A ROAD TRIP FOR THE CIRCLE TAKES A HORRIBLE TURN — After not hearing from hergrandmother (Ashley Crow) for a couple of days, Cassie (Britt Robertson) becomes concerned and wants to go look for her. In a recent and surprising move, The CW has officially announced that a variety of their shows will be made streamable via Netflix.
As part of this four-year output deal, Netflix has licensed the rights to stream more than 700 hours of previous-season episodes of The CW’s young-skewing dramas as well as future programs.

She also invites Jake (guest star Chris Zylka) along, much to Adam’s (Thomas Dekker)dismay.
A storm turns the day trip into an overnight excursion, so Faye suggests a little game of Truthor Dare to liven up the evening. However, things take a horrible turn when Faye is forced to reckonwith someone from her past.

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