirable behavior and teaching skills." Parents, make that list and get started! Duane Gish has observed that “the human brain is the most complex arrangement of matter in the universe.” Some have compared the brain to a sophisticated computer, but technology still has a long way to go before it can duplicate the brain’s capabilities.
Our thought life is the real battleground – it is in our thinking that the most basic spiritual struggle takes place.
So then, I myself serve the law of God with my mind, but with my flesh I serve the law of sin. God help me!” Now, immediately, demand of your mind to fix its gaze on Christ on the cross.
He heaves with his breath up and down against the rough vertical beam of the cross – Each breath puts splinters into the lacerations. He tries to pull away from the wood and the massive spikes through his wrist rip into the nerve endings and he screams again with agony and pushes up with his feet to give some relief to his wrists.
But the bones and nerves in his pierced feet crush against each other with anguish and he screams again. He loses his breath and thinks he is suffocating, and suddenly his body involuntarily gasps for air and all the injuries unite in pain. In torment, he forgets about the crown of two-inch thorns and throws his head back in desperation, only to hit one of the thorns perpendicular against the cross beam and drive it half an inch into his skull.
His voice reaches a soprano pitch of pain and sobs break over his pain-wracked body as every cry brings more and more pain.

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