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Booktopia - The Mystery of the Secret Room, Enid Blyton's Mystery Series : Book 3 by Enid Blyton, 9780603567001. In the cold and foggy Christmas holidays, it doesn't seem as though the Five Find-Outers and Dog will have anything exciting to investigate. They try to find out whom the house belongs to, but they're not making much progress - until Fatty decides to go to the house to see what he can uncover.
The rest of the Find-Outers call Inspector Jenks to help Fatty, and find the house has been a place for storing stolen goods and the men inside are wanted criminals. Throughout the 40s and 50s, Enid wrote books at a colossal pace: adventure stories, mysteries, magical stories, farming stories, stories for younger children, and best-selling series like Malory Towers and Amelia Jane. As a young woman Enid was faced with many choices; her father had planned a career in music for her, while she felt drawn to writing. Throughout the 40 and 50s, Enid wrote books at a colossal pace: adventure stories, mysteries, magical stories, farming stories, stories for younger children, best-selling series like The Famous Five and Noddya€¦her writing knew no bounds! Apart from breaks to play golf and spend time with her children, Enid's working week was consumed with writing new stories, correcting proofs and answering the hundreds of letters she was, by now, receiving weekly. The Mystery Of The Disappearing Cat by Enid Blyton is the second of The Five Find-Outers (and dog) series.
Ptolemy's Gate - The Bartimeaus Trilogy 3 by Jonathan Stroud is that third book of the trilogy and it wraps up the story of Bartimeaus, Nathanial and Kitty. In The Hand Of the Goddess - Song Of The Lioness 2 by Tamora Pierce continues the story that started in the first book. The Remarkable Journey of Prince Jen by Lloyd Alexander was a book I had picked up ages ago and stored away in a box for the future.
The Bungalow Mystery - Nancy Drew 3 by Carolyn Keene is another of the Applewood Books reprints. As a final step before posting your comment, enter the letters and numbers you see in the image below. Enid began submitting her work to publishers when she was in her teens, but at that stage she received countless rejection slips. Enid Blyton maintained that the gates of her imagination were always ready to swing open at the slightest touch. You have got yourself a loyal customer now who will spread this good experience to his entire circle. Fatty's got some wonderful new disguises, but there doesn't seem to be any mystery for them at all this time.
Suddenly trapped by the men inside, he writes a note to his friends, apparently innocuous enough, but with another secret message hidden beneath it. Her father, Thomas Blyton stayed up with her night after night until her cough subsided and she recovered.
Enid had two children with Hugh, and soon after wrote her first novel, The Adventures of the Wishing Chair. Fatty and the rest of The Five Find-Outers return home for the holidays hoping for a mystery.

Fatty and the kids are dismayed that Mr Goon seems to have a mystery they don't know about.
Roy Rockwood was a psuedonam for some unknown, poorly paid, author that curned out tons of books for a small fee and no reprint royalties. They were reprinting the series as it originally appeared but that didn't last very long and they quit after the 21st book in the 175 book series. She told stories to her brothers, made up her own rhymes based on the rhythm and rhyme-scheme of popular nursery-rhymes, kept a diary, wrote letters to real and imaginary recipients, entered literary competitions and paid great attention in English lessons at school.
Nothing ever comes out of your mind that hasn't already been put into it in some form or other.
All the things she had experienced in her life provided her with material for her stories. Mr Goon has tried investigating the house too, but only ends up locked in the coal cellar and covered in dust. They had two children, and soon afterwards Enid wrote her first novel, The Adventures of the Wishing-Chair. In 1922, a collection of poems by Enid was published - it was her first step toward her dream of becoming an author.
Once high enough, and level with the window of the house, Pip is surprised to see that the room not only has bars at the window, but it is fully furnished. Of course one pops up pretty quickly but only after we have some shenanigans with Fatty and his disguising ability. I buzzed through it quickly and tossed it on the pile to trade back to Sixth Chamber Books in St Paul.
It may come out changed, re-arranged, polished, shining, almost unrecognizable—but nevertheless it was you who put it there first of all. The Find-Outers embark on an exciting mystery as they try to discover who owns the house, and why is the room fully furnished? We spend more time with Kitty Jones and her backstory and current life in the resistance. They come under attack in the early part of the book and Bomba escapes into the jungle.
As well as fiction and poetry, she read biographies of famous authors and borrowed books from the library on the Art of Writing. The kids band together, under Fatty's superb leadership, to show up the awful local constable Mr Goon.
She had been attacked by demon's as a young kid and it was found that she has some resistance to magic. Pip tries a disguise and finds a secret room at the top of a house that is supposed to be unoccupied. Fatty disguises himself as an old woman selling balloons and the exact copy of an old man who hangs out in the park. He's a right old fart, that Mr Goon, always yelling and jumping to the wrong conclusions. That leads them to their new mystery and they spend the next few days roving about the village of Peterswood, and surrounding area, looking for clues and collecting information to solve the mystery. It's a bit racist, being originally from 1926, but the kid is a pretty good kid for the most part.

They sure annoy the local law man, Mr Goon, when they show him up to the Chief Inspector of the district. I had read a couple of Kate's other books and one I liked quite a bit and the other was not as interesting.
I got through it pretty quickly and tossed it on the pile to go back to the used book store. The story is set in ancient China and the prince in the title goes on a trip to visit another kingdom.
Yep, there is, he's running about the city smashing his way through buildings and people like they were made of the same fragile material.
We join The Find-Outers in a new mystery that has some anonymous berk sending nasty letters to local residents. I picked up a small box of Alexander books to read when I had all that nudie magazine credit and it will take a while to get through that stack. The only real Find-Outing in this book is to find the owner of the house which has the Secret Room, and to Find-Out if she knows about the furnished room. All very suspicious, eh?Fatty disguises himself as the "Frenchy fellow" (I just love the sound of the word 'frenchy', even if it isn't really a word), which, previously, had completely taken in the other Find-Outers. From here the story is quite similar to The Mystery of the Hidden House, written three years later. Both of the men are very villainous-looking; and certainly more dangerous than the typical comic stupid baddies. At the start of the book, Fatty had taught the other Find-Outers a number of detective tricks, and as we all know Blyton will use them in the mystery at some stage.
The getting out of a locked room trick isn't possible where I live, because the locks are completely different.
This is sporting: he certainly knew that Fatty was much, much more deserving of the leadership.
Still, I would have expected an argument, but of course there is no real quarrelling between the Find-Outers.At the end of the day, The Mystery of the Secret Room comes across as a good read and nothing more.
Blyton was still preparing herself for the big one, and that would come two books later, in the great Mystery of the Missing Necklace. Spiteful Letters next, which, if I recall correctly, is another "average" one for me.Robert Houghton's ReviewBook three is also rather on the weak side, but it is this book that seems to provide a 'watershed' between the slightly simpler plots of the early series to the more complicated ones that are to follow. It is in a way the book closest in style and content to a Famous Five book, with Fatty actually being taken prisoner and a note being sent (as in Five On A Treasure Island) to the others in the hope that the villains can catch them all.
As often happened, it is Bets who realises there is more to this letter than meets the eye, when she smells oranges and realises that Fatty has written a secret message between the lines of the 'fake' one.This third mystery is also the first one in which Fatty tries disguises, something that was to feature heavily in all of the rest of the books. Fatty gives the rest of the Find-Outers (and the reader) a few lessons in disguise, teaches us how to write invisible messages and how to get out of a locked room with the aid of a newspaper and a piece of wire! However, the Find-Outers of these early books are still very much children of the nursery and playroom. The solving of mysteries still seems to have a 'part-time' feel to it, whereas in the later stories solving mysteries becomes a much more urgent and much sought after pastime!

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