Dustin Hoffman can take the credit for showing the evil pirate to be seriously insecure, leaning on his trusty first mate Smee for support.
His origin isn’t explained in the movie, but director George Miller and Australian guitarist iOTA came up with one anyway.
Apparently, the child music prodigy had to watch his mother killed by bandits in front of him. Coma wears his mother’s face over his own, which means a lack of real close ups is actually a good thing for the squeamish.The JokerIn the decades since Batman’s arch enemy first appeared, his origin story has remained a mystery, with most agreeing that a villain like The Joker is scarier without one – even the more colourful version seen on the 1960s TV show. Alan Moore’s “Killing Joke” made the popular case that The Joker was born from “one bad day.” That idea didn’t fly when Batman star Adam West was asked his thoughts on Joker, claiming nobody can go that crazy without prolonged abuse.

In his mind, The Joker was abducted as a child and kept prisoner for years by an abusive clown, resulting in the grinning killer fans know and love.
Walt Disney and his casting department heard over 150 young women with none fitting the bill.
When a casting director was complaining about the lack of talented young singers to their music teacher consultant, fate took over. The teacher’s 20 year old daughter overheard the complaints, and started singing in the background to grab some attention. He’s remembered for embodying the sexy charm of the ultimate alpha male, but Connery didn’t quite live up to that standard off screen.

Aside from the rumors that Connery would “tighten up” his pecs by holding bags of ice water to his chest before shirtless scenes, the thick hair on the actor’s chest was sold short by his scalp.

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