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In a similar manner, every time we look at these microscopic and submicroscopic particles, we realize that we can’t grab hold of them—all we find is what they seemingly register on sensitive instruments like seeing footprints in the wet sand but not the feet that we believe made them. When we make predictions of events based on the models of the mathematics of these “nothing” quantum fields; we calculate probabilities of something happening and we have learned how to picture these probabilities. But indeed a lot of change has occurred especially in the last 100 years or so enabling us to tell a rather remarkable story of the nothing-filled universe. TIMELOOPS AND SPACE TWISTS: How God Created the Universe by Fred Alan Wolf, PhD, published by Hierophant Publishing, illustrated paperback (324 pages).
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If we go back in time to when we first starting seeing things like stars and sunrises and we first started walking out of our caves, some of us got pounced on and some did not.
So we try to figure out what we can grab hold of, but here is the grabber; it turns out to be really a special kind of nothing.
In the beginning the nothing-filled universe fundamentally had no energy, but was unsteady. What we learned to do was picture one type of light as a half-spinning light (it needs to rotate twice around to get back to where it started from) and the other type of light as a full-spinning light (that only needs to rotate once to get back to where it started from). Half-spinning light, like the electromagnetic (full-spinning) form of light that we see, can only move at the speed of light and as a consequence it doesn’t experience moving through space or time—both space and time simply stop for anything moving at light speed. Everything is made of something called half-spinning zigzagging light that communicates using non-zigzagging full-spinning light.
Please ring for bookings.2 days agoWe are very excited to be part of this year's MBS Wellbeing festival! We must have started wondering what we could do to affect our uncertain reality, specifically our material reality.

We can only mentally grab hold of this nothing that we call the vacuum state and we learn how to do that pretty well at least theoretically well; that theory we call quantum field theory. We are able to invent new materials like polycarbonate, make new inventions like quantum computers and lasers, and even learn how the physical brain works, how to strengthen our bodies, and how medicine works to heal disease. Anytime you see in the Bible the word light mentioned twice you need to scratch your head because why use the same word “light” twice? The half-spinning light then interacts with one of these quantum fields called the Higgs field, and makes every material particle (that also are half-spinners) in the universe. However it can zigzag back and forth in space and time when it bumps into the Higgs field; so in essence it can stand still going nowhere or appear to move slower or faster than light. God or Nature if you prefer, also, wants to keep track of where everything is going, so something else is going on as well. His work in quantum physics and consciousness is well known through his popular and scientific writing.
How we could affect that “out there stuff’, and how could we get enough of it “in here” to eat, to breathe, to protect ourselves and so on?
Nevertheless, throughout past time we thought about things we could control, and by figuring these things out, eventually classical physics evolved including mathematics, which is simply counting things to see where everything is. In spite of this, we have come to the conclusion that we really do not know in any tangible sense what we are looking at. We begin to see, with these new pictures of nothing that we can make predictions that can be objectively or experimentally verified.
Zig-zagging in space it shows up as matter moving slower than lightspeed having inertia.  Zig-zagging in time it shows up as mind moving faster than lightspeed with no inertia.
Not only can this half-spinning light zigzag in space go forward in time, it can interact with full-spinning (ordinary) light thus allowing communication between particles of matter (called quantum electrodynamics). He is the author of fourteen books, including Taking the Quantum Leap, which was the recipient of the prestigious National Book Award for Science. So in eons of time we created science out of our mystical (and fearful) understanding of such things like the sun rising and setting, watching the stars, and protecting ourselves from getting pounced on. Basically locating everything was based upon what was tangible, and still today we figure effects out based on counting things that are separate and tangible. In fact looking at these tiny things is kind of like being a huge giant asked to tea by microscopic elves and since the elves are so tiny, every time you try to enter the elves’ house, you break it all to pieces; so you will never be able to even see an actual elf, much less get inside an elf-house for a cup of tea.

Some of us believe these quantum fields are real things, even if we can’t grab hold of them like we grab a fork or knife at dinnertime. Profoundly having this knowledge satisfies our need to control things, even though, ultimately, what we’re trying to control is fundamentally indeterminate, uncertain, and uncontrollable because it is not a thing in the first place. So, the universe in the Mind of God fell off its moorings into a negative energy state, and in result, these “nothing” quantum fields generated particles from these two kinds of light, and those particles eventually became us, our bodies, and the big universe—mind you, all in the Mind of God. Since it can also go back in time (time-looping so to speak) because when you are traveling at the speed of light there is no time; time stops. Your awareness of what is going on or thinking involves remembering events as the past and predicting events as the future. They are certainly not tangible or material, but being clever we can make mathematical models and predictions about how they might behave and affect the forks, knives, and all of the other things we can grab in our universe. So, we know we can predict the possibilities of how tangible things affected by these special nothing fields change, but paradoxically not precisely how the actual things change.
So, when it is moving backwards in time faster than light, we have a kind of memory appearing and the appearance of order. We experience a spectrum of time because in order to move further into the future, you need to delve farther into the past to make sense of your experiences. Wolf also appears in a number of movies, including What the Bleep do We Know?, a full length feature film staring Oscar winner Marlee Matlin, and the follow-up film Down the Rabbit Hole, as well as the now famous DVD The Secret by Rhonda Byrne. This spectrum of time evolves like the universe, and this evolution is how time and space get created.
So we and the universe are made from time-loops and space-twists and all of it is in the Mind of God, including you.
It is pretty mind boggling that not only is this whole process going on in the whole universe; it is also going on within you.

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