Fortunately there is a page devoted to the Catholic church in Leighton Buzzard Past and Present, published in 1905:"The founding of the present Leighton Buzzard Catholic Mission on a definite and permanent basis may be said to have commenced in the year 1894. As Brin is fifty seven miles from the location of the archive in Northampton he may take a while to answer queries or arrange access. Authora€™s Note: Thank you John [Leighton], for the wonderful inspirational artistic photographs you capture in and around Vancouver. Selena Gomez, Leighton Meester and Katie Cassidy shoot scenes for 'Monte Carlo' at the Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Jesus of Paris (Sacre-CIur Basilica).
The case and specification were designed by the consultant, Dr John Rowntree and Peter Collins in close collaboration.
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Prior to that period Mass was said occasionally by a visiting priest, either in Leighton or in one or other of the neighbouring villages. Your pictures are a historical record of the changing scene with the coming Olympic Dollar waste: it may erase many landmarks a€“ Thank you for continued permission to use your photographs with my poems!

Firstly, there are not a large number of Catholic churches in the county, where Protestant nonconformity was always strong. Secondly, Roman Catholic parish archives are sent to the Roman Catholic Diocesan Archive which, for Bedfordshire, is in Northampton. Canon Stokes, who was at that time priest of the Wolverton Mission, celebrated Mass at Linslade as long ago as the year 1881; and the late Father Wrigglesworth offered the Holy sacrifice at Hockliffe Grange, when it was in Catholic occupancy. Father Parkes, of Wolverton, intends to say Mass once a month, until the Bishop can inaugurate further arrangements.
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In 1894, premises were rented in North Street, and Father Parkes, who was then the priest of the Wolverton Catholic Church, has also temporary charge of the rising Leighton Mission. For the latter, it was then a day of small things, but even at that period there was much to encourage local Catholics, as is shown by the fact that on the feast of Saint Augustine, the Apostle of England, 1895, a notable event occurred, the Right Rev.
Riddell, Bishop of Northampton, visiting Leighton Buzzard, and administering the Sacrament of Confirmation to a number of candidates, including some adult converts.

Special historic interest attached to the incident from the interesting fact that it was the first Confirmation Service for three hundred years held in Leighton Buzzard by a Bishop of the Catholic Church.
In the course of the year 1895, the Leighton Mission was provided with a Resident Priest in the person of Rev. Reilly, by whose efforts funds were collected with which lands were purchased in Beaudesert, on which a Church and Presbytery were erected.
Albeit a small and temporary structure, the interior of the Church is tasteful and devotional, with its gleaming High Altar, its "lamp of fire before the Throne", its pretty shrines, and its Rood Screen of singular pathos and beauty.

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