For the character from Barbie & The Diamond Castle, see Princess Alexa (The Diamond Castle). Princess Alexa is the main protagonist in the movie Barbie and The Secret Door. She is a shy and quiet princess who discovers a world filled with fairies, mermaids, and unicorns. Her first outfit is a yellow dress that has yellow and pink flowers on it, and a light pink sash around the waist. While dancing at the royal festivity, Alexa wears a glittery knee-length dress that is pink and yellow.

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Her final flowery dress can be seen in a vitrine of the secret agency in a shot in Barbie: Spy Squad, when Barbie and her friends are trying various costumes after they becoming spies. In the Movie Barbie: Spy Spuard, Princess Alexa dress is seen when she defeats Malucia and Nori's new outfit when she get's gack her own wings again.
She loves to sing and dance and spend time alone but all that changes when she visits a not-so-distant magical land.

With her last two outfits, she wears her hair down with part of it held back by a silver clip that had an orange flower on it. She wears this with glittery purple flat shoes, a sparkly silver tiara, and a long, light pink hair stick.

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