This entry was posted in Love me some Freebies and tagged BzzAgent, Claritan, Coupon, Free, Olia by Mommy Edwards. ArchivedThis article is about something that was for a period of time or is no longer in Club Penguin. Secret Agents were penguins employed by the Penguin Secret Agency (PSA) who, at first, worked to make Club Penguin Island a safer place. When the PSA Headquarters had been put out of commission in the Popcorn Explosion, the term "secret agent" refers to a penguin in the EPF. Report any players that are using bad language, being mean, Cheating, or breaking any of the other rules (ever, you could still report players anyway). The world of content marketing is full of mystery and intrigue with companies leveraging every possible resource to achieve a competitive advantage. These covert content operatives perform their customer segmentation, persona development and editorial planning in the dead of night while most marketers are asleep, snug in their beds. Few have been able to crack the code of this elite group but if anyone could, it’s the content marketing smarties at TopRank Online Marketing. Consumer brands like Kraft Foods, B2B brands like Intel, IBM and Cisco, industry thought leaders like Jason Falls, Ann Handley and Joe Pulizzi have come together to share one piece of content marketing advice that would send a cold war power into an equivalent state of DEFCON 2. Thanks to Content Marketing World for working with us on this project and of course to Ashley Zeckman from TopRank Online Marketing for all of her help to make it happen.
Share your content marketing secret in the comments below and you could win a free copy of Optimize: How to Attract and Engage More Customers by Integrating SEO, Social Media and Content Marketing. After you read The Flying Petrel eNews, be sure to log into ePetrel, OU's alumni online community. We invite you and your family to join us on an Odyssey as we take a journey through our past and celebrate our future. Register by March 15 and be entered to win a free nights stay at the Marriott Buckhead during Alumni Weekend. Join fellow Petrels as we honor our 2013 Alumni Award winners at the Carlos Hellenic Ballroom.
Hard Hat Tour of the New Campus Center: Our future is bright as we look forward to opening our newest campus building in August 2013. Petrel Flies Picnic: If you’re only coming out for one event, this is the one not to miss!
Greek-a-palooza: Greeks of all ages and affiliations are invited back to Greek Row with their families. Stomp the Lawn: The entire OU community is invited to enjoy a beautiful night on the quad with live music from Atlanta Beat who will be playing rock at pop favorites. The Oglethorpe Alumni Association is proud to invite you and a guest to a beer tasting event with the Stout Brothers at Atkins Park in Smyrna Ga. Oglethorpe Alum beer experts Brandon King '00 and Jesse Peters '99 from, The Stout Brothers, metro Atlanta’s top new growler store, will be on hand to introduce a wide variety of craft beers, and provide attendees with a beer education.
We invite you and a guest to join President Schall and the Office of Alumni Relations for a hors d'oeuvres, cocktails and conversation at the Fish Restaurant in Charleston, SC.
The Office of Alumni Relations and the Young Alumni Club Committee invite young alums (graduates of 2003-2012) and a guest to a party at Ormsby's, a classic neighborhood tavern found in Atlanta's west-side. Whit Yelton ’06 graduated from Oglethorpe with a degree in Business Administration and has an MBA in Finance from the Terry School of Business at the University of Georgia (2011).
This free event is sponsored and hosted by the Atlanta Preservation Center’s Phoenix Flies.
Alumni are invited to attend a 14-day OU Study Abroad trip to China planned for May 21-June 4.
Did you recently get a new job or a promotion, receive a degree from grad school, get married or welcome a new baby into your family?
The night also marked the first official NCAA events on the new Oglethorpe Track and Field, which saw an artificial turf surface installed this winter.

Once you log in to ePetrel, the online community for OU alumni, you'll be able to update your contact information on your personal page, submit a class note, upload photos, search the online directory for alumni, and more! Does your company have a great  internship or possible career opportunity for OU students? Jobs these days are hard to come by, but using the resources on OU's LinkedIn page can help get you started! For the latest updates on the Campus Center and other OU campus projects visit Oglethorpe's Progress website.
Secret Agent was a British action series about a spy working for Her Majesty's Secret Service.
You may notice that there were nearly 4 years between the last episode of season one and the first episode of season two.
Secret Agent was actually titled, "Danger Man" for its first season in both the UK and in the USA. While the average content marketer dreams of page views and search engine rankings, Content Marketing Secret Agents are mapping the customer journey, crafting meaningful messages that pull prospects from awareness to measurable conversions. We’ve collected 29 of the most experienced, knowledgeable and accomplished Content Marketing Operatives to share their secrets with those of us looking for better performance and results. It’s as if we assembled, James Bond, Jack Bauer, Mata Hari, Jason Bourne, Evelyn Salt and Austin Powers all in one room and managed a brain drain of their most prized confidential information.
We respect your privacy.NameThis field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. Cited for his expertise by The Economist, Forbes and the Wall Street Journal, he's the author of the book Optimize and presents internationally on integrated content, search, social media and influencer marketing.
We respect your privacy.PhoneThis field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. We encourage you to join us on campus this spring for Alumni Weekend and look back on the role that Oglethorpe has played in your own personal journey.
The Class of 2010 will be recognized for achieving the highest young alumni class participation with 16% participation. Irwin Ray and members of the OU Singers for a singalong of your favorite pieces from the last 25 years of performances followed by drinks and appetizers on the Conant Center Veranda. Learn the differences between various types of beer, learn how different beers are made, and learn which beers to serve with your meals. This is an opportunity for the OU community to be involved with our Atlanta community by volunteering at different nonprofits in the area. They will also play non-conference games against colleges from the area, as well as Pomona-Pitzer, Transylvania and Dallas. If you have misplaced your Petrel Pass and would like to request another, please email the Office of Alumni Relations. Look no further, Oglethorpe is the perfect backdrop for your next social or corporate event.
When the office is notified of an alum who has passed away recently, we will post that information immediately.
I haven’t noticed any sneezing or snorting since he started taking it…so it must be working!
To become an Agent, penguins had to be at least 30 days old, most likely for experience purposes.
You may be tempted to destroy this dossier of highly valued intelligence before your competitors get to it, but you must resist that temptation. A We hope you enjoy the metaphor and the information which is sound and highly valuable, just like the presentations you’ll see at the 2012 Content Marketing World conference. When not at conferences, consulting, or working with his talented team, he's likely on a beach somewhere doing absolutely nothing. The entire community welcomes you to enter our gates to enjoy a glimpse of Oglethorpe Odyssey.

Join the faculty and staff for a southern picnic with all the fixin's -- cold beer, lawn games, bounce house, music and a photo booth featuring Petey the Petrel. During its history the celebration has presented upwards of 775 events and provided more than 15,000 free opportunities to individuals to experience Atlanta’s rich history.
Projects for OU Day of Service include assisting with a mini-field day for children, beautifying a playground, trail maintenance, packaging meals and working on an urban garden. From the Great Wall to skyscrappers, Confucian temples to modern companies, Tiananmen Square to a tea plantation, China old and new will be featured.
Submissions will be posted in the right column of this newsletter, and alumni who log in to ePetrel can read what's going on in your life! The exhibition is inspired by the book The Ethiopian Jews of Israel by Len Lyons and features 100 photographs by South African photojournalist Ilan Ossendryver.
It features a libretto by New York forensic psychiatrist Allen Reichman and music by Atlanta composer Curtis Bryant. Even if you're not looking for a job, posting a job opportunity, internship or fellowship can make the difference in someone's career path. By the time that the second season of Secret Agent aired, there had been three James Bond movies seen in theaters. When the series became available on video (and later on dvd), the name used on the packaging was, "Secret Agent aka Danger Man". Just one and a half years after this series ended, McGoohan would again star as a cool, calm, and collected spy on the cult series, "The Prisoner (1967)". If they used a Code from a DS game then they automatically would become a PSA and an EPF agent. So, it really just served to deter agents not to get banned and to be law-abiding, as they do uphold and enforce it. Some agents are also considered to be "undercover", and therefore they do not wear uniform, they are incognito.
Prizes will be awarded to the Greek organization that has the most alumni check in for the weekend. Late night party-going Petrels will also be treated to Krystal burgers at the end of the party. Shaw Industries recently completed the synthetic Track & Field at Oglethorpe University and has fields in play for the Baltimore Ravens, San Francisco 49ers, Vanderbilt Commodores, and Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets. For this Decennial Phoenix Flies there are over 200 events and more than 6,000 opportunities to enjoy Atlanta's rich history.
This classic Conrad story is now a modern music drama that hits home in an era fraught with fears of terrorism and political dissent. John Drake (Patrick McGoohan) used many devices such as tie pins that explode or functioned as cameras and an electic razor that was also a tape recorder or a transmitter. They were all big hits and any entertainment with a smooth, tough-guy, spy character was likely to be a hit! Later in 2009, newly joined secret agents in the PSA were sent a postcard, welcoming them as secret agents.
This celebration of alumni achievements has become one of Alumni Weekend's most popular events.
He currently serves as a member of the Young Alumni Club Committee and resides in Kennesaw, Ga.

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