Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts and updates via email. With The LEGO Movie hitting theaters in under three weeks, we’ve already got LEGO Movie sets coming out the wazoo.
I am trying my absolute hardest to remain as spoiler-free as possible for the upcoming The LEGO Movie, so I’m not entirely sure of the context for this latest LEGO Movie polybag set.
While the 30282 LEGO Super Secret Police Enforcer vehicle is nothing fancy, it’s almost elegant in its simplicity as a crazy flying police hovercraft vehicle. The LEGO Movie Super Secret Enforcer 30282 set will contain 40 pieces (including one minifigure) at a retail price of $4.99.
The LEGO Movie Super Secret Police Enforcer 30282 set will be available in the United States exclusively at Toys R Us stores.
Alexa comes back to the grove, but all of the mermaids have lost their tails and the fairies have no wings. In the scene where all the magic is being transferred to Alexa, all the characters that were trapped (Romy, Nori, and the unicorns) are freed by their stolen magic. The voice of Samantha, Arielle Tuliao, has "Barbie: The Princess and the Secret Door" as the title of the film on her resume.
In the beginning of the movie it the distributor was written "Mattel Playground Productions" instead of "Barbie Entertainment". When Alexa asked Nori and Romy about the boy and the flying carpet, she might possibly have been refering to the folktaleĀ "Aladdin". While flying on the lily pad, Nori screams "I'm the queen of the world!" referencing the famous "I'm the king of the world!" line said by the character Jack in the film Titanic. The hairstyle Alexa gives Romy duringĀ  "I've Got Magic" is the same as Jenna's and Princess Lumina's disguise hair in Barbie: The Pearl Princess.
The same character model of Alexandra Privet from Barbie: Princess Charm School was used for Queen Adrienne.

Alexa, Jenna and Samantha in What's Gonna Happen (reprise) at the end of the movie use recolored versions of Keira's dress from Barbie: the Princess and the Popstar.
Much like Odile from Barbie of Swan Lake and Crystal from Barbie: A Fairy Secret, Malucia is forced to clean as punishment for what she did. Both the movie and Barbie in the Pink Shoes tell the story about protagonists (Alexa and Kristyn Farraday) who were transported into magical worlds with their titular objects given to them by someone who knows of their power but doesn't reveal it. Changes in css, for better content reading, new thumbnail generation to avoid browser incompatibility issues. That said, what is blatantly obvious is that this is another in a long line of low-priced, useful LEGO polybags including a small vehicle and a viable LEGO minifigure army-builder!
I could definitely see a small army of these Super Secret Police Enforcer LEGO vehicles chasing after Emmet and company in The LEGO Movie (and if not in the movie, than at least in LEGO Movie set displays around the world)! That works out to be about 12 cents per piece, which is totally fine for a little set like this one. Although it has been added to the Toys R Us website, the set is not yet available for sale online or in stores. It was released in August 2014 on Digital HD and was released in September 2014 on DVD and Blu-Ray Combo, and it is marketed as the "ultimate fairytale musical". When Alexa enters the secret door, she is instantly transported to the magical kingdom of Zinnia.
In the teaser trailer the logo's border is pink and there's a door in the bottom with a melody sign but in the official logo it has a blue border and in the bottom the border's line end with curves.
Both princesses also give a speech as part of their royal duties, at the end of the movies. I’ll post an update to the Bricks and Bloks Facebook page once this set is sighted in stores. Alexa follows magical creatures called bouncers into an enchanted forest with floating islands.

Romy and Nori explain that the evil Princess Malucia was stealing all the magic because she didn't have any. Both the worlds from the movies (Zinnia and Shimmervale) were almost taken over by the antagonists.
Both protagonists are also not really confident with themselves to do their duties (Alexa in her royal duties and Kristyn in her ballet school performance), but became much better at the end of the films.
The next LEGO Movie polybag set to hit stores will be the LEGO Movie Super Secret Police Enforcer 30282 set with LEGO Robo SWAT Minifigure! But when they bring her back, Malucia is there and she captures the unicorn, Romy, and Nori.
Alexa's friends, Jenna and Samantha try to cheer her up by performing a different, fun dance routine that was choreographed by themselves. Nola fights back against Malucia, but Malucia freezes her with her scepter and takes her wings away.
Nori distracted the sniffers with a plant called stenchweed, which hides the scent of magic, while Alexa followed Romy deep into the forest. Nori joins them, and the two girls take Alexa to the grove, a floating island where all the citizens of Zinnia are hiding from Malucia. The friends head back to the grove, and Alexa gives all the mermaids and fairies their tails and wings.

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