Check out some movie stills from "A Secret Affair" starring Andi Eigenmann, Derek Ramsay and Anne Curtis. Also starring in the movie are Jacklyn Jose, Joel Torre and Jackie Lou Blanco, under the direction of Nuel Crisostomo Naval. Betrayal, infidelity, unfaithfulness and third party relationships are too mainstream in the Philippine movies these days. The story revolves around a man who loves someone so much, a woman who has been betrayed by the love of her life and another woman who fell in love at the wrong time and at a wrong person.
I would like to congratulate the whole cast of A Secret Affair for coming up with a wonderful love story that will surely touch the hearts of all its viewers.
Park Hae-jin is pondering the casting offer from JTBC's drama, "Man to Man" as his return project. The "Kill Me, Heal Me" actress Hwang Jeong-eum proved her value after making continuous hits with "Kill Me, Heal Me" and "She Was Pretty".
Yoo Ah-in who plays Lee Bang-won in "Six Flying Dragons" was featured in the fashion magazine Elle with Kim Hee-ae.
Rafi (Anne Curtis) is happily committed to her lovely partner in life, Mark (Derek Ramsay).

When Anne Curtis and Derek Ramsey starred in the film "No Other Woman," they have wow-ed everyone for their outstanding roles and performances. Meanwhile, Anton got his heart broken and Sam, Raffy's sorrority sister, was ready to help him heal. It is truly heart breaking to see each of them suffer the consequences of what they have done.
During the preparations for their upcoming wedding, Raffy, the fiancee, was pressured with all the comments she has been hearing from everybody and all the happenings in her life. A relationship was destroyed because of a selfish woman and a friendship was destroyed because of a man who has committed a mistake. Once the other party has committed it, it is impossible for the relationship to be at its best. The actors and actresses in this film did a good job in carrying out their roles in the big screen. It also depicts the unconditional love that a mother can give to its daughters and the support that a lovely family can provide to its members. Despite all the efforts and considerations made, there will still be more misunderstandings, doubts and problems.

Every scene is also heart-breaking especially when every side of the main characters is shown. On the night before their wedding, she went to her fiance's condominium unit, returned the engagement ring and left without giving explanations to Anton.
Though the ending of the movie was not something I expected, I realized that it was the right end for A Secret Affair. They are the ones who are strong enough to ignore the pain and disregard the doubts in their minds and hearts. So, as expected, when Raffy came back home and explained the reasons for her disappearance, she and Anton got back together.

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