With its nonlinear storytelling and gifted cast, Claude Miller's Holocaust film distinguishes itself from the other, more standard offerings in its genre. Soul mates Hannah (Lili Taylor) and Benjamin (David Duchovny) are very much in love and enjoy every part of their life together, even when it comes to raising their angst-ridden teenage daughter Samantha (Olivia Thirlby). Chomik dorotti zostal czasowo zablokowany, poniewaz stwierdzono naruszenie regulaminu przez wlasciciela. W ramach Chomikuj.pl stosujemy pliki cookies by umozliwic Ci wygodne korzystanie z serwisu. Beginning with the German occupation of the 1940s, A SECRET bounces between decades in the 20th century, ending with its protagonist, FranA§ois (Mathieu Amalric), as a grown man in the 1980s. When Hannah is killed in a car accident, however, this strong bond may be the cause of a terrifying twist, as her spirit overcomes and possesses Samantha's body. Do wlasciciela zostala juz wyslana odpowiednia informacja - konto zostanie odblokowane jak tylko sprawa zostanie wyjasniona.

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Young FranA§ois came of age in the '50s and '60s, a scrawny only child who reflects nothing of his athletic parentage.
Left with the voice and heart of his wife in the body of his child, Benjamin must come to terms with all that he has lost, and all that he must painfully withhold. Based on a Japanese thriller, THE SECRET is a frightening drama that explores the mysterious connections of the living and the dead. Without any siblings, young FranA§ois invents an imaginary brother who joins him at the dinner table, much to his parents' dismay.
Years later, a teenaged FranA§ois gets into a fight during a school showing of NIGHT AND FOG, and family friend Louise (Julie Depardieu) decides that it is time to tell him of his family's hidden history during the war years. Based on the book by Philippe Grimbert, this adaptation retains a literary quality in its transition to film. A strong emphasis on character, narrative, and memory pervades A SECRET, and the result is a masterfully done film.

Director Miller (LA PETITE LILI), who also wrote the script, crafts smooth transitions between the time periods, so that the end result is a cohesive and effective film that never veers into sentimentality. The fine cast--Amalric, de France, Bruel, Depardieu, and Ludivine Sagnier--turns in nuanced performances that perfectly reflect the humanity of their characters. In addition to her acting talents, de France could be France's most beautiful blond export since Catherine Deneuve.

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