This Anti-Victoria's Secret Runway Show Celebrates Real 'Perfect Bodies' of All Sizesa€”See the Pics! Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan Win Emmy for Outstanding Talk-Show Hosts: Is This How Daytime Is Reacting? Victoria' Secret has come under fire for advertisements featuring models with "the perfect body."The word "body" is meant to refer to their "Body" line of bras, but it's clear the public has interpreted it a wee bit differently, and their campaign quickly sparked outrage online. Your information may be shared with other NBCUniversal businesses and used to better tailor our services and advertising to you. Victoria’s Secret has received criticism recently for an ad campaign in which they display a number of models and label it, “The Perfect Body,” but now, women are speaking out and stepping up to show off their vision of a perfect body. The lingerie company decided to advertise their new bra line called “Body” with ads that showed stick thin models wearing the bra, accompanied by the tagline “The Perfect Body.” When the ads first came out, women all over were shocked that the company would promote one certain body type as perfect, whether intentionally or unintentionally.
Additionally, the Daily Mail decided to take women of all sizes and recreate the controversial Victoria’s Secret ad. This revealing photo-series compares models wearing Victoria’s Secret swimsuits and everyday women working for BuzzFeed. My English class was assigned to write a rhetorical analysis essay on a convincing advertisement or campaign and explore how it persuades its audience. Once again, my indecision has decided to take over and make my assignments more of a struggle than they really are.
I thought that this was a very bold and effective way for the employees to try and create a legitimate change in their workplace because it clearly expressed anger, it was bluntly honest. The advertisements have lots of history behind them since each of them have been criticized to their very core.

However, I want to add that I possess a rather differing view than you in regards to certain aspects of these ads. However, I think that a discussion of the Chipotle debacle would be an interesting topic for a future blog post!
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As BBC News reports, a group of British students decided to start a campaign to empower women after seeing the Victoria’s Secret advertisement, and the campaign successfully launched “#iamperfect” on Twitter. In the new advertisement, women of various backgrounds, ages, and sizes are featured wearing the same underwear as the models in the original campaign. The shoot took place on a beach in Malibu where each woman tried to re-create the pose and look of the original Victoria’s Secret shot. Twitter, Yik Yak and other sources of social media blew up with posts from students about how angry or upset they were. Dove has been criticized for trying to make it seem okay for women to be fat and for excluding girls who are actually very naturally skinny. While, yes, naturally skinny people do exist in the world (and Dove marketers are not out to offend skinny people or to make them feel outcasted), but many people are not naturally like that. The girls sport a mix of bandeau, one piece and bikini swimwear with colorful prints and lacy detailing. Although there was ample opportunity to feel self-conscious, the experience yielded some insightful commentary. I think that the sign has a very big ethos appeal because it plays with a person’s morals.

When I read a passage in a history textbook about child labor or inhumane activities I know that my morals and beliefs now would not be able to keep my from speaking down and doing something about it. Obviously Victoria’s Secret has also been under much criticism but often just in general instead of just this campaign.
The company has been attacked for trying to promote to unstable teenagers that being skinnier means being prettier and as a result brings up issues like anorexia or bulimia. They’re all on strict, borderline abusive diets, workout regimens, and sleep schedules. However the problems with doing an entire rhetorical analysis essay about this event include a lack of history on the actual problem of working conditions (since it does not seem to be a problem in many other locations) and how simple and short this campaign was. The Dove campaign has a very specific audience – women or girls who are not necessarily happy with their appearance.
Another problem is that some people did not seem to be reacting to the awful working conditions at Chipotle but rather the lack of an adored social and dining area. I would also struggle analyzing the actual advertisement itself coming up with why it is so persuasive which is the point of the essay.

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