Friendship is only a relation which is created by your own choice and other relations are not  of your choice but you have to live with it. Friendship is comfort level between two or more people even you are not talking with each other, in friendship you share things with each other , sacrifice yourself, love each other, know negatives and positives of each other. Friendship is about accepting negative things about your friend because there is no person in this world who is  perfect in this world, so everybody have got negatives and positives in his or her personality.

Your positives can accept anybody in this world  but when we talk about  your negatives then nobody can accept you except your friends. Friends are those who make your life beautiful , energetic , full of surprises and adventures. Make your life awesome with your friends and enjoy little things with them.Here are some quotes about friends which shows importance of friends in your life and how they influence on your life when you are sad and happy.

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