Well it looks like the cast of AMC’s The Walking Dead will be back on the road and possibly scattered.
The writers, cast, and crew have been honored with a Peabody Award, a host of Primetime Emmy nominations, and many other accolades.Like viewers, critics have been insatiable. One of the mysteries tackled during the new season is how, exactly, Sherlock effected his escape from death at the end of Season 2, when he was apparently spurred to commit suicide by the megalomaniac Moriarty. If you own the rights to any of the images and do not wish them to appear on the site please contact us, and they will be promptly removed!

Seemingly six feet under at the end of the last series, Sherlock is miraculously back as the acclaimed super-sleuth played by Benedict Cumberbatch (The Fifth Estate, Star Trek Into Darkness) with Martin Freeman (The Hobbit, The Office UK) as his too-trusting sidekick, Dr. There were witnesses galore, but as depicted in the first episode, a Sherlock fan club called “The Empty Hearse” has several theories on how their hero pulled it off.
There were even characters who can kill people from 80 yards away with a sightless AR-15… now that is skill. Hudson, the compulsively cheery landlady at 221B Baker Street; and Louise Brealey (Bleak House) as Molly Hooper, the ever-helpful pathologist at St.

Also appearing is Lars Mikkelsen (Borgen, English title: The Killing) as the arch-villain that Sherlock calls “the most dangerous man we’ve ever encountered”—which is saying a lot!

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