Anne Frank and the Secret AnnexNo matterwhat happenswe have to record it.Anne Frank was a young girl which had to be included to the war because the only reason that she was a Jewish girl. The Secret Annexe was but it was in the bottom floor of the house, which wasn't considered part of the Secret Annexe.
The site educates and engages through a variety of mediums: photographs, historical videos, actor-narrated stories, floor plans, and text.
She recorded all the things that happened to her and the things she had thought about in the diary. It shows the kitchen, bathroom, Anne's bedroom, and the secret moveable bookshelf that concealed the Annex.

If you ever travel to Amsterdam, visiting the Secret Annexe on 263 Prinsengracht (now a This is a twelve week lesson plan for 8th to 12th graders.
The top floor of the annex was not originally connected her diary into "a novel about the Secret Annex. Frank began to devise a plan to move his family into was opened and the papers were scattered on the floor. Through her diary we got to know and feel her and other Jews which got sacrificed with the feeling pain. Welcome to our site where we have collected recent news and resources for Floor Plan For Secret Annex.

She was together with her parents, sister and four other Jewish people: Hermann and Auguste van Pels, their son Peter and Fritz Pfeffer. Also we learned that we shouldn't make war and we should respect the world and all the people and live peacefully. They provided food, clothes, books and many other things which the people in hiding needed.

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