I noticed that Brendan has a crush on Aisling.  It is hard to impress a fairy, but Brendan tried his best and eventually succeeded! I was thrilled to have the opportunity to interview director Tomm Moore from Ireland who made The Secret of Kells as his first feature length animation.  I asked him what inspired him to become a filmmaker in animation.
Moore studied in the college Don Bluth helped set up – Ballyfermot Senior College but by the time he graduated, they had returned to the US. According to director Moore, “Aisling is based a little on my younger sister, she had a similar personality, (a little pest!) and she had big eyes and bushy eyebrows, pink knees from climbing trees and playing outdoors and pale skin.

I asked Moore if Aisling was made up or based on Ireland legand, he said, “She’s mostly made up as a representation of all the old Pagan gods and creatures who went before. Friendship can heal your worries.  The path to enlightenment takes courage, creativity, and perseverance.
Perry’s debut on CBS Evening News with Katie Couric in 2009 made him a national sensation.  He has been featured extensively on Fox, KUSI, CW channel 6 San Diego Living, San Diego Union Tribune, San Diego Family Magazine, San Diego Magazine, SDNN, Art Rocks! So he set up his own studio Cartoon Saloon with some friends back in the premises of Young Irish Filmmakers in Kilkenny.

I was a member of Young Irish Filmmakers, a group in my hometown of Kilkenny for children and young people who were interested in making their own films. I made several designs of her to try and find a fairy type character but also one that felt like a real little girl, so I based it on my sister.

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