Byron Preiss’s publishing outfit was responsible for some pretty impressive steps in the development of the comic strip medium over the years. In this little gem, which boldly proclaims itself to be “in the Star Trek Tradition!”, he wrote an above average, if derivative, science fiction odyssey of First Contact that nonetheless still resonates today. Using a stippling technique reminiscent of SF classicists Virgil Finlay and Hannes Bok, the self-taught Fabian has since made a glittering career for himself (just Google him and see for yourself) and in this tale of a team of explorers and the startling metamorphosis that overtakes one of them shows that his sequential narrative and design skills are as impressive as his illustrative ability.
He used major talent, advocated the book over the periodical and was determined to always expand the fan-base rather than consolidate in a declining marketplace.
His secret weapon was the hiring of pulp illustrator Stephen Fabian, whose pointillist artwork had been seen in Marvel’s black and white magazine line as well as increasingly in the anthology periodicals of the day. With comic-book legend Marie Severin as colourist, this quaintly dated tale is still a great read and well worth seeking out if histrionic superheroes and moody misanthropes are beginning to pall your palate.

By taking such risks he didn’t always hit his mark, but the results were always interesting and worthy of the readers time and money. Without the revenue generated from advertising, we would be unable to provide this great content free of charge. After all, what could be more exciting than being a real-life pirate and discovering genuine treasure?The secret to finding buried treasure success could lie in a book written in the early 1980s. Untraditional MapsUnlike conventional maps, which buried treasure is typically synonymous with, the book contains a dozen paintings and poems. The only stipulation is that the locator of the key is willing to dig three feet underground and unearth a ceramic helmet which holds the key.Doesn’t sound like too much of a burden for stumbling across a key worth $1,000!Byron Preiss was the only person to know the exact location of the 12 keys. The book was centered on the story of a hare who aims to carry treasure from the Moon to the Sun.

The (7) painting that bred clue to the key’s location is of stone statue of two columns and a doorway and a centaur stood on top of the door holding a glowing urn. A fan of Preiss’ book since he was eight years old, James Renner is determined to find one of the keys.So enthralled by the real-life treasure mystery, Renner is going to interview the three finders of the first of the casques in Chicago in 1984. Renner will then travel to the 12 different locations across North America and possibly Canada where the keys allegedly lie in the hope of unearthing real-life treasure.

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