In a season that is in its infancy but already brimming with big moments, The Mindy Project's second episode (literally) delivered the biggest so far: the birth of Mindy and Danny's son, Leo.
Most of the episode revolves around Mindy’s insistence on a drugged-out C-section, a decision which Danny strongly opposes. He tells her that at least attempting a natural birth, if not a drug-free one, will be a formative experience that will bond Mindy and their child.
With Brendan's guidance, Danny picks up some "paleo birth" tips to help induce Mindy's labor.
Still, she eventually stumbles upon Brendan's book and figures out Danny's plan, which infuriates her. Things take a turn when Mindy’s water breaks on a stalled 2 train, with no one around to help except both Deslauriers, who quickly learn that she is resistant to their methods of natural childbirth.

Danny, meanwhile, hears the news and jumps — heroically and illegally — onto the subway tracks and chases down the train carrying his fiancee. At the same time, omitting a birth scene is the type of subtle but brilliant move that The Mindy Project of all shows can pull of. Also, the episode fades out to Sam Smith's weepy "Stay With Me" — so if you weren't already crying, this is when you start. With two excellent and emotionally charged episodes under its belt, The Mindy Project's work at Hulu has been some of its best and funniest so far. Mindy Lahari (Mindy Kaling) wears this green retro print flare skirt in this week’s episode of The Mindy Project.
Mindy, of course, won't hear of it, and she's so stubborn that Danny has to turn to known nemesis Brendan Deslaureier (the ever-superb Mark Duplass).

Twenty-two minutes doesn’t quite cut it for the content of the episode, and it’s a startling transition to make from Mindy and Danny making amends in the subway to holding their son Leo in a hospital the next morning. We’ve seen enough TV births to know that, as Mindy puts it, “childbirth is a horror movie.” We don’t need another sweaty, screamy subway scene to add to the trope, and meeting Leo is still just as special. Powered by its own proprietary technology, Mashable is the go-to source for tech, digital culture and entertainment content for its dedicated and influential audience around the globe.

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