The Truth Changes Everything Sometimes it seems everyone has a different idea of what is true. A faction or phase of the "Secret Empire," which was featured in a number of Thunderbolts stories, seems in some ways distinct from the broader, better known Marvel "Secret Empire," which first appeared in Amazing Adventures #s 11 and 15. This faction of the Secret Empire oversaw or encompassed sub-groups such as "the Elite", the Imperial Forces, and the Brute Force, as well as many regular servants.

Learn how to access the hidden powers of your mind and use a remarkable technology called ?visioneering? that focuses the power of the mind to make your dreams come true. But this phase of the Secret Empire, funded by Baron Zemo (Helmut), is probably not a separate group. It was first hinted at in Thunderbolts #s 19 and 30 and fully revealed in Thunderbolts #s 31 and 32.

Come explore the book of Colossians and learn to sort through what you hear about other’s beliefs while discovering what makes our faith special and what it means to be a Christian.

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