With so many people working towards a common goal, it's not surprising that the Rehab Team encourages each other by saying "Go team!", this positive outlook influences their patients attitude towards therapy and recovery. Steven and Sunshine Greer, California natives, recently moved from North Dakota where Steven worked in the oil field for the last five years and Sunshine was a stay at home mom to their four children. Governor Bill Haslam awarded the Dickson Campus of the Tennessee College of Applied Technology (TCAT) with a $693,961 equipment grant on Monday, September 23rd. The Master Beef Production Program is an educational course designed to teach important cattle production, management and marketing information to Tennessee cow-calf producers to help improve profitability.
Lace up your running shoes and head to Montgomery Bell on November 2nd for the Breeze and Leaves 5K and 10K. In recent months the Chamber ribbon cutting scissors weren't doing so well at their main job - ribbon cuttings!
Special thank you to Chris Work of Work Media for teaching our Social Media Seminar on Wednesday, September 25th.
Reading Rock Books is a full-service bookstore, offering new and used books for adults and children and a selection of cards, gifts and toys. Reading Rock owner, Laura Hill, got her start in bookselling at independent bookstores in California.
The Dickson County Chamber of Commerce Facebook and Twitter Pages are used to keep you informed on local attractions, upcoming events, individual accomplishments and business news. Click HERE to like us on Facebook and click HERE to follow us on Twitter to keep rediscovering what makes our community so special! Frantisek Petr Kien was born in Varnsdorf, Czechoslovakia on January 1, 1919, and died at the age of twenty-five in Auschwitz, October 1944.
His visual and literary works reflected his experiences in the concentration camp at Theresienstadt (Terezin), where he too was imprisoned during World War II. Kien's verse cycle Town of Plague (1943) and satirical play Puppets (1943, now lost) led to an invitation from composer Viktor Ullmann to collaborate on The Emperor of Atlantis.
Regardless of the style of music you are interested in, the secret to success lies in the proper learning of classical technique.
SEVEN decades ago today, Red Army soldiers liberated the Nazi's biggest concentration camp in Auschwitz. It is 25 years since jubilant crowds tore down the Cold War's most notorious dividing line. Margaret Tu Chuan was born in Chengtu, Szechuan, in 1942.Tu Chuan began her film career with Cathay in 1957 but soon caught the eye of director Li Han Hsiang, who introduced her to theShaw Brothers studios. Laura Sostre, OTR the Director of Rehabilitation, Suzanne Sample, DPT and Gayle Whitfield, COTA-L are excited about their new facility; a gleaming, new, gym-like room full of natural light and exercise equipment.
Laura and her team are in constant contact with patients' families and even make themselves accessible on the weekends to answer any questions family members have.

Cuppa Sunshine Coffee and Tea had their huge $1 drink grand opening celebration and ribbon cutting on Tuesday, September 24th. Governor Haslam highlighted the importance of workforce development and the immediate impact this grant will have on programs at TCAT in his speech to community members, local and state government officials and the staff and students of TCAT. Come see how to make old fashioned apple butter and enjoy homemade crafts, delicious treats and great music. Participants who complete this program are eligible for 50% reimbursement on stated expenditures outlined in the Tennessee Agriculture Enhancement Program offered through the Tennessee Department of Agriculture.
Winners of the Texaco Showdown will be performing, arts and crafts vendors will be onsite, along with Country Gardens Greenhouse, baked goods, live music and good food.
What do you do when you have a pair of three-foot scissors that weigh about 2 pounds and won't cut a ribbon?
Chris did a great job helping attendees understand how best to use Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ to promote their business in a fun, interactive way.
As a means to get her sister to move back to Tennessee, Laura's sister, Amy Jernigan, proposed they open their own store in Dickson. Kien's watercolour drawings, created in secret on stolen paper, vividly depict the brutality of daily life in a camp the Nazis portrayed to the world as a “model Jewish community”. Assigned as a draftsman to the “Technical Office of Self-Administration”, he took part in the camp's bustling cultural scene by sketching portraits and writing poetry; his documentary drawings, shown only to a trusted few, would have gotten him shot had they been discovered.
Accounts differ, but it may have received one rehearsal in the spring of 1944 before being banned for its veiled attack on Hitler. Stanley Chapple, Paul Elliott Cobbs, George Shangrow, Karen Thomas, Hans Wolf, Fred Coleman, Roger Nelson, James Van Horn, Andrew Bernard, Jaared Powell, David Mahler, R. As Tu Chuan joined Shaw’s galaxy of actresses, she soon enjoyed her own success and rose to stardom very rapidly.
The app includes information about shopping, dining, accommodations, events and attractions in Dickson County.
Keeping everyone involved is important to Dickson Health and Rehab, because often these are the people that short-term patients return home to.
Cuppa Sunshine has officially been open for about two months, but wanted to give folks who hadn't been let in on the secret a chance to try them out, as well as thank the regular cutomers that have come to depend on them for their morning cup of joe.
It took just over a year, but they finally opened their drive-thru coffee business, Cuppa Sunshine Coffee and Tea.
The majority of this workforce development grant will fund equipment needs for both the Clarksville and Dickson TCAT campuses for several mechanical programs as well as the expansion of the Clarksville campus. If you're not sure what you're looking for, but would like a good read, the staff at Reading Rock is happy to offer recommendations. On October 16, 1944 Kien, his wife and parents were among the thousands put on a transport to Auschwitz.

Joseph Scott, Kenton Lee, David Gentry, Wallie Goleky, Kenneth DeJong, Jim Denman, Lauren Anderson, Claire Garabedian , Brian Davenport and Stuart Dempster. She enjoyed a triumphal breakthrough year in 1960, when director Doe Chin picked her for her role in the comedy How To Marry A Millionaire with Peter Chen Ho as the leading man.
An interactive map is also included, making this app valuable for both visitors and residents. The Greers run the coffee stand with their two teenage daughters, Kailee and Ireland, who are gaining wonderful experience in business and customer service.
We encourage our new Chamber members to attend one of our quarterly New Member Orientation meetings. Bring any prescription drugs that need to be disposed of in a safe and environmentally friendly way. A special thank you from the Chamber to Terry Marlin and T&D Tool for sharpening our scissors and especially Terry for not running with them. He was not sent to the gas chambers but died from disease, probably typhus, at the end of the month. The entire staff at Dickson Health and Rehab is committed to staying progressive in their field, Laura sums this up by saying, "We're challenged daily to make sure we get better". Their menu has the typical coffee house treats like mochas and lattes and they also feature a tasty specialty menu with drinks like "Caramel Banana Bread" and "Coconut Cream Pie".
This is your opportunity to meet the Chamber staff, introduce your business, and familiarize yourself with the variety of benefits we offer.
For more information about buying eBooks from Reading Rock, go to their website and click on the Kobo banner.
He continued to study privately after the Germans shut down Czechoslovakia's universities and art schools in 1939, and found inspiration in Expressionism and Kafka.
Their website has a full online store, with competitive pricing on books, movies and music.
Tu Chuan sadly committed suicide with her reputed female lover, turning to sleeping pills in November 30, 1969, just six months after the release of her last film Diary Of A Lady-Killer, in which she starred with Fanny Fan Lai.
For more information contact Sunshine at 326-8002 or, better yet, meet her and her daughters when you stop by for a delicious drink. This event is open to all members who are interested in learning more about membership benefits.

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